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I finally have a new LJ layout! I'm sure you can all guess who it features. I need to get use to not having a proper header. I think I will fiddle with the psd tomorrow and try and turn it into a wallpaper.

I'm also gald that Battlestar Galactica is finally getting interesting again, and Sarah Connor is back. Though I'm not sure if I like the direction their going with the story (it's starting to get to complicated, and will end up like Lost). I'm super excited about Dollhouse, I'll watch it tomorrow morning.

Random note: Why does the M.A.C Hello Kitty song have to be so catchy (I also love the clip, though the Daniels are a tad creepy (but I kinda love M.A.C for getting guys to put of the head for the launch events)?.
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YAY They came today!! I don't know which to watch first (they might have to wait till after I get home from Deakin tomorrow because I think I'm too tired to watch them tonight after staying up till 3AM watching TSCC). I'm amused that quotes on the DVDs are "A passionate erotically charged love story" and "A sexual obsession fulfilled?" my parents probably think I'm perverted. I was planning to watch it after Uni today but then realised my free movie voucher ran out today so I tried finding someone to go with me but everyone either already had plans, work or were sick. I ended up seeing "Meet the Spartans" alone, how depressing. It wasn't even that good, I was sleepy and just wanted the movie to end because I was bored and wanted to go home and sleep. It was basically 300 with pop culture references put in all over the place, oh and all of the product placement just got annoying.

Deakin )

ETA: I'm using my new awesome Gaspard Ulliel mood theme!! It's not finished yet, but I'll just avoid using the ones I don't have images for yet, and now I have The Last Day and Strayed hopefully they will get filled soon.
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YAY A new layout finally!! There's a few things here and there I want to add/fix. Opinions? Oh the code was from [ profile] refuted.

Also had an angry rant to post about Deakin (I started again today) but I need to get to bed now, I really should be in bed already because I head out 11AM but I've been trying to get the little icon comment links to work and I've been waiting for Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles final to finish so I can watch them. I really hope this show gets a second season, it worries me it's on Fox, we all know how Dark Angel and Firefly turned out. Also I'm annoyed my DVDs still haven't come, it usually takes 10 days for me to get things from the US.
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I was up till 3AM last night working on the style sheet for this, anyway I'm finally done. I present my new LJ layout:

There's also a wallpaper that I'll post along with a downloadable version of this layout. Anyway love to know what everyone thinks of it.

New Layout

Sep. 30th, 2006 03:31 am
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Ok so it's taken me just about forever (first time using Smooth Sailing), I started coding it at 3PM it's now past 3AM 4:30AM, I had breaks and stuff in between though. Anyway my new layout (there's still things here and there I'm trying to fix/change/add though):

[ profile] bluebear_74! [ profile] bluebear_74! [ profile] bluebear_74! [ profile] bluebear_74!

Pretty please look and comment. Oh forgot, codes are from [ profile] interlinea, caps are from Left in Darkness, lyrics are My Little Box by Gabriel Mann.

My dad also changed the power supply and the fan on my computer before, SQUEE! Purple light up fan!

I'm not sure how many people watch Blade: The Series on my flist, if you haven't heard SpikeTV aren't giving it a second season despite how awesome the show is. To help save it head over to [ profile] blade_series and read [ profile] steamedmirror post for instructions.
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I've made some Dramione Live Journal layouts (along with matching icons) for paid and free accounts, all are fully coded and easy to use. You might recognise some of them because I've used them in the past. Anyway hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think of them.

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New Layout

Jul. 19th, 2006 02:17 am
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I FINALLY got the new layout up, I've been bloody working on the CSS all fricking night and it's it's almost 2:30AM and I've got to be up at 6:30AM for Uni because my friend is sick and isn't going tomorrow so I can't get a lift there with her. There's things here and there I need to change on the layout but I'm leaving that for tomorrow. I'm also going to make a resource post tomorrow with this layouts credits tomorrow, right now I NEED sleep.

[ profile] bluebear_74 \\ [ profile] bluebear_74 \\ [ profile] bluebear_74

Love to know what everybody thinks! Oh you might have noticed it's similar to mone of my old wallpapers because this layout was driving me insane I recycled stuff from that wallpaper, those .psd files sure come in handy.

LJ Layout

Jul. 1st, 2006 11:34 pm
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BAH I'm working on a new LJ banner, but everything I come up with I hate, I just hate it when I finally have time to make graphics and my muse decides to go hide underneath a rock. Maybe if I keep working on it I'll eventually come up with something I like.

I can't believe Ashley and John got kicked out of the big brother house, when I went on the site to watch Rouge Traders perform live it was not the news I was expecting. Apparently channel 10 is thinking of ending the season now and just splitting the leftover money between the remaining housemates.
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  • My exams are finally over, I hope that I've passed them all because I really don't want to fork out another $872 for each unit I fail and have to re-do these boring arse subjects.

  • With exams over it gives me time to catch up on all the things I've pushed aside. Meaning those House caps, I've got 2.5 1.5 1 episodes to cap then once there done I can post episodes 02x10-02x14.

  • Australia aka The Socceroos lost against Brazil Monday morning, I'm not surprised we lost through, but Australia played a good game though the ref had it in for us. Viduka as the team captain has the right to ask why his team are penalised, the the ref has to explain to him why, however when Viduka asked the ref wouldn't tell him. I'm glad Kewell is still playing next game after the argument with the ref, FIFA probably didn't penalise him because how unfair Australia was treated along with of course the inconsistent of the reports. Can't wait for tomorrows game at 5AM, all we need to do is draw or win.

  • GREGGERS!! (Click for full size)
    Click for full size

  • [Poll #753469]No S/V, you know who you guys are

New Layout

Mar. 4th, 2006 05:50 pm
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I finally have a new layout I'm happy with.. sort of. I need to get use to the colours, and then I should be fine. Also re-did my User Info page.

[ profile] bluebear_74! [ profile] bluebear_74! [ profile] bluebear_74! [ profile] bluebear_74!

Next thing on my to-do list is post the Sarkney calendar and then my icons.

Edit- I'm uploading the icons right now, OMFG there's so many I didn't realise there were so many, there's over 100 (probably around 150-180). Should I maybe split them up? Or just do one big post. BAH I don't know.
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New layout!! I've made like 3 new LJ layouts, and zero new layouts for my site, I'm a horrible web mistress. Some of you may have seen it before while I had it up for a bit before replacing it back to the old layout while I re-did some stuff because I didn't like it. I can't say I didn't see the couple on my theme coming, I've been reading so much Dramione fanfic lately. One of the bonuses of catching on a fandom late is almost an endless supply of fanfic I haven't read, I've always liked and shipped Dramione but I just never really got into it, like graphics and reading fanfic. Of course [ profile] sun_shy is to blame for telling to read the fic that got me started, and then the Dramiones on my flist like [ profile] illuxtris who helped fuel it.

Anyway check it out: [ profile] bluebear_74 [ profile] bluebear_74 [ profile] bluebear_74 [ profile] bluebear_74

I might also change my mood theme to a Draco one I found as much as it kills me to replace the great Sarkney one by [ profile] sarkastic. Changed, bye bye my sexy Sark, I'm sure he'll make a apparance back soon.

I was going to code my icon post today, but I think I might hold it off till tomorrow since it's late now here and it usually take me quite awhile to code.

Oh did I mention the lyrics are Firefly by Alpha?

Also *squee* to new Gilmore Girls and Supernatural today!


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