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  • Look what I came home to (well not really I came home to a card from the post office telling to go pick up my packages). Glad I didn't have to wait till June 1st like they "estimated"

    Flipping through the Generation Kill books makes me want to rewatch the show. I'll have to order the True Blood blu-ray later tonight.
  • Also Eric only True Blood promo!! Eric is so fierce he doesn't need voices in his clip like the others, LOL

  • Linkin Park's new song for the Transformers movie/soundtrack. I love there's small traces of "What I've Done" in there.
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Turns out it wasn't PowerDVDs fault but the Twilight blu-ray. The menu doesn't show up so I have to hit enter on the key board to start the movie, then go through the chapters to watch each of the spacial features.

I also finished Dead and Gone!! Needed more Eric. Thoughts )
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It's a sad day for my wallet today. I got a blu-ray ROM ($150) for my computer so now I can watch blu-ray DVDs on it, then went to Doncaster and got my Mum (for Mother's day) a food processor thing ($300, but I went halves with my dad so it was $150 each), then went to Peter Alexander and got some her slippers ($35) and a new PJ set for myself ($80). When I got home a family friend got back to us on TV prices and said they'd get more stock next week so I'll probably get the TV too, it's going to be roughly about $700.

I remember why I stopped using Power DVD now (It's one of the few programs that play blu-ray) it sucks. How am I meant to watch anything if my menu doesn't show up?? All I can see is the Twilight menu clip over and over and again and KStew's stupid cross eyed face as Edward sucks the poison out. HER FACE ANNOYS ME SO DAMN MUCH!

Meh too lazy to figure it out now, well not lazy, I just much rather read Dead and Gone.
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My feet hurt so much right now from walking around Melbourne all day with [ profile] gingertheory. It's was hot today too!! We tried to avoid going outside as much as possible because of the heat. We're going to go shopping at Chapel Street tomorrow.

Also SQUEE!! First chapter of Dead and Gone (9th book in the Southern Vampire Series) is out!! Thoughts ) It needs to be May 09 NOW!
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I've finished University!! (assuming I pass all my units) Had my last exam today. Some of the questions were very bogus, we had a question worth 12 marks on how to write research papers. Umm last time I checked the unit was called Advances in Interactive Media. Also went and brought myself a Deakin hoodie, and and mug, over priced but worth it.

I might have to buy this. I'd been hoping they'd release the Southern Vampire Mysteries in some form of box set. I just wish that the first book had the original cover rather than the new True Blood one though. It still works out cheaper than buying each book at $8US though. If I get it I'll probably have to get the hard cover of the last book since it isn't in the set because it hasn't been released in paper back yet. I was going to buy the books at Borders till I saw they only had All Together Dead (book 7) in paper back for $19, and From Dead to Worse (book 8) is hard cover for $56. I really need a job, I still want to buy Generation Kill by Evan Wright, and the DVD. Not to mention some Alexander Skarsgård movies. I might be able to con my brother into getting the Generation Kill stuff because he liked it too (just didn't become obsessed like me), but the Skarsgård stuff will take some work. The only movie that seems to be available here is The Last Drop.

I've seen this week's True Blood, I'm too lazy to make a long post about it, so I'll make it brief. I loved Eric and Pam, we finally got to see Eric's funny side like in the books. The cliffhanger made me laugh, can't wait for next week, looks to be a very interesting episode since it veers from the books completely.
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ZOMG SUPERNATURAL WAS AWESOME!! I forgot how much I loved this show, and when my brother watched the episode and told me it was awesome I pried myself away for "Dead as a Doornail" to watch it. I really love the whole storyline they're going with the season. spoiler )

As mentioned above, I'm reading "Dead as a Doornail" which is the 5th book in the Sookie Series aka The Southern Vampire series. I love Eric, and how forward he is in trying to get into Sookie's pants (i.e calling her his future lover, and turning up in her bed randomly). It helps that Alexander Skarsgård is so pretty. I can't wait till episode 4 of True Blood. Also SOOOO happy HBO renewed the show for another season only after 2 episodes.

More Eye Candy )
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Great I accidentally stuff up my iPod Touch, I pressed the power button when I plugged it in so some info got wiped from it. All my songs are on their but it doesn't know it's my songs. Trying to fix it now so I have it to use at Uni tomorrow.

I've been busy reading Dead Until Dark all weekend, just finished it right now. I liked that the show (True Blood) stick pretty close to the book, of course the major difference is Sookie's best friend Tara isn't in the book at all (that isn't a spoiler right?). There's similarities to Twilight, but one thing the Southern Vampire series has over Twilight (i.e Sookie reads minds, but can't read Bill's, and of course spoiler )), Sookie doesn't annoying the shit out of me like Bella does. Oh I like Eric more than Bill I think, I blame Bill, he's the one that said Eric is better in bed, LOL. Plus I liked Alexander Skarsgård (who is the prefect Eric) from Generation Kill.

Off to go read Living Dead In Dallas now while I try and fix my iPod. The books are kind of to blame, I hooked up my iPod to my computer to install a program so I was able to read the ebooks on my iPod. Hope fixing my iPod won't take to long, should head off to bed soon, I have Uni tomorrow. ETA: Got it to sync now, it wouldn't let me before because the old song where on there so it was telling me I didn't have enough space, *sigh* I just have to wait for 5000 songs to sync now. Guess my computer shall remain on tonight. This isn't the first time this has happened.


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