Sep. 28th, 2008

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Only one more day, the wait is horrible!! I've been trolling around the Internet looking up what I can of Alex/Eric to tie me over. I particularly love this interview. I love that the writer mentioned frappuccinos (weather on purpose or not), because Alex played Meekus in Zoolander (one of Derek's friends who died in the explosion when they we're playing with the gas pumps) and all them loved drinking Orange Mocha Frappuccionos (clip). LOL I need to buy this movie on DVD I have always loved it because it makes me laugh so much. My friend and I are always quoting it, plus it was the very first movie I saw when Village Cinemas opening night in Fountain Gate.

“It’s not like he’s been asleep for 1,000 years and just now woke up and he’s still wearing his Viking helmet,” Skarsgård says, laughing (He does throw a line of Swedish into the dialogue in homage to Eric’s heritage, though).

Kind of like being able to score fame and your own frappuccino.

This came in the mail the other day but I thought I'd post about so my last few posts are all just about Alexander. Gaspard Ulliel in Mixte magazine!! I'll have to make so HQ scans soon and make a layout or something (though an Alex/Eric/Brad layout is so tempting).

I'm off to make some Brad Colbert icons to distract me from waiting for True Blood.


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