Oct. 19th, 2005

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Oct. 19th, 2005 11:05 pm
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YAY tomorrow is the last day of classes for high school ever!! I won’t end up doing any work because I’m having class parties for both Business Management and English. I think a few of my friend are skipping the last two periods and going to watch a movie, if it’s Serenity, I am so there! But I don’t think they are. Boring me is just going to class.

Isn’t any new House next week, I’m not even sure why they are replying Maternity again. I want to see House and Cameron’s date dammit! I did however go through all the screen captures for 01x19 Kids; just have to upload them which I might depending on how long it will take Gilmore Girls to finish. For those who can’t wait and have me friended in WireHog there in there also under images.

I think I might head off to bed, unless GG finishes soon and if it doesn’t I might attempt to get up early to watch it in the morning. I just realised I haven’t watch the last episode of Veronica Mars; I’ve skipped through the episode and basically got the gist of the story.


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