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thoughts on Alias 05x08 Bob )

Now on with the screen captures and clip

(OT- That girl in the back ground is totally ogling my man!)

f-locking till clips is finished uploading, menwhile I'll watch VM

screen captures and clip behind cut )

Please comment and credit if anything is taken and used.
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First of a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely [ profile] frozenwithin!!

I think I'm just going to leave my computer on because this clip for [ profile] giveitmegood of Michael Bublé on "Da Kath and Kim Code" is taking forever.

Didn't end up going to the shops today, I'll go tomorrow/today with my mum, she'll have a better idea what my dad would like. I did get bored and start going though all files and found my season 4 Alias clips of Sark. How I miss un-pregnant Sydney. Found my CSI clips too. Mmm David in HD, too bad channel 9 was being retarded and the reception was weird and blurred my caps.

Almost forgot, quick pimp for Liz ([ profile] sun_shy) who started a forum, so all you Sarkneys go join The Amusement Park because we're having a ball of fun! I promise we're not all crazy, just Liz is..
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Bummer, Veronica Mars didn't air in High Definition like I though, I watched anyways but. I hope Supernatural at least airs in HD, I really do want to see Jensen Ackles nice and clear.

Over a TwoP a girl mentioned seeing David Anders at the cinemas. Poor things, her and her friend ran around frantically trying to find a pen so they could get his autograph but by the time they did he had finished his cigarette and was heading in to watch "Rent" while they were going to see GoF. Anyway here's the good bit, she mentioned he's grown his hair out again! *Squee* I do love my David with his longer hair, I'll take him either way, but I do like it like it was season 1-early season 2.

Also a big thank you and lots of love to [ profile] joel_ferguson who got me an extra two months of paid LJ time so now I have one less thing to worry about next month.

DAMN, just realised I missed Arrested Development again! Channel 7 hasn't played it for a week or two so I thought they had stopped all together. I hate you channel 7, never liked you and never will, of course unless they place an image of David Anders on their screen 24/7, maybe they can replace their logo with an image of him


Nov. 23rd, 2005 04:59 pm
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The promotional pictures for Alias: 05x08 Bob are out!

Photos and comments under the cut for spoilers )
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To go to RMIT design exercise or not to go to RMIT design exercise. I'm leaning more into the not to going to RMIT design exercise side, I really don't want to have to make the way down to the city on my own and find RMIT University. If I do well in the RMIT design exercise, then I have to go to an interview and folio presentation, which is something I don't really want to do either because my folio sucks. I use to want to do Fashion, well not really but its one of the few things I'm interesting in. I have no idea what I want to do next year, results come out December 12th then I get a few days to change my preferences, I still have Multimedia at the Berwick Monash as my first choice, then Fashion and then I think a business subject, there some areas of the course I like, but then there’s the stuff like programming which I don't. I'm good at my business class, and considered doing it for a Uni course, but then I thought I could easily get bored of it, which will most likely happen. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.

Episode summary for Alias: 05x08 Bob )

Mmm isn't Wentworth Miller yummy in my icon?
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I can't sleep. I was half asleep before when I was watching TV so I figured I should turn off my computer before I fall asleep with it on, then i get in to bed and I'm no longer sleepy. I bet now I'm up i'll start to feel sleepy again.

Anyway happy birthday to [ profile] _throw!!

Channel 10 is gettting me very excited, first Veronica Mars then:

Image Hosted by


Because I love my flist, edited to add:

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image
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[ profile] pure_shores18 have I told you I loved you lately? She pointed me to the direction of this article that had made my fan girly self almost pass out in excitement.

Watch with Kristin:
Possible Spoilers, but if you don't read, DUDE! You'll regret it )

I also watched the AOL clip. May I say yummy, and of all the alias can Sark use, he chooses Bob? BOB?!?! Spoilers to clip ) Is it December 7th yet?.


Nov. 18th, 2005 01:40 pm
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*cries* Why won't they let me see the pretty!!?? Why must I wait till December 7th!?! Why does no one have the promo?!?
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#3 #8 #26 #37

More Pretties Behind the Cut )
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I bring caps, clips and an mp3!

Image hosted by

Links to all 3 Behind the cut )
- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
- Older captures are found in my memories.
- If your taking more than 1 batch of captures please leave one comment saying
which batches you are taking rather than spam my inbox.
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*SQUEE* I finished my last exam!! I didn't find it to hard and I sat there for about 40 minutes doing nothing, I'm not even sure why they made it 2 hours. I got home an hour later because my brother though it would be great to go to Chadstone shopping centre and let me catch the bus in the rain, but then I missed it and the next one came basically the same time as my mum would so I got her to pick me up.

I watched David's bits in CSI: Miami, really couldn't be bothered watching the whole thing, I feel bad for his character. Though the song really was horrible, but David was cute as always. Right now I'm converting to clip into .wmv since movie maker won't let me open it as .avi, it's telling me theres 47 (that number again) minutes to go. I also watched Gilmore Girl, its nice to see Jess again, though I never really liked him.

I might go through the House captures I made last night, YAY 2 hours of House next week!!
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407. FELONY FLIGHT (Nov 07 2005)

SYNOPSIS: A crossover episode that concludes on "CSI: NY" begins with a convicted serial killer who escapes after sabotaging an airplane that was flying him from New York to Miami, where he allegedly buried a body. After fleeing the crash site, the man goes on a killing spree and abducts a college student. Mac Taylor arrives to help Horatio track the killer since Mac originally arrested the man in New York.

I have a feeling its only a small role.


Oct. 24th, 2005 04:33 pm
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Did nothing once again, keep telling myself I'll study later. Its one thing to say another to do.

I checked on imdb and this is what they have for David:
"CSI: Miami" playing "Brian Miller" in episode: "Felony Flight" (episode # 4.7) 7 November 2005

So David's wannabe rockstar character now has a name. Plus its airs 7 November meanign the day before my last exam which means the day I finsih my last exam when you take the time difference in account.

The TV Guide says this weeks episode of house is "Love Hurts" while channel 10 have been playing the "Maternity" add, so i'm guessing TV Guide made a mistake.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 05:54 pm
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I've done shit all today, just sat in front of the computer and did some posting a searching. I did find out that David Anders apparently just film an episode of CSI: Miami playing an wannabe rock star. Can't wait.

Graduation was pretty good last night, the food was better than my year 10 one minus the chicken entrée being cold (though it was meant to be), and the lamb in the main course being very rare everything else was good. You'd think with the table being table number 1 you would have good seats, apparently not! We were stuck in the back corner and we could see shit all, we had to look on the monitors all night. The venue was very nice; we could see the race corse from where we sitting. Everyone looked nice as expected, one girl wore her year 10 formal dress, but I guess people that went to my campus would only know that.

I'm probably not going to be on much for the next 3 weeks because of exams, I'm going to try and come on and do my rounds and also keep up with the challenges at [ profile] makingthe_cut.

Look at the awesome photo I took of the clouds the other day. Thought it looked cool and needed to be taken.

This new version of Fushion HDTV better work better than the last.
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I was just sitting here doing nothing before and it comes to me a I have to finish my Business practice exam (which i'm probably not going to end up doing) and also do my last ever Biology homework sheet. Rove was boring tonight, not really any guests I liked, I liked the new segment with Hamish and Andy though and the "this week in history" with Ben Lee was entertaining. Oh and how could I forget this:

Image Hosted by
Oh how very very true

I find it funny all I ever hear is Assleck bashing on TV shows, they mentioned him twice this season of Joey.

Alias casting spoilers )
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*le sigh* I was hoping I would finish my textiles production to day at school but, ZIPS ARE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL!! God it took me so long to get it right. I ended up staying through my double period, home group and then lunch. I didn't even have time to eat and ended up eating in a hurry after school where I had to stay to finish off two stupid seems I forgot to do. Now I just have to hand stich some bits and finish my folio which I'm about half way done. I didn't even have time to watch my pretty husband, Sark on Alias but I made sure to make everyone on my MSN contact list from Ausytalia to watch the pretty. I still cringe every time Sark talks about Lauren. I still believe he only said what he did to get back at Vaughn as most of the other stuff he said to Vaughn, ie the family comment and Vaughn being a 'genius' *laughs* because we all know he's not.

I leave you all with this pretty cap I made for all the Sarkney fans on my flist, specially [ profile] _throw, [ profile] colorstoobright, and, [ profile] pure_shores18 who are hard core fans.

click for full size
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I forgot to post this yesterday.

Anyway is running a project, Project Christmas 2005, where their trying to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. So click HERE to find out more. There also putting anyone who donates in the running to win some cool stuff they got signed by David Anders at one of his Beautiful performances.
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Another week over, the week just seems to go by so fast, next thing I know its exam time *shudders*.

This new version of MSN is giving me the shits, the window won't load and then I have to exit and sign it again. DAMN YOU JOEL! I will admit there’s heap of cool stuff!

The competition is going to end ages away! I want to know now!

Isn't David adorable in my icon?
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Today I had my very last English SAC EVER!! I've never liked or have been good at English so I'm really glad it was my last SAC. All I have to worry about now is my exam. I have 3 SACs next week, Tuesday: Biology, Thursday: Business Management and Friday: Further Maths. All but Bio will be my last SACs for the subjects ever!! I happy end of next week is my school holidays but at the same time worried about it because it also means exam time. After exams are over all I have is to stress about how I did for about a month and then stress about what university courses I will get into depending on my exam results.

WEE I just made a heap of David and a few House icons.

Also finally I've uploaded 50/100 of my icon spaces!
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Our English teacher's aren't happy campers. All the year 12s did a practise English exam yesterday which wen ton for three hours, however because we have a retarded principle who want to do the practice exam so early (well have 2-3 months till the real thing) she put section 1 part 2 as our SAC because we won't have time if we don't. Anyway the teachers complained about it because student will spend 3 hours on their SAC instead of the 1 and a half we usually get. What do you know my teacher said today she was pissed because most people didn't bother doing the practice and just did the exam, which I'm kind of guilty of. I did all the sections but for section 2 part 1 because I hate analysis which I suck at but I wrote the other three essays. She said now she going to take into consideration the people who did do other sections of the exam because it's unfair for those student because they didn't spend the 3 hours on the SAC. Good for me, bad for my friends who most of them just spent 3 hours on the SAC and did nothing else on the practise exam.

Today was also free dress day and me being me forgot until I got to school I saw people out of uniform, so the whole day I got "Why are you in uniform" and each time I would have to explain because I forgot. Our principle and vice-principle dressed up in our school uniform since we were out, so they were in. We also had a dunking tank where we got to have a go at throwing at the target and dunking the teacher but of course one idiot had to wreak it for everyone else by throwing something at the teacher so they stoped it.

I better go study for my biology SAC now, it on everything we've learnt so far which is heaps, its all on DNA and genes. OT David has the recessive trait for blues eyes and blonde hair, though I already knew that from year 10, but hey I though I'd mention it. Hopefully I can find time on the weekend to make my entries it closes on Wednesday-Thursday and I haven't had time this week because I've had a Textiles and Business Management SAC on Monday, a English one on Wednesday and a Biology one tomorrow and also my textile folio and production due on Monday. BAH I haven't even made my VTAC thing yet.

edit to add:
I was bored and looked up Beautiful up in google and look what I found (alone with a review)!!

Image Hosted by
David Anders, center, with members of the cast of "Beautiful."

Now i'm all excited.


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