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Everyone's probably seen this 10 times already, but it doesn't hurt to see it once more when it's this good. Now we just need HQ

ETA: HBO played a new promo with Eric's voice over saying something along the lines of "I'm only asking your permission out of respect. I want her, I can Take her. We made a deal, your human and I. You should remember I am your sheriff." I Need to see this!! Here it is.
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For [ profile] sarkastic. Those who are interested you can watch both clips here.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"I do not respond well to threats."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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OMG NEW TRUE BLOOD PROMO!! He's licking his fingers people!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*Runs off to make icons*
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I've updated the post before with more photo for those interested, I also added two photos from Coachella Music Festival (April 18 2009).
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Why are these the only photos I can find of Alex from the True Blood Tabu cast party? *Tries to find more* Edit: Added two from Coachella Music Festival (April 18 2009).

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Please credit if any of the photos are reposted.
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YES!! More ASkars!! With fangs!! And a cute lisps as he's trying to talk with his fangs in. NEED. SEASON 2. NOW!

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Can't stop watching the new season 2 promo of True Blood. Hurts so good indeed. Who can blame me?

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I hate different release dates!! I want to get the box set of the Southern Vampire Series (book 1 -7), From Dead to Worse (book 8), Dead and Gone (book 9), along with the True Blood and Generation Kill blu-rays. The only problem is the last three aren't released yet, and are being released weeks apart. I'm not sure if I want to ship all the books together (book 9 comes out May 5th in the US, 21st May/1st June in Australia), then ship the two blu-rays together on June 16th (when Generation Kill gets released). Might also get the Generation Kill book because I heard it's good, and also Making Faces.

My problem is I don't want to wait between release dates, but I don't want make 3 shipments because shipping is expensive on Amazon (I wish free shipping wasn't just for the US). Anyone have any suggestions?? I probably shouldn't buy so much, but I've been eyeing most of this stuff for months. Now I have a job I've been buying all this stuff I've wanted for ages, i.e. a blu-ray ROM (hopefully I'll be able to work out how to make screen captures by the time I get my ASkars blu-rays), and I kind of need a new TV, mines over 10 years old and sometimes when I turn it on the picture is all weird and there's no sound and I have to hit it a few times before it'll work again. Ok I just realised it's $180 US ($252 AUD) worth of stuff, not including shipping (which is like $3-$5 per item!) *facepalm*.

I'm capped again, at least this time it wasn't after the first week. It resets the 3rd so only a little bit away, and TPG ADSL2 is meant to be coming into my area next month. There's also some guy from the Solar Panel place who's been here since 8PM, I just released about 40 minutes later when I walked out and there was some guy in the living room.
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It must be Christmas!! After getting spoiler with all the Alex photos at Paley, we're spoiled yet again!!

Premiere Of HBO Films' "Grey Gardens" (16 Apr 2009)

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It must have just been added to Getty, because it wasn't there when I had a shower before, and it is now. If I find more I'll edit this post. Please credit if you repost.
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YAY Paley was today, so I'm bringin' the ASkars porn love.

I'm working on getting HQ and will be updating this post as I find more photos. Please credit if re-posted. ETA: 45 images in total, now thumbnail friendly.
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I made this Alexander Skarsgård wallpaper awhile ago, but I thought I'd share.

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Went and saw Dragonball with [ profile] lookatmoiye7 and [ profile] shiny_orgasm last night. I didn't mind it, there was quite a lot of LOL due to the bits of the cartoon transferring over to live action, but I liked that the characters remained the same and had traits the cartoon ones did. There needs to be another so I can get some Vegeta and Trunks. [ profile] lookatmoiye7 also got me a "present" which I later learned was a Hannah Montana flying disc, I'm still am confused why. Is it a inside joke I'm not "inside" on?

The Life final was awesome, I really hope this show gets another season. I can't stop listening to 26 - A New Beginning which was used in the episode, they used t.A.T.u. (the Russian bit of Stars) in the episode too, Life has always had fantastic music for the show. I also just watched the most recent Dollhouse, was awesome as usual, I really hope this show gets another season too.

I'm really enjoying the long weekend, but I feel I should use it to do something productive. I think my family are going to Frankston Waterfront to see the sand sculpting on Monday.

YAY the True Blood Paleyfest is soon (Monday in the US, Tuesday for us), I've been craving True Blood/Alex news and photos.
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Hello Mr. Skarsgard!!

I took some photos of my presents before, I'll try and post them latter is I can beat my laziness. ETA: My userpics just ran out, ahaha my laziness exceeds me. *renews..... eventually*. Renewed, HA! I have half beaten you laziness!
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*Fails* I don't care it doesn't follow the books because this looks so much better. Though I guess now a lot more people will recognised Alex on the street. I guess they got all the emails and letters people sent in complaining about Eric's hair.

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This has me so excited. I hope it's true!
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I enjoyed the Oscars this year. I missed Hugh's opening act (I saw the other though Vanessa Hudgens wreaked it for me). I was amused by the Pineapple Express clip with James Franco and Seth Rogan watching a bunch of movies (not nominated). I particularly liked when they where singing about Mama Mia and sung about the actors, and when they got to Stellan Skarsgård (Alexander's father):

Seth: "And that Irish guy, I think he's in Gangs of New York, I'm not sure. Take a chance on me."
James: Orlando Bloom's Dad in Pirates of the Caribbean."
Seth: "That's who it is."

I was happy with most of the winners, though I don't get all the hype about Slumdog Millionaire, guess I'll probably have to watch it to get it. I liked all the up coming movies in the credits, ok it might have something to do with this:

New Alexander interview!! I love his voice, and he's so generous with his interview time!! He talked to them for quite a bit. Part 1 and Part 2.

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I found some more photos of Alexander from the IFC Indie Film Celebration, they can all be found in the original post. Also I realised Australian tourism thing was a sponsor, lets hope it gave Alex some ideas. His smile kills me everytime.

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Got home from my friend's 21st, and watched Dollhouse (liked this episode much better than the first), and Battlestar Galactica, then hopped on the computer to find these pretties. Alex at GBK's Oscar Lounge At SLS Hotel (20 Feb 2009), and the IFC Indie Film Celebration (21 Feb 2009).

+ 2 )

+ 8 )

And some very nice photo shoots, and magazine scan.

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I finally have a new LJ layout! I'm sure you can all guess who it features. I need to get use to not having a proper header. I think I will fiddle with the psd tomorrow and try and turn it into a wallpaper.

I'm also gald that Battlestar Galactica is finally getting interesting again, and Sarah Connor is back. Though I'm not sure if I like the direction their going with the story (it's starting to get to complicated, and will end up like Lost). I'm super excited about Dollhouse, I'll watch it tomorrow morning.

Random note: Why does the M.A.C Hello Kitty song have to be so catchy (I also love the clip, though the Daniels are a tad creepy (but I kinda love M.A.C for getting guys to put of the head for the launch events)?.


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