Feb. 25th, 2008

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So You Think You Can Dance: Australia Top 18 and Results )

Jemma and Rhys: First of all I love that Rhys had vampire fangs! He was adorable trying to speak with them. Also I was so glad to see Michael again doing their choreography, I loved him in the top 100 and hoped he would get in the Top 20. I thought the choreography was kind of average though but I did like it, but I think they danced it well. Also I loved that in Inside Dance we got to see Rhys doing his own make up.

Nacho: "Now do you think you're better than the other make up artist we have".
Rhys: "Do I can think I can do make up? Yes I think I can do make up".
Nacho: "You rephrased my question, what a smart guy".

Vanessa & Henry )

I'll try and get tonight's Supernatural captures sorted and upload tomorrow. Also I have a downloaded version of the first part of Jensen's channel 10 interview in which fans got to ask questions, is anyone interested in me uploading it?


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