Dec. 20th, 2008

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  • Oh noes. I think my computer is broken. Lately it keeps freezing up and before it took half an hour to reset. I'm going to back everything up later just in case.

  • I also sent out all my cards today, the guy made me fill out seven custom forms because I put stuff between some cards. I hate filling those out because I don't remember what I put in (this time I used a generic "key ring", partially because I didn't remember how to spell the other thing), and I can never be bothered working out how much it cost so I put a random number down. Then the guy went and weighed every single item, and then changed me a international price for a domestic card (about $1 more) but at the point I could be fucked pointing it out to him.

  • Also I kept forgetting to post it, but I received cards from [ profile] scent_of_autumn, [ profile] dangerous_47, [ profile] boromirslover, and [ profile] phantasydweller (I love the snow flake!). Also got a virtual gift from [ profile] sshishh, thank you!!

  • LJ sent my another email telling my paid account runs out on the 22nd, it's quite depressing. Bleh and I still need to pay for my graduation which is like $132. It's going to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, which at least I know where it is.

  • I just realised I never icons the True Blood final!!


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