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My birthday went much better this year, some years my family end up fighting or something happens to me that bums me out. Lots of gifts this year too. I got:

There was also delicious cake (which looked nothing like a key, and looked like it said HANNY BIRTHDAY):

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My trip to Chadstone went a little better this time, I got a new dress and new shoes. I feel in love with this bag on sale at Witchery but they didn't have it. The dress I got was Pilgrim again, there were lots of nice dresses at Forever New but the ones I liked didn't look that great on me, the shoes were from Novo. My Dad ended up buying the dress for my birthday (didn't find out he was going to pay till I was about to pay myself). I also got a package in the mail from my friend, but I'm not allowed to open it till tomorrow, I also got a pair of earrings from a co-worker/my brother's friend.
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Once again, nothing special for me this Christmas, my cousin and aunty did come over before to bring some stuff for us to take with us to Malaysia for their family. We also showed them how to do some stuff around the house for us while we're gone (i.e. feed the fish, how the security cameras work, etc). Anyway hope everyone had a much better Christmas than I did.

Oh and Happy Birthday to [ profile] akashathekitty!!
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Well I guess I'm 20 now, I'm no longer in my teens. Yesterday was probably the best birthday that I've had in awhile; usually they suck because I get no presents and my family end up fighting. The day started off normal, when I woke up everyone had gone to work so I was home alone for most of the day. Then at night we went out for dinner and my Dad paid for that and then went home and cake, which according to my Mum was potato, I didn't really taste it but the cake was very pretty never less. My Mum gave me $100 and I was starting to think my brother really didn't get the iPod for me even though they were being shifty Tuesday night because he still hadn't given it to me and where had done the obligatory photos and birthday song. He told me to go take a photo with "Eddie" which is a toy elephant he's had since it was little, it's almost as old as me (I'm surprised it's still in once piece), so anyway I go grab him and underneath is his old iPod Nana with a note saying "here's your iPod" and then something about cake. I get back to the kitchen and my Mum tells him to give it already and he tells me to go where I would make a cake, I'm a bit o_0 at this stage because there's various cupboards, and he basically made me look in each one before I found a wrapped up present in the very back. As I was un-wrapping I said I'd be really disappointed if it's not what I think, it was the 32GB iPod Touch ($627) along with Belkin screen protectors/overlay ($20) and a leather case ($40). He said it was too expensive to buy everything on his own so my Mum went halves with him.

It's so anti-climatic because all I want to do is fiddle with it but for the past hour and a half it's been syncing all my songs (all 4797 of them). I need to delete some songs I don't listen too or I won't have space because my old iPod was 40GB. I'm excited because it had wifi which means I can use the internet from bed again (for those days where you just want to stay in your nice warm bed). I'd been using it via my mobile phone but lately 3Mobile have been a bitch and the internet won't work, yet a street down it does. I'm still bloody paying the $20 a month for the internet because I use it at Deakin but I don't even get close to using all the 500MB (Shaz and I where even watching YouTube clips at an attempt to use up some of it, sure made that boring lecture go by faster). My mobile does have wifi too, but my brother never set it up for me again ever since I took it to get fixed and everything was wiped clean, but he'll do it for the iPod because there's a bunch of internet related things on it.

I got Birthday wishes via text message from most of my friends, two didn't send me anything (I bet you can guess who [ profile] lookatmoiye7), they probably forgot, they know my birthday is around now but probably not exactly when it is. Also a big thank you to [ profile] epic2dream who brought me a virtual birthday gift and [ profile] nineh and [ profile] nikkilicious377 who both made me banners!!

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YAY Look what I found!! Unwatermarked, textless, large photos of the Gaspard Ulliel photo shoot by Betina Rheims for Madame Figaro.

+ 7 )

I'm still trying to find a place where the 32GB iPod Touch is cheaper than $499US (the price on the official Apple site). Also I always thought I only had the Friday and Monday off for Easter, turns out my friend and I read the dates wrong and I have all of next week off. Holidays already, I've only been back at Uni for 3 weeks. For some reason I'm watching the Tropfest entries on channel 9, there's been some cute funny ones, and a few with celebrities.
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I didn't realise they where making another X-men movie, I'm kind of excited. Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) and Will.I.Am (as John Wraith) have been cast for roles, but Taylor Kitsch (from Friday Night Lights), who some of you might remember me talking about him not long ago has been cast as Gambit, which I think it just prefect! source

Also I heard The Vintner's Luck started filming, I read that it's filming in New Zealand which is kind of close to Australia. I'm excited to see Gaspard as an angel (his character is named Xas), and plus it's an English speaking movie so it's nice to see another movie with Gaspard without having to read subtitles. Because I realised when I was watching Jacquou the other night, I have real trouble reading the subtitles when Gaspard's on screen, I stare at him then realised I have no idea what he just said because I wasn't paying attention to the subs.

It's just hit me that my holidays are almost over (I have less than 2 weeks left), I feel so unaccomplished. I didn't finished the David Anders' site, didn't catch up on season 3 House screen captures, or those ones of Jensen on Smallville from like 3 years ago. I didn't even make a new LJ layout, or a wallpaper I'd been wanting to make, I did start though, but I just wasn't happy with it, if I can't fix it to the point I'm happy with it, it'll probably never see the light of day. I did sort all of Monday's Supernatural and last week and this week's House screen captures, and also worked on my Gaspard mood theme a bit, which make me feel a tiny bit better.

The captures are taking forever to upload, in the past I've used my phones internet connect because it uploads 5-6 times faster than my normal connection but for some reason it hasn't been working for the past week or two. It's really annoying because it seems to work everywhere but my house, my brother was at his friend Elvis' place, who lives 3 houses down from us and it worked there. My brother called 3 and they called back today and said their looking into it. I have 200MB left which I can't use, and it resets on the 24th, it's really annoying because I love being to download at 200-300kbs compared to the usual 52kbs.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] yesterday4!
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Look what came yesterday!! My Jacquou le Croquant DVD!! It came sooner than I thought which was a pleasant surprise. I decided it would be my reward for my cleaning of my room. Once I get started I can't stop till I'm done. This time I finished at 2:30AM, then was up till 5AM watching the movie. I'll post my thoughts later.

I really like some of the routines on Sunday nightsSo You Think You Can Dance. Almost all my favourites where in the bottom 3 pairs though. I'm glad Vanessa is still in it, she's a beautiful a dancer, even with her high pitched voice. I don't think people realise it was hard for her to do Salsa after doing ballet for so many years, because for years and years she's been taught to hold her posture a certain way, and now so has to loosen up. Not too fussed about Courtney leaving, I liked her, but between Vanessa and her, I liked Vanessa better, I was hoping Kate would leave, she made 0 impact on me. I like all the boys in the bottom three, sad to see Khaly go, but I rather him than Henry (who so does not look 22, and I didn't actually like at first).

In Twilight news they've released some promotional photos of the Cullens. The Rest. Why does Emmett look like he wants to eat me? Also Nikki Reed looks really different, but still not really Rosalie to me.

Also a belated happy birthday to [ profile] toughlovebaby both and [ profile] bravesthope !!
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  • First of all, Happy Valentines everyone. My Valentine Postbox )

    Dear Cupid,

    This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.

    Auchic gave me a flower but told me 'don’t feel too good, it was free'.
    I accidentally glued my hand to Bunney’s butt (and it’s a really nice butt).
    I painted a portrait to impress Remember_nomore... but the portrait was of Blowqueen so it didn’t work quite as intended.

    So, as you can see, it's been a hectic year. Can you please make Phantasydweller fall in love with me this Valentine's day?


    Take this Quiz at
    ( or, take the 'adult' version at )

  • All the backlash of the "Edison sex photo" scandal has happened. Bobo Chan is no longer engaged, and Nicholas Tse and his wife Cecilia Cheung are separating because some of the photos correspond to when they where when they where together. It's extra sad because they just had a baby in August. I also read this on his wiki page "Rumors and superstition shrouded the news of his marriage to Cecilia Cheung (張拍芝), as it is believed that Cheung will bring misfortune to her husband." Well we all know how things turned out. My brother, the big Gillian fan has been getting shit from the guys at work (a lot of them are Chinese and therefore know).

  • So a lot more people are being cast fro Twilight, I'm actually liking the choices so far.

  • Channel 10 have been airing add for Pride & Prejudice, which gives me massive cravings to whip out my DVD and watch it.

  • Happy Belated Birthday [ profile] eventhebest.

  • Also, I was tagged by [ profile] meggan_2004, [ profile] fierytigress, and [ profile] ephramyfan, so I though it's about time I did it.

  • Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.
    I would have picked my whole flist if I was able to.
    [ profile] auchic
    [ profile] blowqueen
    [ profile] callherblondie
    [ profile] colorstoobright
    [ profile] empty_ambition
    [ profile] lookatmoiye7
    [ profile] mandy_jg
    [ profile] phantasydweller
    [ profile] smoky_martini
    [ profile] thievingbird
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Went to Chadstone again today, my brother wanted to buy some books at Borders with some vouchers. I was kind of lazy to go but I wanted to see if David Jones sold Juicy Couture there like I had heard. They did but it costs more. On the official site this chain bracelet I like is $35 US ($40 AUD), while at DJs it was $60 AUD. *Sigh* I hate how there's this massive mark up on US things being sold in Australia. I've got a bit of a dilemma on whether to get the Juicy Couture bracelet above (there's another I like more but it's a old style that they don't sell anymore and I don't trust eBay), or to get that Twilight one. The twilight one is pretty but it's so very over priced.

On the topic of Twilight, I finished Eclipse, managed to drag it out to about 6 days this time, and now I'm sad I have no more. I downloaded all the extras and out takes on the site to try and keep me stratified for awhile. I hated that the epilogue was ... )

Also happy birthday to my Daddy, [ profile] sarkastic and [ profile] blowqueen!!!
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BAH I think my new phone is broken. I got a call from EzyDVD before and I kept saying hello and the person couldn't hear me ont he other end. My friend let me use her phone which is how I found out it was them, and they want me to go down tomorrow about a job there. I hope all goes well and I get it because it would be prefect because I love EzyDVD.

To top it all off I got an email of doom:
Your paid account add-on of Extra Userpics for LiveJournal user"bluebear_74" will expire in 12 days, at which time your paid account will revert to its standard features.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] paperwirexit!!
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I was up till 5AM working on a stupid assignment last night. There was so much drama over it because apparently a lot of people just copy and pasted their answers so everyone has to re-submit the assignment now. I have another due on Friday and I'm a bit lost of what we're actually meant to do.

Oh I also drove all the way to Deakin all on my own today. I got a bit lonely, but it wasn't too bad.

Oh I don't have to pick between Heroes and House screen captures anymore! Heroes is airing 9:30PM Thursdays (from October 4th), while House is airing 8:30PM Wednesdays (from October 3rd). I guess that means I should catch up on all those caps eh?

Melbourne Show started today I totally want to go between the 27th-29th to see the ferrets, I totally want one but I don't think my Mum would approve. There's a "Melbourne Ferret Cup" on the 29th, but my family are meant to go to a 21st birthday party so I don't think I can go.

YAY Arj Barker won this week's Thank God You're Here, I love Arj, I was so disappointed when he didn't make it to the finals in "Last Comic Standing". He's also got these cute little animations called "Arj and Poopy".

Finally Happy Birthday to both [ profile] mandy_jg and [ profile] dancingsoleil!!
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Found this via [ profile] sarkastic. Can David Anders get any yummier? I guess so. I hope some photos pop up with his looking all suave in his suit. I'm glad he was there though, I didn't see him in the audience but, I saw some of the cast here and there. Loved that he told everyone to go to Adrian Pasdar's (Nathan Petrelli) youtube account. Can't wait for new Heroes. ALMOST THERE!

Also happy birthday to [ profile] auchic and [ profile] reetinkerbell!!
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Stupid stock market crash that happened the other totally killed the Australian dollar, usually I wouldn't care, but I do this time because I need to renew my reseller tomorrow and it means I got to pay more. Lately it's been sitting on about 83-86 cents per US $, but now it's like 78-79 cents per US $. Stupid exchange rates. I was planning to upgrade my reseller plan too, to one with more space, but now I think I might just stay on the same plan with how the exchange rate is going. I have enough space on this plan already, so maybe I should just stick with the one I have already and not upgrade, since I'm not even sure if I will even use the extra space, and only upgrade if the need arise. Opinions of what I should do?

Also Happy Birthday to [ profile] winifred_ish!!
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Some of you may have already read this on [ profile] house_md from [ profile] rainsquall but...

From next month, Australian TV viewers will see top US programs such as House, Heroes and the controversial Californication within days of them being aired in the US. Changing media use and internet downloads means our free-to-air networks can no longer hold off airing new episodes for five months - as is the norm about this time of the year. New TV series air from September in the US, but are usually not broadcast locally until February. A big jump in internet downloads and web chatter about programs, which generally have weekly "cliffhanger" finishes, are forcing Australian networks to change tactics. Local fans will now seethe latest episodes within days or weeks of US viewers. Channel 10 was quick to the trend last year with it's doomsday Jericho series and the final series of The OC. Channel 9 has screened late-night episodes of Survivor close to the US air date. Channel 7 has upped the ante and will screen off-the-satellite episodes of Heroes and Prison Break from next month. Both began as hits in February with more than two million viewers months after airing in the US, but shed half their viewers as they turned to the internet to find out what was in store.

That explains why channel 10 have been not airing repeats of House, probably trying to catch up. I still hope House and Heroes won't air at the same time because I can only record/cap one at a time.

Also late Happy Birthday to both [ profile] dangerous_47 and [ profile] thebron_79, sorry it's late, been too bust stressing over my driving test yesterday.
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I haven't updated my LJ for awhile, much has happen.
University: I official finished semester 1 classes for Uni, but I still have an assignment due Friday, I'm starting to freak out think I won't get it done. There seems there still so much I need to do for it.
Birthdays: It was was my brother's birthday yesterday so we went out for dinner which was nice. Also sorry for the many LJ birthdays I've missed. Also Happy Birthday to [ profile] streetscribbles!!
Hair: I had some red highlights put into my hair, I also brought some hair dye for my cousin to put some highlights in for the holidays.
Screen Captures: I'm so behind in Supernatural screen captures their sitting all capped on my computer, however their unsorted, i'm even more behind in House. I've also managed to record some of the "I Believe" promos I missed so hopefully I'll get those up soon, though their probably all up on youtube already. Hopefully I'll get all on top of everything during my holidays. I'm in desperate need for them, so much to do like clean out my hard drive, I've got like 60GB of the 300GB left free.
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First of all happy birthday to both [ profile] jessica0042 and [ profile] queenspanky!!

I finally got it done! Took me forever my site rendezv0us.ORG is finally off hiatus, has a new layout and was updated!! Please take a look and let me know what you think. Most of the stuff you might have seen on LJ but there's some new icons and stuff that I haven't had a chance to post on LJ yet that are in the gallery/art portfolio.

I'm procrastinating yet again. I really need to start on my assignments. The one due Wednesday I'm not completely sure I can do it right, we had a prac on it but they didn't release solutions or mark the work so I have no idea if what I did in class was even right. The assignment due Thursday is on the shittiest topic ever and I have no idea how I'm going to get 1500-2500 words. Doesn't help that the second half of semester 1 starts again tomorrow, I didn't even get around to capping all the House episodes (you all probably hate me for saying I'll do them for ages now but still haven't, and probably won't till I get these 2 assignments out of the way). My Week ) I know I could have started any of those days but when I have something to do that day I always use it as an excuse.
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Here come the beginning of my downfall and caved and signed up to Ebay, and in doing so have already purchased/bid on 2 items.

YAY My cousins get home from Malaysia tomorrow, we're going to go over to their place at night though.

Also my holidays are over and I did nothing! Didn't get my assignments done, or update my site. It's almost done but I've been so lazy to work on the coppermine gallery layout.

Finally happy birthday to [ profile] bunney!!
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I totally forgot I have a driving lesson today, thank god I remembered before 1PM when the lesson is. I hope my mum left me some money for it but I have a feeling she might have forgotten too.

I went to dinner with my friends last night, it was nice seeing them again, I think the last time I saw them all was around Christmas. A few of us went to watch 300 afterwards, which I really liked. Mmm pretty half naked men.

Need to start all my holiday homework soon, I need to:
-Catch up on my SIT262 Pracs
- Do my SIT262 Assignment
- Do my SIT201 Assignment
- Do some research for my ACM 238 group project.

Why do they even call them holidays?
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My birthday went pretty well this year, better than last at least.

Bad points:
- Spent most of the day working on my ASSignment, and still am.
- Most people forgot it was my birthday. I think 3 or 4 people remembered (not including family or when they where prompted if they knew hat today was). I didn't realise the 4th of the 4th was so hard to remember.
- My parents and brother got into a fight, there seems to be one every year.

Good points:
- I got $100 from my parents (swat from my brother as per usual), in addition to $200 they gave my cousin to buy a white gold bracelet for me in Malaysia, I need more bracelets.
- Got a birthday card in the mail from [ profile] phantasydweller. Thanks Marla I loved it, came just on time too!! I can't blame you for your choice of how to spend the money.
- Got to go home very early because my lecturer was sick, however I would have rather slept in since I went bed at 3:30AM working on the assignment and therefore had 3 hours of sleep.

Anyway back to finish off my assignment, last day tomorrow YAY! Shaz and I have plans to go watch a movie at Chadstone during our 3 hour break to celebrate holidays. I need a break, I've been so stressed, my eye has been all twitchy past few days, I'm not sure if it's stress related. However when I get back I have 2 assignments due, why can holidays actually be fraking holidays? I hate we get so many assignments for Uni.
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*Sigh* Another weekend over. Once again I got nothing done, well actually I did put rendezvous on hiatus and start uploading and moving my art into a coppermine gallery. I haven't added anything new to it yet but hopefully by putting it on hiatus it means I'll get the site up ASAP. Oh and I finally put my hit counter up again, I hadn't had it up for probably about a year now and only realised recently so who know how many hits it's missed.

Also guess who's birthday it is today? Mr David Anders. So happy 26th birthday to him and also happy birthday to both [ profile] empty_ambition and [ profile] notoriousjlm!!


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