Nov. 23rd, 2008

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Alexander Skarsgård did another interview, this time he answered some fans from Uinterview. It's kind of odd he's been doing interviews now the season is almost over though. I don't think global warming is the cause of the polar ice caps melting, Alex's smile is. His hair looks longer which I hope means he's growing it out for Eric.

Alex (on the nudity on True Blood) "I'm Scandinavian god dammit. We love to be naked." ... "Nudity is great." (I swear his starts to blush)
Alex (on why his favourite scene to shoot was the tribunal): "Cos it felt like I was in a Michael Jackson video or something. That was fun."

So it's official, there's going to be a New Moon movie. Can't say I didn't see it coming, also can't say I didn't see winner ) winning Australian Idol either. I realised I didn't even know some of the top 12's names', how sad. Lets hope next year is much better. On the topic of next year Network 10 aired a promo for a bunch of shows for next year, new Rove, Rush, House, etc, but there's going to be Merlin, and Life on Mars (US Version). There was also an add for True Blood in today's paper, for the show airing on Foxtel (pay TV), which I don't have.

Also I don't hate Britney's new album.


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