Mar. 27th, 2009

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Has anyone ever had someone add them to Facebook, that you don't remember, but think you should? I had 3 people from high school add me that I don't remember/recognise, but know I should know them because we have mutual high school friends. One I don't remember at all, another I didn't recognise (they didn't use their real name), and another who's name sounded familiar but I didn't recognise.

The first was confirmed that they went to my school when I went through my year book and saw them, the second changed their name with their real one (they we're blonde last time I saw them, and that was years ago), and the third I realised who they were when I went through my year book and school photos (I think I went to their birthday party when I was in grade 1, but that was like 15 years ago).

Went to Chadstone for the first time in months today, was a little disappointed. The stuff I wanted from M.A.C (Hello Kitty Pink Fish TLC (*cries* it's also sold out on the site), and Moon River Grand Duo) and Flirt! were sold out (there's a 50% off sale), and Borders didn't have the book I wanted, even though it said it did and was only $11, but it was just before closing and I was in a hurry so I didn't really look into it. I also wanted to looks for a new dress for my birthday but my Dad and brother came to, and they complain when Mum and I go around looking at clothes.


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