Jan. 16th, 2008

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  • Apparently Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows movie, will be released in two halves. I hope that means Draco's scenes won't be cut.

  • Finally got to see Paris, je t'aime There where a few shorts I enjoyed.
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  • I ordered "A very Long Engagement" the other night from EzyDVD since the store didn't have it. They sent it out yesterday morning so I hope I'll get it tomorrow.

  • Does anyone happen to have access to a Getty HQ, WireImage HQ, and especially a Eyevine MQ-HQ account? I'm after some images from each. I have a access to a few places that I'm willing to trade for. Send me an email, PM, or just comment here if you’re interested.

  • I also have some HQ Torchwood (S2), Robin Hood (S2), and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (the ones I could be bothered saving). If anyone's interested let me know. Speaking of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I watched the first two episodes, LOVE it, I loved it when I first saw the pilot last year and I still love it now. Maybe even more so since just about everything is dead on TV. I'm all for the writers, but I wish everything will get sorted out soon. It doesn't just effect them, a lot of people in Hollywood have lost their job because of it.

  • Didn't think we'd be hearing from Axle Whitehead ever again after he "exposed" himself at the Arias, but the song Channel 10 have been playing for the promos for "Women's Murder Club" is actually by him. It's called "I Don't Do Surprises".


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