Oct. 22nd, 2008

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Don't you love happy endings? Last night I walked into our garage, and I hear a noise and a turn around and see something move, my first thought it "great don't tell me it's a rat", but we don't get rats or mice in my area, then out comes a white ferret. Yes a ferret. After getting over the o_O fact, my Dad got it into a box and I put some water in with it, and left it overnight. We weren't sure if it would know how to get back and we didn't want it to get hit by a car or anything. So I got up early this morning and put in some cut up raw chicken (which took forever because it was frozen) and put it in there, then again in the afternoon, though at that stage it was annoyed at being in a box so it bit me when I tried putting water in there. Anyway I went door knocking before, two neighbours didn't have pets at all (one had no idea what a ferret was), another two weren't home, and I skipped another two because one is a close family friend, and the other I didn't think would have a pet ferret (the old couple there bring my parents vegetables they grow time to time, I assume their the guy's parents). However my Dad made me go back and turns out they do have a pet ferret. The guy was actually just peeking his head above the fence when I got there. Turned out he realised it was missing this morning, and he usually keeps it in a cage but it knows how to get out. At least he asked if it bit anyone then said sorry when I told him it had bit me.

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