Sep. 3rd, 2005

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DAMN WORDPRESS!! I tried to upgrade it today but instead now I lot all my old entries and comments and must start anew. For some reason whenever I tried to use my old database the page becomes a blank one, but when I switch to the new empty one it works fine.

I got WireHog today thanks to [ profile] sarkastic. I think I've shared all my music and most of my videos. If anyone wants to add me my username is bluebear74 (they won't let me have my _ dammit) or if you would like an invite comment with you email.

The David Anders Official site competition has closed now, I hope Jason puts the new entries up soon so I can see what I'm up against.

Also uploading House 01x11 Detox screen captures now, they should be done soon.

Edit: I've shared all my house screen captures (As well as others I have made) in WireHog that way you can view one by one rather than having to download the whole zip files.

Edit 2:
"Filming on the new season of Lost was halted last week when two naked fans swarmed on to the set. The women said they were hoping to land jobs on the show. Although the producers had to stop filming a scene between Dominic Monaghan and Matthew Fox, the girls were allowed to stick around and watch the action as long as they covered up a little - eventually leaving with autographs from the cast."



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