May. 30th, 2008

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I'm not sure how many people listen to Hamish & Andy on the radio here in Australia (or anywhere else, a lot of people podcast the show from other countries). Awhile ago they where talking about whether they came up with the flavour "Light and Tangy" first, or they came up with the name first and a caller called in telling them it was the flavour and that you could just make just about any flavour of chip (she use to work there). Smith's chips then called them and offered to make their chip of choice, a poll was put up with the favourite choices and gravy won. Any way Smith's only made 495 packets (was mean to be 500 packets but they ran out of flavouring 5 packets short) and each state got 99 packets each (except Tasmania). They where distributed this morning and people have already started selling them on ebay.

Would you buy the "People's Chip" for $2,075? (it's gone up like $1000 since I started writing this post). LOL Hamish & Andy just called the guy.

ETA: They called Smith's and now Smith's have promised another 60,000 packets, which apparently is 6 tones.


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