Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 17:47 @rei2rei This is going to sound bad but.. which movie? the CotC one? #
  • 17:48 @remembernomore - Those are awesome!! #
  • 22:35 Oh I thought that was out like 2010 or something. I wish I could say I love DA so much I'd buy the movie as shitty as it seems. #
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Apr. 22nd, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 06:28 Just great I have a sore thoat. #
  • 11:34 @blowqueen Good Luck!!! #
  • 15:04 Eww The woman delivering pallets had her finger squished (between the ramp and container) and it spilt open. Poor thing. #
  • 18:09 YOU HAVE FAILED ME TARGET!! I ordered the Bluray Twilight disc not the DVD, now I have to go to Fountain Gate for the 3rd day in a row. #
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Why have you failed me Target?! I pre-ordered the Twilight blu-ray a few weeks ago and picked it up today, but when I got home I opened it (it was wrapped up in a black bag) and it's the 2 disc special edition, so now I have to return it and get the right one. Which will make it the 3rd day in a row that I've been to Fountain Gate!! I opened the USB thing, there's a few wallpapers and 2 clips (Becoming Bella, and Becoming Edward) on it, I've watched the Edward one, I'll eventually get to the Bella one, I honestly don't care much about her. Did anyone get the one from Sanity? I'm curious what was on their 3rd disc.

Also thanks to everyone who congratulated me for graduating, and wished me luck for my presentation today, which went well, were going to tackle one site at a time, so we've decided on one of the layouts for now. Work has me busy, and I'm working late tomorrow because the big bosses at SPC are coming down for a tour, so everyone has to be their best.

I need to catch up on my TV shows!! I've only been able to fit in 1 or 2 a night before I have to head of to bed.


Apr. 20th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 15:27 in the car on the way to graduation. Nervous! #
  • 21:08 on the way home now. Feet really hurt. regalia color was purple! #
  • 21:17 can't believe i spent $155 framing my degree, very nice frame though. #
  • 22:23 will post about my graduation tomorrow, sleepy now, have work at 7AM. #
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It must be Christmas!! After getting spoiler with all the Alex photos at Paley, we're spoiled yet again!!

Premiere Of HBO Films' "Grey Gardens" (16 Apr 2009)

+ 33 )

It must have just been added to Getty, because it wasn't there when I had a shower before, and it is now. If I find more I'll edit this post. Please credit if you repost.


Apr. 16th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 09:53 So cold today, but it's nice and warm in the office. #
  • 09:58 One of the guys is trying to find stock, another hands him binoculars so he can see it up the top! #
  • 11:08 @slytherinbunney She's so pretty!! #
  • 11:10 @sellthelie LOL I've been the opposite and been bad and haven't been having breakfast lately like I usually do. #
  • 17:41 @sellthelie I'm not either, when I'm at home I won't eat till I'm hungry in the arvo but at work I get hungry earlier, and b/f prolongs it. #
  • 21:26 Funny episode South Park, but we no longer have that prime minister anymore, for ohh... like over a year now. #
  • 22:22 I want to watch the rest of SNL but I need to go to bed now. #
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YAY Paley was today, so I'm bringin' the ASkars porn love.

I'm working on getting HQ and will be updating this post as I find more photos. Please credit if re-posted. ETA: 45 images in total, now thumbnail friendly.


Apr. 12th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 00:57 TSCC WAS AWESOME!! I'll be so sad if FOX doesn't renew it for another season after that ending. Time for bed now. #
  • 01:16 Oops I forgot to take in the laundry... it's 1AM now. #
  • 01:18 GRR Now my Mum is having a fit over it. I FORGOT!! Dude it's not like a fucking did it on purpose. #
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Apr. 12th, 2009 12:47 am
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ETA: Isn't Summer Glau a beautiful dancer? Yes as pointed out by a bunch of people on [ profile] ohnotheydidnt some of her footwork is wrong but I'm pretty sure it's done on purpose.


Apr. 11th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 11:29 @AkashaTheKitty LOL Well do tell us how he measured up. #
  • 11:58 @AkashaTheKitty Lucky Rose, lol #
  • 13:00 @AkashaTheKitty Too many dirty thoughts wore you out? #
  • 23:18 I am so bored right now. Watching The Unborn trying to help with the boredom. #
  • 23:30 The movie is starting to creep me out. Though I guess that's the point. #
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I made this Alexander Skarsgård wallpaper awhile ago, but I thought I'd share.

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Went and saw Dragonball with [ profile] lookatmoiye7 and [ profile] shiny_orgasm last night. I didn't mind it, there was quite a lot of LOL due to the bits of the cartoon transferring over to live action, but I liked that the characters remained the same and had traits the cartoon ones did. There needs to be another so I can get some Vegeta and Trunks. [ profile] lookatmoiye7 also got me a "present" which I later learned was a Hannah Montana flying disc, I'm still am confused why. Is it a inside joke I'm not "inside" on?

The Life final was awesome, I really hope this show gets another season. I can't stop listening to 26 - A New Beginning which was used in the episode, they used t.A.T.u. (the Russian bit of Stars) in the episode too, Life has always had fantastic music for the show. I also just watched the most recent Dollhouse, was awesome as usual, I really hope this show gets another season too.

I'm really enjoying the long weekend, but I feel I should use it to do something productive. I think my family are going to Frankston Waterfront to see the sand sculpting on Monday.

YAY the True Blood Paleyfest is soon (Monday in the US, Tuesday for us), I've been craving True Blood/Alex news and photos.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 13:10 LOL I just realised it's Friday, not Saturday. I was wondering why there was no Dollhouse today. Public holidays confuse my internal clock. #
  • 14:14 YUM. Mocha hot cross buns. Hot cross buns = one of the reasons why I love Easter. Does anywhere else have them during Easter? or just Aust? #
  • 14:34 YAY I love shredding paper, lol just cut up all my old bank statements, some from 2005. #
  • 14:38 I'm cleaning out my draws and I found my old keyboard books. LOL I don't think I even remember what keys are what now. #
  • 14:40 OMG I found a Singapore airlines menu from not that recent trip there, but the one before that!! Which means it's like 5-6 years old. #
  • 15:44 LMAO My brother is having a LAN with his friends in our garage, so their all connected to our network, one has named their computer Gangsta. #
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Apr. 9th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 18:53 Neighbours I love you but why does your exchange student have an Australian accent? #
  • 21:32 I preordered my Twilight blu-ray today. First time I've ever lay-byed anything, though I guess it's technically a pre-order... #
  • 21:33 There were heaps of people at Safeway too, guess everyone was doing their shopping today since the shops are closed tomorrow. #
  • 22:21 @TomFelton I'm so jealous!! I want to go to Rome!! Instead I stare at pasta all day long at work. #
  • 23:21 I really want a Bluray ROM so I can play them on my computer but their expensive. #
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Apr. 8th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 15:17 bored waiting for my waiting for my bro so i can go home #
  • 15:18 not use to not having my necklace on, keep reaching for it #
  • 15:19 got to wear a big lab coat today and play with pasta... Kind of #
  • 15:20 also got a swipe card so i can actually get in and out of the factory #
  • 15:22 though random people got in today through a door that was left open. They left once they realise they weren't allowed in. #
  • 21:27 YAY Work is having a BBQ tomorrow for easter #
  • 21:55 Grr my Mum is so annoying. She'll ask me something I'll answer, but she'll just keep asking me stuff while I'm trying to other stuff. #
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Apr. 7th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 08:53 Why is it so damn cold!! #
  • 16:29 OMG can Malcolm Turnbull please stop having a bitch and cry over everything KRudd decides, there's a reason why ur party crashed and burned #
  • 21:15 @TomFelton LOL That's just how awesome Melbourne is!!... if you ignore our crappy weather... and traffic... #
  • 21:45 Had to take my earrings and necklace off for work :( Not allowed to wear them in the packing/production area in case it falls into the food. #
  • 21:46 but I did get to wear a oversized lab coat today #
  • 21:58 @TomFelton LOL I bet it's because you were bragging about them. This coming from me who can't male them LOL. #
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Apr. 5th, 2009 11:55 pm
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  • 09:38 @AkashaTheKitty umm all of the above? Did I get the answer right? #
  • 09:45 @AkashaTheKitty well of course not, because then how would you do the other stuff?all if #
  • 09:47 @AkashaTheKitty whoops hit send instead of p. Damn iPod. All of the above except for E is what I was going to say. #
  • 09:48 @AkashaTheKitty I mean d. I'll get there in the end. #
  • 10:49 Umm what? #
  • 11:23 I felt kind of guilty that I didn't invite someone to my birthday dinner, but now I don't because they completely forgot anyway. #
  • 11:24 Well I assume they forgot since I didn't get a SMS, Facebook messaged, etc. There's birthday was last month and I bloody well remembered! #
  • 11:28 @AkashaTheKitty I usually have a rough idea of where my friend's birthdays are, just not the exact date so I look it up on facebook. #
  • 11:33 I need to back up my things, want to format my comp. #
  • 12:12 @whatshesaid7 She JUST SMSed me, so she's forgiving... a little. #
  • 18:11 @overpopulated I actually liked Australia, I have no idea what people were going on about, the only thing wrong was the length of it. #
  • 18:12 @overpopulated The film actually did pretty well, it's just a misconception it didn't (it's still on here, and doing very well in Euro). #
  • 22:32 I really need to clean my room, there's stuff all over the place. #
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My birthday went much better this year, some years my family end up fighting or something happens to me that bums me out. Lots of gifts this year too. I got:

There was also delicious cake (which looked nothing like a key, and looked like it said HANNY BIRTHDAY):

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Hello Mr. Skarsgard!!

I took some photos of my presents before, I'll try and post them latter is I can beat my laziness. ETA: My userpics just ran out, ahaha my laziness exceeds me. *renews..... eventually*. Renewed, HA! I have half beaten you laziness!


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