Mar. 5th, 2009

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I got a Twitter the other day, and just about given up on it (I don't really have any celebrities to follow) till I found out Tom Felton also recently got one, and proceeded to post these (one an update, another his profile photo).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
(grr LJ photos aren't working)

I really hope BigW have another one of their $50 iTunes credit for $30 soon. I'm low on credit, and 30 cents short of buying the Australia Soundtrack EP (though part of me want to wait for the full soundtrack if it ever happens).

Why must there be 50 versions on the Twilight DVD? And the one version I want I can't get because it's region 1 and there's no why to work around the regions on Bluray. According to Amazon Generation Kill and True Blood aren't region locked, which I hope it's true because I have no idea if they'll be available in Australia, let alone bluray. Wow I really need a job so I can actually afford all these DVDs! I still haven't brought Southern Vampire Series books.


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