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WTF MSN! Won't let me sign in unless I download the new version, and because I'm capped that's like impossible. So I thought I'd use my phone's bandwidth, how big can it be? Well 30MB downloaded and still going! Old versions of MSN were never this big! It better finish soon I've only got about 100MB quote left for the rest of the month (then 3 start charging me per kb I use). I hate how you install MSN now, you use to be able to just download the messenger, now you have to download an application, then from the app download the messenger.

Also Mort I fricking love you!! (I watched Madagascar 2 the other night)

My friend's 21st is tonight, there's like a billion (ok maybe not a billion) things I need to do before hand... I should probably do them now.
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Bleh my sore throat got worst :(

I was curious about the FreeView thing that's been on TV, basically all the networks are getting an extra SD channel, which got me excited. That's till I found out Network 10 are going to turn the current 10HD into the new SD channel and have oneHD for sports. WHAT THE FUCK?! Who fucking wants 24/7 HD sports? The only sport I watch on TV is the Formula 1 (when I can be bothered), which doesn't even air in HD anyway. I want my House, Supernatural, and many many other shows in HD not bloody sports.

I still haven't written my Christmas cards, I'll let people know now, there's a good chance they'll be late.
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Fuck. I accidentally deleted all my icons. I've just lost hundreds of icons I've made, and I haven't backed them up in ages.

Because I did it a few days ago and have been using the drive since it means I've over written some already, the Heroes in particular (managed to recover the Alias and Gaspard ones).

Excuse me while I go cry. I really didn't need this right now, like my life didn't suck enough.
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Some people have no morals. My mum earlier tonight wheeled out our bins, then she went back later to put some rubbish in there and saw our recycle bin's lid wasn't down all the way, and we always make sure our lids are down all the way otherwise the birds get into it. My Mum looks in it and someone threw their junk in there! So my Mum called out my Dad and he brought a torch and it turns out someone threw a box full of old babies things. So then my parents had to move all the stuff into the proper bin, squish down the cardboard box box so it would fix in the recycle bin and there was baby bath tub thing as well that they had to try and fit in. What kind of bastard dispossess their rubbish in someone else's bin and doesn't even have the decency to do it properly and have the owner have to do it for you?

Talking about morals. My brother got all the Dexer episodes from his friend, I'm kind of in love with this show. I love how he looks like a kid in a candy store when he sees a dead body, LOL. Though I have a bit of trouble not seeing Dexer as "David" (his character in Six Feet Under).

I'm watching some clips from Eclipse and David is doing a vampire movie!! I can't wait to see him with some fangs!
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You'd think with the US dollar being down that things would start getting cheaper. M.A.C stuff still costs a heap here. I'm trying to decide if I should get the fluidline, which is $15US ($16.20AUD) from the US or just fork out $32AUD and get it here. I'm just about ready to throw out my current eyeliner, it's died up and this morning I was almost late for University because I spent all this time trying to fix my damn eyeliner because the stupid thing made a mess and made each eye all uneven. And that stuff is hard to get off, because you get it off and all your eye shadow comes off with it, so you have to redo while trying to keep both eyes even.

I've been watching New Amsterdam I hope the... )
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I'm in such a bad mood this morning, I'm snapping at everyone anything anything. It all started when my Uncle's (the one who just passed away) ex-wife called telling us that if there was anything we wanted from his place to pick it up. I thought "well Dad's been there 2-3 times already and gotten heaps of stuff, there won't be much he wants now and it'll be quick". WRONG!. I was fucking there from 1PM till 9PM at night bored out of my mind because all the stuff left was JUNK. My Uncle was a hoarder and use to keep all this electrical stuff, most of it out dated or broken. So not only was I pissed off I was there for so long without doing anything, I basically sat in the car outside for over half the time, but he kept taking things we didn't need, had already (which where newer and better), or where broken, outdated, or just plain junk. We already have so much bloody junk in the house and garage and I don't want anymore in it, because I know him and he won't throw any of it out because he's just as bad as my Uncle, and if it wasn't for my Mum our house wouldn't even having walking space.

So I was all worked up over that, then this morning I find out the 3 shows I asked my brother to torrent for me, he didn't. He always complained that when I download direct links he doesn't know and re-downloads the stuff. Well this is why I fucking like to download with direct links, because he doesn't download the shit when I ask him to.

After being all annoyed I wasn't going to be able to watch Blood Ties, Moonlight and Friday Night Lights I go to see what's to eat because I'm hungry. AND there no decent food in the house! Wait there was KFC from the night before, I small chicken wing and some cold soggy chips (there was better stuff but my brother probably ate it all in the middle of the night like he always does). We had nothing else because I we didn't go shopping like my Mum said we would because my Dad rather take JUNK home than go shopping so there's some decent food in the house to eat.

The only good that has happen is I finished reading New Moon and even that's not that great because I have no more to read now, because 1. We haven't had time to go to the shops, and 2. I want to save Eclipse too read when I'm on holiday so I'm not bored during my downtime. I was even going to go to the shops like last week, then my Mum was like "No, we'll just go on Friday", then Friday came around and was like "We'll go tomorrow". Well we all know what happened yesterday. I haven't been to Dandenong Plaza for ages and I partially wanted to go because I had some vouchers for free perfume samples, that I hadn't been able to find in other Myer or DJs stores because than ran out. If they did have some left they probably don't anymore because my fucking parents don't keep their word. I'm just going to fucking go by myself tomorrow, which I bet probably won't happen because I think my Mum is driving my car to work because something is wrong with hers.

Nothing has been going right for me lately, it's just one fucking thing after another.
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  • 2 Down, another 2 exams to go. However speaking of exams why are people so fraking stupid. I have this awesome lecturer named Kathy who's a bit anti-exams. So she gave us all the exam questions (the second last week for SIT263 because she didn't think it was fair that people who only came in the last week and not the other lectures would get, and SIT253 in the last week). She had hinted that she would in lectures, but I guess those who didn't come wouldn't have known anyway. Anyway she told students whatever they do not to tell anyone she gave them out or she would "shoot you where it's hurts most". What do idiots do? Post question like "what is the answer for Part B Q6.C?" on Student Talk. All the student taking the unit can see this and students who where too stupid and lazy to turn up to the revision lecture of course ask "could someone please send me the questions because I couldn't make it to the lecture" Yeah like your too faking lazy too. However that wasn't the big issue, the Geelong Students (I'm on the Burwood Campus) are all like "Are these the exam questions, why do Burwood get them and we don't?!" Now my lecturer is probably going to get into shit because people don't understand "Don't tell ANYONE". Oh and after the exam some idiot posted, "OMG the revision questions I got off someone where just the questions on the exam!" Well had they turned up they would have known they weren't revision questions. PS- my exam today sucked, 2 hours for 4 essay questions? Not enough! And Dude it's IT not English.

  • How bloody hard is it to find a decent case to put my make up in? All the ones at the shop are either just one compartment, or the perfect ones already come filled with makeup I don't want. I find the prefect one at a decent price, and they want $50US for just shipping, which is almost twice as much as the case itself.

  • Would LJ fraking fix whatever problems they're having because I want my bloody comments, I'm stick of checking each of my posts to see if there are new comments, and I don't even know what the replies to my comments in other LJs are.

  • Also I've decided to stay spoiler free on Heroes now. After being majorly spoiled the other day I now know the outcome of Kensei, and no longer get my OMG moments which I love. I use to get them from spoiler fix and they usually don't spill the huge stuff, however someone had sent me the link and I looked not realising how big the spoilers where. So I hope all those bits I was spoiled on hurry up fast that way I can have my OMG moments back.

  • I can't decide whether or not if I should wait for Heroes to finish, and watch the extras on the Transformers DVD (it's pretty cool, the case transforms into Optimus Prime) while I wait, or go to sleep because I'm sleepy. I'll take photos maybe later, too lazy to get my brother big arse camera out and I don't have my phone because I took it to three to get fixed (remember the mic which I though fixed itself). Anyway the guy gave me a shitty old LG replacement phone, which doesn't have x-series which means I can't so any of my internet stuff on my phone which I love. I missed being cozy in bed and reading fanfic, and being lazy in the morning and laying in bed as I check my hotmail

  • Also I have no idea why my post is such an angry one, I guess nothing good has happened to me lately. Also Semagic is being a bitch and keeps auto completing some of my words then changing my place till the start of the word it changed and because I haven't noticed I keep typing then see that I have a because at the end of a sentence that should be at the start. Yes it's a long post but my life is shit at the moment, it's hasn't been great in awhile, and probably won't get any better because of exams.

  • This made me feel a little better (thanks [ profile] midnight_27). We finally hear Anders sing, kind of. I love Masi's confused face and how randomly he leaves when he's needed, oh and of course Greggers singing, oh and Anders' chest through the shirt.

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I'm in a really pissy mood today. Why?

- Tried to catch up on sleep yesterday after class, to be awoken by my Mum an hour later to wrap sushi rolls.
- Got woken up early after going to bed late this morning to go to the shopping but I wanted to go so I got. Ended being bored most of it because we where at the shops for only a little bit and at the boring small Asian grocery stores for ages.
- Wanted to catch up on sleep when we got home only to have my Mum make me label a bunch of DVDs for her.
- I went to check my Deakin email and get a email saying I have to re-submit my assignment because it wasn't "packaged incorrectly". I didn't know what correctly was because my friend "slept in", said she's be at my house around 9:30AM, then at 9:30AM and get another message saying she feel asleep after she sent the message and would be there at 10AM (when the lecture starts) on Monday, she was my ride and therefore I was late. I'm not sure if explained it at that lecture or the week before which I missed completely because she "slept in" and had a "head ache". So now I have to go to Deakin on the HOLIDAYS to submit it again.
- [ profile] joel_ferguson sends me a link of the TVGuide cover with Hayden, Ali and Kristen. Why the FUCK is she on it, I'm so fucking sick of seeing her EVERYWHERE. Ok don't get me wrong I like KB, but I'm really pissed that all we've been hearing is about her lately, SHE'S NOT EVEN A REGULAR! Dude people talk about David Anders who *gasps* IS a regular. Who knew, since all we get is *does Jan Brady Marcia! Marcia! Marciaaa! voice* Kristen! Kristen! Kristen!! Was the theme hot blonds? Because guess what David Anders is one of those, and there are other regular females next season. There's probably some KB fans who hate me right now.

*Shakes fist* Something good better happen tomorrow. Maybe something like me waking up next to Sark & Malfoy? [ profile] webeh Linked me to this photo today, it helped a little.

ETA Found these which helped a tiny bit more:

Please DO NOT repost
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I'm getting really frustrated. I'm trying to upload 3 clips, Jon Heder & Will Arnett (Blades of Glory), Daniel Radcliffe, and Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky on Rove, and I can't bloody compress the videos. There's all about 70MB right now which is way to big, and the program I usually use to compress them won't for some reason.

ETA: I'm just going to upload LW videos on YouTube for now. Grr... it's so much easier when I don't have to deal with Movie Maker to join clips. Maybe, I'll just do higher quality downloadable versions but not joint together when I have time. I haven't even read my assignment sheet for the assignment due Wednesday (the one with the story boards and 2500 words).

ETA2: I give up for tonight, I just uploaded a clip via my phone's internet which I only get 500MB a month upload & download, and it was basically wasted because I was stupid and didn't check the length of the clip, which was 12 minutes, and youtube's limit is 10.
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I'm bored at Uni right now, and I have 3 assignments due soon. I'm sure I'm going to be having fun next two weeks.

Bleh, parents are driving me nuts, they shouldn't make promises they don't intend to keep. Before going for my test I had wanted to buy a few things, with my own money, then my mum said I couldn't till I pass so I said then she would have to buy it for me instead for not letting me use my own money and she in return said I could have whatever I want once I passed. Well I passed and I've gotten diddly swat, and I've spent that money already I was going to use to buy said item. Then my Dad had the nerve to try and make me feel guilty about it saying I shouldn't be asking for stuff anyway because getting my licence should be about getting it for me and not for things, which have been fine, but then they shouldn't have said they would get the stuff. He said I should be ashamed I'm asking stuff in the first place after spending so much money on lessons, which is really fucked since I needed so many lessons because he wouldn't take me out driving, in the time I found out I got into Deakin University back in Jan-Feb 2006, which is when I first went driving till I had my first lesson with an instructor, in Feb-March 2007, I had only done 16-18 hours driving. 16-18 hours in a whole YEAR. Then he said he rather pay for lessons then take me, WTF you can't blame me for needing lessons when you just said you rather pay someone to teach me than do it yourself!!

BAH parents.
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BAH I'm trying to make a Dramione wallpaper but nothing I'm making "works", it just looks so plain and boring. This is why I hardly make wallpapers anymore, I've either lost my touch or I'm just got too damn fussy.
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I found out that the whole 4 years on your Ps thing starts this year and not next year like I thought (I looked it up on the VIC Roads site). Which means I have a deadline now for my licence. Which would be fine if I didn't have my current driving instructor, I really want my old one back now (he went overseas). My old one had said I was almost ready for my test, and the current told me the other day that where going to aim to get it before July, that's months away! Lesson are $33, and July is 10 weeks away meaning that's $330 worth of lessons, on top of the 20-30 lessons I've already had. I wish my Dad wasn't so damn lazy I took me out more in the car, but he'd rather me have lessons, but when it comes to paying for the lesson he refuses and won't. I should call my old instructor and see if he's back yet, because I really want to go back with him, I feel so much more better in his car because I'm just use to driving newer cars and I really dislike the one I have now because the fraking indicator is retarded. I'll flick it on when I'm going through a roundabout but when I start to turn (the opposite direction to the indicator) to get around it it'll flick off. I know my new instructor is probably just making sure I can do everything well but it's just frustrating, he's probably just more picky than my last instructor.

Sorry about my rant, but I'm just frustrated, I'm at the point where I'm sick of getting lessons (maybe it's the new instructor), I use to get excited for lessons.

Maybe I'll sort through the House caps I capped tonight to calm me down. Won't be up tomorrow sorry, it's episode 10, and I haven't capped episode 5 yet, and I want to post them in order.

OH and SQUEE Robin Hood icon!
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DAMMIT LJ sent me an email telling me my extra user pics run out in a few days. Such bad timing I've already spent so much money this month I don't think I can afford to spend some more. [ profile] remember_nomore may I have your babies?... if Sark, Malfoy and Gaspard Ulliel turn me down first that is. Thank you so much!

Also going down to Chadstone to buy the MAC eye liner and brush I wanted? Complete waste of time, I got there and they where all out of black. I have to wait like 2-3 weeks till they get some more and I don't want to fork out an extra $8 for shipping and get it on the online store. I also realised how much more it cost here in Australia than the US, the US site has it for $14.50 US which is $18 AU, while the Australian stores/site has it for $32 AUD ($27 US). How very annoying, I could be spending $41 AUD if I lived in the US rather than the $69 AUD ($56 US) it's going to cost me and the US site doesn't ship out of the US like the Australia doesn't ship of of Australia. OK all these numbers are starting to confusing me now, all in all I feel ripped off!

Seeing my friends tomorrow for my birthday shall cheer me up of my spending and money woes.
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The internet is driving me nuts, they've started capping us to dial up speed when we're over the limit which they haven't done in ages. So I can't basically do anything till after midnight, which is annoying because I want BSG NOW!! I would have seen it by now if we weren't capped.

Went to some egames convention today because [ profile] shiny_orgasm wanted to check out the Nintendo Wii and I doubt she would want to go alone with my brother. Got a bunch of freebies, we also got tickets to some 50 years of Melbourne thing and got more freebies, lol.

I should post my Alias icons, I've coded the post but too lazy to cross post.
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So after 8 phone calls and being out on hold twice I finally managed to enrol in the unit I've been having trouble enrolling in because I'm doing it out of order. I called the Arts Faculty, they said I should call the enrolment officer for the Arts Faculty, the woman there told me she would call back, when they called back they told me to called the Science and Information Technology Faculty, I tried calling my course advisor three times and no one picked up, so I called the general enrolment office, who put me on hold then they gave me the number for the Science and Information Technology Faculty, who also put me on hold then forwarded my call to Lauren Fisher (my course advisor), which I then left a message for her to call me back which she did and I git everything sorted out.

The day went up from there though, I got my Supernatural DVD in the mail, million thank you's to [ profile] imjinnie. My dad also almost finished putting in the floorboards in my room so soon I won't have to live of the lounge room. So annoying I'll go get something then realise it's in the lounge room so I don't bother, if I really need it I have to find it in the pile and piles of stuff.

Didn't study today, I know you're all socked. Didn't feel like making House caps either. Did feel very pleased that Dean didn't leave Australian Idol, didn't feel very please it was Lisa who left instead and not Jess or Rikki who don't write their own songs or play an instrument. They just sat there singing other people's songs while the rest of them played a guitar while singing their own songs.

Does anyone have The Flashbulb - Passage D (on the album Kirlian Selections)? I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it.
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WOOO!! I official have no more classes and have done all my assignments, now for exams then I officially finish my first year of Uni.

Internet is still stuff, where on like dial-up speed, things are downloading at 5kbs.

I ended up speaking to the lecturer about the unit I wanted to do but we couldn't so instead now my friend and I got a letter from him allowing us to do a level 3 unit, which we where planning to do in our 3rd year.
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My ISP is being a bitch and my internet is so damn slow, I can't even get my flist to load up, I can only get like 3-4 entries to load and then the rest won't show up.

Only 2 more assignments and 2 more days of Uni till my study break.


click for larger HD version
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It's official I hate Dandenong Plaza, no wonder why I go there once, twice a year. I wanted to go today because Myer had a perfume sale where Britney Spears 'Fantasy' (100ml) was down to $59 and you save $56. It wasn't my first Myer of choice, I already tried the one in the city which was sold out, and the one at Chadstone who said they weren't doing the promotion any more or something like that. Anyway it took us forever to find a parking spot and when we did some bastards stole our spot, which resulted in my brother being really pissed off and saying the work fuck a lot at them, I believe he also called the couple "mother fuckers". So after looking some more we finally find a spot, which was really close to Myer, which was kind of a good thing I guess. So I get to the Myer and there's a Perfume Connection outside so I decide to check if they have it, they do and the lady says it's $57.95 (actually I'm positive she said $57, but later said $57.95), I go to Myer anyway because well it's a tad cheaper and what's the harm, there next door to each other, Myer doesn't have it so I rush back to the Perfume Connection because the woman said there where only 2 left so I buy it. It's quite pretty. I was also tempted to buy the 100ml Britney Spear 'Curious' (100ml) because it smells quite nice and I love the bottle. I also caved and brought the Blade Trilogy, I now own two copies of Blade: Trinity.

I'd thought I'd try to get a free iPod before from FreePay, then I found out the offers you have to do you have to pay $1. So I though, ok $1 isn't too bad, then I read on and you have to be a paying member on the site for 45 days and it's like $40 each month. Which means you pay a total of $81, and your 8 referrers too, that means that's a total of $729 for a 30GB video iPod when you can get a 80GB video iPod for $499. Frack that.

BAH didn't start on my assignment due Monday, I really need to, I have no fracking idea how to do it, I need to like make information from a form store into a database using PHP code.

PS- Battlestar Galactica fracking rocked tonight, so did Supernatural and Heroes. Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and Lost where all average this week.


Sep. 14th, 2006 04:23 pm
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So after looking around iTunes a bit more it ain't so bad it's actually got some cool new stuff, I do like the new screen that comes up when you update now.

My friend crashed her car yesterday, well not really crashed; she hit a poll coming out of the parking space.

Also is it just me or my custom external style sheet not working? I know LJ wasn't working for me last night, but I have no idea if it's related. I'm just going to paste the code there for now.

PS- House caps are uploading now.
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So the first time a catch the train in awhile and everything goes wrong. My friend's car broke down so she took it to get fixed so we both have to catch the train and bus again. All was fine until the train home, while I was leaning over to get the MX (a newspaper) for my friend, I was leaning sideways to get it, fall on the seat and bend/knock my knee sideways, know it hurts when I move my knee a certain way. If that wasn't bad enough some idiot decided to jump in front of the tracks again, well that's what I assume because when they say "level crossing 'accident'" it's usually a jumper. So my train stopped one stop short of my stop so I had to catch the bus from there to my house.

I had no idea of the guests tonight on Rove Live, I knew The Wiggles where on but no idea Guy Sebastian and Placebo where too.

Thoughts on Left in Darkness without giving away spoilers (well at least I try not to) )

Pic spam of Left in Darkness caps )
I probably won't post screencaps till after or at least closer to the release date, and a clip even more after that because people NEED to buy the DVD.

OT how sauvé does David/Donovan look in my icon?


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