Sep. 29th, 2005 06:50 pm
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SERENITY IS AWESOME!!! Everyone NEEDS to go see it!! I won't say anything because I don't want to wreak it for anyone. Skip mine and [ profile] colorstoobright comments, because we've been quoting.

I'm in a good and shitty mood, good because Serenity made me happy but shitty because I have yet to do my VTAC thing and I need help from my brother because they have all these retarded questions.

Gilmore Girls was good, totally squealed when Rory and Logan were talking about his holidays. Oh how could I not love Rory's comment about Logan having not seen her room yet, and Logan taking it the wrong way thinking Rory wanted to get freaky again.

House: I shouldn't have watched it and waited to finish season 1 but I couldn't help myself. Needed more Cameron and House love, Cameron wasn't even in it much.

Bones: Interesting episode, I was eating lunch when they showed the kid rotting corps, I wasn't so hungry after that.

Supernatural: I actually liked the episode more than I thought I would, the whole drowning thing I didn't think would be interesting, but hey it was.

Veronica Mars and Lost are downloading, so they will probably be done tomorrow.

I watch to much TV don't I?
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