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Grrr my domain is still not working. Netrillium suck.

I tried to record Rove in LA and Grey's Anatomy at the same time tonight, but it didn't work out because I had to record using my brother's laptop, while the other recorded on another channel on my computer. The software wasn't installed on my brother's laptop and he couldn't fix it so in the end I just taped Grey's Anatomy, as much as I like Vartan, I like Anders better. Worked out in the end anyway because Vartan was the last guest on so Grey's had already finished then (Anders' parts anyway) so I managed to record it.

Clip of Vartan on Rove )

Feel free to re-upload but please let me know if you take, and also credit me. I can make screen captures if people are interested.
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So apparently David Anders' MySpace is back. I'm not sure if it's actually him though since it's set to private. However [ profile] sarky_77 posted at [ profile] davidandersfans this message from it.

Date: Jun 27, 2007 9:07 PM

Subject: Zero To "Hero"

I....David Anders have joined the cast of NBC's Hit show "HEROES" in the part of Takezo Kensei. Now I know my face doesn't match up with the name Kensei so please tune in this season to "HEROES" as everything will be explained, put in it's right place in a dizzying comic book fashion. Just Watch. It'll be RAD, i promise.

I hope people stop complaining now about him not being Japanese. Though I'm curious to why he deleted it in the first place, maybe it was because he was creeped out by the person who commented on it every weekend for no reason.

ETA: ZOMG Initial D is on SBS, I want to see Jay Chou's bad acting, he's a great singer but I heard he's a horrible actor. Oh Initial D is about car drifting, ie The "Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift", it was originally a cartoon which they made a movie of. Weird thing is Jay Chou can't speak Cantonese so I'm pretty sure someone had to do his voice for the movie.
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OMG I just heard the best news ever from [ profile] asho902!

How Cool Is This?! Alias' David Anders May Come to Heroes

"Okay, Alias fans, how mind-blowingly fantastic would this be?!

Reliable inside sources connected to NBC tell me that David Anders, the ridiculously talented actor who played the ridiculously awesome Mr. Sark on Alias, is in final talks with Heroes to play a new character named Kane for the upcoming second season.

You heard me. Alias' Sark. On Heroes. Two of TV's best-ever shows colliding. Can you stand it?!

Now, apparently, the final word has not yet come down. So, I, for one, will be crossing my fingers and toes all weekend and praying to my Heroes good-luck charm (the roulette ball from my infamous two-word stint) that we'll get David Anders in the Heroes mix next season, 'cause he would make the show all the more kickass in every way."

Source, also you can read about Kane here.

I'm not the only one that's really excited now I am? I hope he gets it because I miss seeing him every week and him and Greggers together again would be awesome! Because look!

Another for fun )
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YAY I own a piece of Sark's clothing. Wow that sounds so stalker-ish.

Looking nice and pretty hanging on my wall

Close Ups )

Bugger, I just remembered I have a driving lesson tomorrow. I did call my old instructor today and he's back (would have been nice if he had told me, maybe he thought I was wanting to continue with my current one) and I have a lesson next week with him. I hope my current one doesn't take it badly that I went back with my old instructor. Bugger again, after using my floppy drive (which I haven't used for years) for my Computer Crime & Forensics assignment and now it keeps trying to read it for no reason then tell me there's no disk in there.

I found some nice picture of Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisborne) before, maybe I'll icon them. Still in search of some nice Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood) ones.
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DAMN Ebay. I'm up at 3:45AM waiting for an auction that I wanted to bid on to end, I lost *sniffs*. I wanted this alas it went up more than I wanted to pay, if I hadn't brought 2 things previously I would have gone up more but I've already spent like $50, and as much as I love David Anders I ain't rich (didn't want to spend more than $20 AUD including shipping, and I went over anyway). I'm kind of sad a lost, isn't that.. sad? Does make me feel a little better that they ended paying $15.50 for it though.
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OK this is the first wallpaper I have made in months (not included ones my brother forced me to make), almost a year even. It features none other than Mr Julian Sark from Alias, from season two (you know when the show was still good). I put oh posting it for awhile now because it's the same as my new layout for and I didn't want to spoiler the wallpaper/layout by posting them far apart. Hopefully I can keep it up and make more than one wallpaper, like last year because I really do miss it but I hardly find the time anymore when I have time on the holidays I'm never in the mood. Anyway I'd love to hear what you think, even if you don't like it.

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps or art, no need to ask.
- Older stuff can be found in my memories or website.
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I saw these new pictures of David Anders a few days ago but I'd thought I'd post for the rest of you to see. There new to me, but their from the 2nd of last month at the AXELab Party at the Playboy Mansion, so their pretty recent.Very glad to see he's grown his hair again. On the topic of David Anders, Man of His Work was on here tonight, didn't watch, but yummy Sarkney kiss.

More Behind Cut )

Anyway, I'm off to bed, damn driving instructor had to change my driving lesson to 9:30AM instead of the usual 11AM. It's going to be tough getting up that early.
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My Threadless order finally came today, I ordered it like the 14th of last month. Anyway I ended getting Acute Invasion, Lil' Soap, Pillow Fight, and Nothing Rhymes With Orange, while my brother got Calling Home and The Downside of Genetic Engineering. The others he wanted where all out of his size. Here's my link if you want to buy anything and help me get some street points.

I should be off to bed soon, driving again tomorrow. Why does it always have to be hot when I have a driving lesson?

ETA: Alias is on, isn't Sark so god damn pretty? Of course it was also they episode with Sark's proclivity line about Sydney. Aww.. now I miss Alias (well ok Sark, not so much Alias).

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First of all I want to wish my flist a big Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone's having a great holiday!

When I wished for snow on Christmas this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

A few more photos )
I was woken up this morning by the sound of hail hitting my bedroom window then my mum woke me up telling me to look out the window and all I see the floor covered in ice. LOL [ profile] alias_jems gave me snow for my stocking, now when do I get the things like the Malfoy and Sark related items? In some places in Victoria they actually had real snow and not just hail, which is funny because some of these areas where preparing for bush fires. Snow in summer, how odd.
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I just got back from my very first driving lesson, wasn't at all horrible as I thought it would be, help that the guy I had was very nice. LMAO his name is David, alas not David Anders, though I'd probably stare at Anders the whole time while driving so it's probably for the best. I'm going on Thursday next week again, I should try and go out driving with my Dad before then.

Also I was tagged by [ profile] lookatmoiye7.
List ten fictional figures you'd have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.
My 10, and no their not all Sark )
I tag, [ profile] bunney, [ profile] mandy_jg, [ profile] gothic_nyx, [ profile] phantasydweller, and [ profile] sarkastic

Anyway off to write all the Christmas cards and hopefully send them away today.
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58 Icons
58 Icons
» 001-018 Alias (Season 1, Promotion Shoots)
» 019-042 David Anders (The Surge, Left in Darkness)
» 043-048 Alias
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My last exam is tomorrow and I only started studying for it now, I think I need to get away from the computer because [ profile] frozenwithin just saw the first episode of Alias with Sark in it and I'm getting all excited and wanting to join in the conversation about Sark, because he so pretty and suave.

Anyway, moving away from the computer now because once I start talking about Sark I won't shut up and I really need to study for this exam. Wish me me luck y'all!!

ETA: So much for moving away from the computer. I moved away to the bed..... where I feel asleep for an hour.
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837 David Anders in the movie Left in Darkness Screen Captures (960x536)

Zip Files and Samples )

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
- Older captures are found in my memories.
- If your taking more than 1 batch of captures please leave one comment saying which batches you are taking rather than spam my inbox.
- Please do not re-upload without asking.
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So the first time a catch the train in awhile and everything goes wrong. My friend's car broke down so she took it to get fixed so we both have to catch the train and bus again. All was fine until the train home, while I was leaning over to get the MX (a newspaper) for my friend, I was leaning sideways to get it, fall on the seat and bend/knock my knee sideways, know it hurts when I move my knee a certain way. If that wasn't bad enough some idiot decided to jump in front of the tracks again, well that's what I assume because when they say "level crossing 'accident'" it's usually a jumper. So my train stopped one stop short of my stop so I had to catch the bus from there to my house.

I had no idea of the guests tonight on Rove Live, I knew The Wiggles where on but no idea Guy Sebastian and Placebo where too.

Thoughts on Left in Darkness without giving away spoilers (well at least I try not to) )

Pic spam of Left in Darkness caps )
I probably won't post screencaps till after or at least closer to the release date, and a clip even more after that because people NEED to buy the DVD.

OT how sauvé does David/Donovan look in my icon?
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jhiuhihkjhkhuhkmnnjjjkj!! I just checked the mail and look what I found:

I'm so fracking excited, especially when I skipped through the special features (even though they 'advise' you not to before seeing the movie) and see this:

Anders' talking about his 21st: "I celebrated it on the set of Alias actually, which was interesting. People where like "No way your 21, your 31". Thanks guys, I've had a rough life, thank you." Well he's 25 now, he's getting closer to 31.

*hurries off to go watch the movie*
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132 (720x536) David Anders: The Surge Screen Captures and Clips

Zip Files and Samples )

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
- Older captures are found in my memories.
- If your taking more than 1 batch of captures please leave one comment saying which batches you are taking rather than spam my inbox.
- Please do not re-upload without asking.

Peter Brock

Sep. 8th, 2006 11:54 pm
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Haven't been on much past few days, had two assignments due today, now I have a little bit of a break before the next 2 are due in 2 weeks.

First Steve Irwin now Peter Brock aka "The King of the Mountain" aka "Peter Perfect". Most of you probably don't know who he was but Peter Brock was an Australia race car driver who died today when he crashed into a tree during a rally. I was actually in "Brock" which was green house in primary and high school (I never got to be in the other house colours, but hey Slytherin!). At least he died doing what he loved like Steve.

I was watching the news before and they where saying how 2 men involved in the Bali Bombings got 8 and 18 years in prison, while 4 Australians caught drug trafficking get the death penalty in Indonesia. Talk about fucked up.

Also big thank you to [ profile] blowqueen who got me the Alias Mag for me, it came in the mail yesterday. David Anders looks very pretty in it, and plus one of the pictures they used is one of my favourites (the one in my icon).

I'll get those House caps as soon as I can, good news is that channel 10 are playing the last 2 in a row, no more repeats.
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Here's the press release for Left In Darkness starring the one and only David Anders being released on September 19, 2006.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place?
Try being stuck between Heaven and Hell!

Poets have written about it. Painters have tried to imagine it. But exactly what does happen after we die? Is there a Heaven? Or perhaps the question to ask is: Is there a Hell? From the fertile mind of legendary television producer Stephen J. Cannell ( Demon Hunter , “21 Jump Street”) and Steven R. Monroe, the director of It Waits , comes the provocative new horror film Left In Darkness, materializing on DVD September 19 th from Anchor Bay Entertainment, an IDT Entertainment company. SRP is $19.98 and the DVD features enough value-added supplements to occupy this life – and the next! Read More... )

I can't help be curious about this "Glow in the Dark edition", I always love DVDs that are different from you plain ones that are just your DVD in a case with it's cover.

Pre-order the DVD at amazon over here. Make sure to get it everyone, you do want to make David happy don't you? A few pictures of the movie and also banners to promote the DVD here.


Aug. 16th, 2006 01:28 pm
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I'm at Deakin at the moment and bored waiting for my database prac to start at 2PM. Something totally weird happened today and I'm still in shock. My friend and I where walking to hand in an assignment for Interactive Media and someone taps me on my arm and it's my friend Shabnam who I haven't seen since year 12 about 7 months ago, my other friends and I had no idea what she was doing. She was the last person I would expect to see, I though I'd never see her again (we weren't as close as we where at out junior campus when we at our senior campus), and if I did at the shops or something. Turns up she just got back from America in March and she's doing nursing now.

Another weird thing happened yesterday too; I was sitting in my Interactive Media lecture and noticed SOMEONE HAD A SARK WALLPAPEER!! It was a blend of the season 3 promos. Here's the weird part, IT WAS A GUY. Sark doesn't swing that way, but yeah Sark is very pretty. It wasn't like it was his sister's laptop or anything because he changed it, then put it back to the Sark one, I think it was the same guy watching Alias in Database lecture last time.

I need sleep, got 3-4 hours last night because I was working on a last minute assignment again. I can relax for a little; next assignment is due next Friday.

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] queen_hermione!!


Aug. 13th, 2006 11:37 pm
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I'm once again bored. There's nothing to do online, no new updated on Sarkney or Dramione fics to read (haven't really felt like reading new fics, unless their recs), not in the mood for graphics, though I really need some new Draco icons.

My dad finally got hooks so I could hang the cork board I brought last week, my attempt to keep organised and remember things, though the only think that is organisey up there now is my uni timetable next to my other random stuff. I found my Alias trading cards I got a little while ago and stuck my Sark ones up there. I'm tempted to buy the season 2 trading card box set, but I think it cost quite a penny. I just want the Sark cards. *sigh* I miss Sark.

I need to make a start of that assignment you're all probably sick of hearing about.

Damn House caps are like stuck on 41% uploading, I'll have to upload tomorrow along with The Steph Show episode, and maybe Battlestar Galactica 02x01 HD caps.


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