Dec. 26th, 2008

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I am so exhausted, my family went to Chadstone at 8AM and didn't leave till 1PM. Which we then went to Springvale for lunch, then Fountain Gate to see if they had the shoes I wanted (everywhere in Chadstone either didn't have my size or the colour I wanted, I even waited 30 minutes in line at Myer waiting for my turn to get the correct shoe size to be told they didn't have it). We basically got home at 4PM. I started to get a little moody from the crowds and my parents complaining everytime I wanted to try something on because of the lines (I wanted to try on a pair of Betinna Lianno Jeans but they complained about the lines so I got annoyed and didn't try them on). In the end all I got was a pair of Nudie Jeans.

I really should start packing, yet here I am sitting at the computer...

Also [ profile] blowqueen I got your package today, thank you, I love it!! I also went opps once I read your card, you'll see why. I also got you're card too [ profile] _odella_.


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