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I am so exhausted, my family went to Chadstone at 8AM and didn't leave till 1PM. Which we then went to Springvale for lunch, then Fountain Gate to see if they had the shoes I wanted (everywhere in Chadstone either didn't have my size or the colour I wanted, I even waited 30 minutes in line at Myer waiting for my turn to get the correct shoe size to be told they didn't have it). We basically got home at 4PM. I started to get a little moody from the crowds and my parents complaining everytime I wanted to try something on because of the lines (I wanted to try on a pair of Betinna Lianno Jeans but they complained about the lines so I got annoyed and didn't try them on). In the end all I got was a pair of Nudie Jeans.

I really should start packing, yet here I am sitting at the computer...

Also [ profile] blowqueen I got your package today, thank you, I love it!! I also went opps once I read your card, you'll see why. I also got you're card too [ profile] _odella_.
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Once again, nothing special for me this Christmas, my cousin and aunty did come over before to bring some stuff for us to take with us to Malaysia for their family. We also showed them how to do some stuff around the house for us while we're gone (i.e. feed the fish, how the security cameras work, etc). Anyway hope everyone had a much better Christmas than I did.

Oh and Happy Birthday to [ profile] akashathekitty!!
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[ profile] meggan_2004 I got your Christmas Card today! I had to show my Mum the inside because I couldn't read Chinese part, LOL. I also got a card from my friend, I thought it was a little odd when she asked for my address the other day via SMS, LOL. Oh and my copies of Om Sara and The Last Drop came too (once again Alex looks very good in uniform), I've only flipped through both but, oh my... Alexander is in various states of undress and hotness in Om Sara.

My Paid time officially ran out today. I've told myself I won't renew till after I get back from my trip since my time on LJ probably would be limited anyway, so I won't be using it much then anyway. All was fine, I'm getting use to not seeing my layout when I post a reply in my LJ (though I get confused to which LJ I am posting to) and only having 6 icons. Then I make two new Alexander icons... and LJ won't let me upload them! I've got 111 of 6 uploaded, so I thought, maybe if I delete the 6 LJ picked for me from the 111 I can upload them, but no. It just adds another 2 from the existing 111. GAH and I don't want to have to delete all my icons so I can upload the 2 new ones *sigh*.
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  • Oh noes. I think my computer is broken. Lately it keeps freezing up and before it took half an hour to reset. I'm going to back everything up later just in case.

  • I also sent out all my cards today, the guy made me fill out seven custom forms because I put stuff between some cards. I hate filling those out because I don't remember what I put in (this time I used a generic "key ring", partially because I didn't remember how to spell the other thing), and I can never be bothered working out how much it cost so I put a random number down. Then the guy went and weighed every single item, and then changed me a international price for a domestic card (about $1 more) but at the point I could be fucked pointing it out to him.

  • Also I kept forgetting to post it, but I received cards from [ profile] scent_of_autumn, [ profile] dangerous_47, [ profile] boromirslover, and [ profile] phantasydweller (I love the snow flake!). Also got a virtual gift from [ profile] sshishh, thank you!!

  • LJ sent my another email telling my paid account runs out on the 22nd, it's quite depressing. Bleh and I still need to pay for my graduation which is like $132. It's going to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, which at least I know where it is.

  • I just realised I never icons the True Blood final!!

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Been a busy couple of days. Hung out with [ profile] gingertheory on Saturday at Chapel street, and also got some new sun glasses. My brother also got his watch and my Dad got a Sony HD camera, all Duty Free.

I'm really tempted to get some Twilight movie merchandise. I'm eyeing Rosalie's Pendant Necklace, Alice's Choker, and the Lion and Lamb keyring but I have no idea if they sell it down here.

Also I realised how close Christmas is and my trip to Singapore and Malaysia and all the things I need to do before then. I still need to write all those Christmas cards.

I miss True Blood, and Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood.
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Pam's having a birthday party. Ok Kristin Bauer is, and Alexander Skarsgård is hosting it.

Also finally got some Christmas cards, so if you want one comment here (comments are screened).
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I LOVE YOU [ profile] amaliak!! I didn't realise you'd send so much!! The mail man was at my door this morning holding this big poster tube, and when I opened it Comic Con love fell out!! I love the full size Twilight Poster, and the Serenity/Firefly browncoats badge (also all the other random stuff in there)!! I was just watching my Serenity and Firefly DVDs the other day (and discovered Zac Efron played young Simon). Had I known how much it cost to send I wouldn't have gotten you to send me anything, I must repay you!!

In my boredom I found the site for The Last Drop and was in the cast section (hoping to find photos of Alex) and learned that Neil Jackson is also in the movie! Makes me miss Marcus on Blade. The movie isn't meant to be that good, but who cares when Alexander Skarsgård looks so good in a uniform.

Also a reminder, if you'd like me to send you a Christmas Card, or you would like to send me one, comment here.
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I shall spend tomorrow packing for my trip to Queensland, I'll only have access to the internet via my phone, and maybe my brother's laptop when my phone is hooked up to it. That said I'll likely only read posts because commenting is slow when your using a mobile phone, unless I'm on my brother's laptop of course. Also means I won't be getting anymore mail because there's no mail till the 27th and I leave that morning, while the postman comes around on his motorbike in the afternoon. Hopefully I can go to Chadstone on Boxing Day, because I LOVE sales!! Parking is impossible to find, and you spend like 40 minutes finding a spot, and nasty people push you and step on your feet.

I really need some new icons. I need me some Gaspard Ulliel ones, because well even though I've only seen one movie with him (I think everything else is French) I've developed a crush. Sorry Mr Anders, your position is being threaten. It's not my fault Gaspard is so pretty!! Mmmm Gaspard... and because I can...

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My life is boring and therefore I have nothing to post about. I've written about half my Christmas cards and plan to send them on Thursday, so I hope they will get there on time. I also did my Christmas shopping today, that way I can send out the stuff along with the cards. Still want Bella's bracelet from Eclipse from the Twilight Series, however I can't justify myself spending so much on it, I'm tempted to make my own, I've found the perfect heart (it's not a real diamond like Edward's) and a wolf charm (not wooden like Jacob's) and a chain can be easily found. However it just doesn't seem the same, because the one on the site has been approved by Stephanie Meyer, and making my own just seems non-legit.

I'm really craving more Twilight, I'm tempted to even go back and read them again, and that's saying a lot. I've never re-read a book ever. I've read all the extras of Twilight from the official site, I've downloaded the New Moon ones too but there all of Jacob and even though I do like the character, I much rather Edward.

BLEH I need to go to the shops and get me some new eye liner, my current one all all died up, I need one that's decent but not pricey. Just to tie me over till I can get the M.A.C Fuildline one I've wanted for awhile. I've got the dilemma of wanting a liquid one because they last longer and don't smug, however I want to be able to use a brush with it because the ones that come with it I just make a mess off (I think it's the face the wand is long and you hold it from the very end so you have less control). All the places that make gel ones you use a brush with are all pricey makeup companies. They opened a Inglot at Fountain Gate recently, maybe they'll have something that's cheaper.

I should finish writing my Christmas cards, it's taking so damn long because I've draw pictures on each and have written stuff in the "Spy Pen" so you can only see it if you have a "Black Light".
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I need to start writing Christmas cards if I want them to get there on time. Those who want to send a card to me, or want one from me, can go to this post.
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  • Something totally gross and traumatising happen before when I got out of the shower. I was drying off, look in the mirror and there's a spider crawling along my face. Yes my face! Oh course I proceeding to jump up and down trying to get it off, and of course it wasn't coming off fast enough so you have to used your hands and your worried you'll swish it because spider guts on your face is worst than live spider. I keep thinking something is crawling on me now.

  • LOL The guy who directs the next episode of Heroes is named Adam Kane. For those who have no idea what I'm on about, David Anders' character on Heroes is named Adam, but when he was first cast it was rumoured that his characters name was Kane.

  • I wish more places here sold Juicy Couture, they have such pretty jewellery. I envy all you from the US you guys get everything.

  • Also just a reminder for those who want Christmas cards from me to post here.

  • ETA: New David Anders interview here or you can listen to it here (got to love his laugh, and his random British accent).
    So how much then do you even know about what happened? Because that's a lot of backstory to fill in. The writers can probably fill in anything they want for what happened in the 400 years.
    Yeah, exactly. A lot of the writers ... Jeph Loeb for instance likes to say that that one betrayal by Hiro back in 1671 Japan just kind of jaded him forever. He went along 400 years in and out of every war you could guess or pre-suppose. Never really getting to know anybody, you know? Meeting friends, losing friends, and just gaining this perspective that nobody else on Earth has that it's all going to end, except not for him. I think he's hated women ever since the one woman he loved betrayed him. And ... I don't know. It's all guess work, you know?

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I'm going to have to make this quick because my computer keeps crashing on me because of the heat, it's done it about 10 times now.

Went for another driving lesson today, I got to reverse parallel park, I did ok. Booked another lesson for the same time next week. Y'all probably sick of hearing about my driving, but I'm keeping tack of the amount of hours I do via LJ.

I feel so stupid, I didn't realise that they aired 2 episodes of Torchwood so I never saw the real final, I just saw what I thought was the final.

Also got [ profile] regen's card today, thank you so much for the gift too, it's up on my wall.
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Well I did end up going to DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) today and made up with not buying anything at Chadstone, the sales where so much better at DFO, well clearly since I brought so much. I brought:

Esprit Jacket $49.95 (was $99.95)
Giordano Jeans $30 (was $80)
Giordano Top $15 (was $30)
Guess Bag $71 (was $89)
Von Dutch Shoes $35 (no idea of the original price)

Also got 2 mores cards in the mail from [ profile] sarkastic and [ profile] streetscribbles. Thanks guys, loved them both!
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Hope everyone is having a great Christmas, mine was lousy as usually. I got,

Mum: Nothing
Dad: Nothing
Brother: Nothing

No surprises there. I wanted to go to the Boxing day sales but my mum didn't want to go and my brother wanted to watch the cricket, all the good stuff is probably gone now. I didn't even get to eat dinner because my mum rushed me off to go to my cousin's so I ended up eating cashews (that weren't very nice, needed more salt) and snakes (which weren't very nice either) as my Christmas dinner. Don't y'all just even my Christmas?

I've got another driving lesson tomorrow, not looking forwards to it like when I had my other instructor.
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First of all I want to wish my flist a big Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone's having a great holiday!

When I wished for snow on Christmas this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

A few more photos )
I was woken up this morning by the sound of hail hitting my bedroom window then my mum woke me up telling me to look out the window and all I see the floor covered in ice. LOL [ profile] alias_jems gave me snow for my stocking, now when do I get the things like the Malfoy and Sark related items? In some places in Victoria they actually had real snow and not just hail, which is funny because some of these areas where preparing for bush fires. Snow in summer, how odd.
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I've been so busy past few days trying to get all my Christmas things ready, and now I'm covered in glitter from writing Christmas cards for my friend so I can give them to them tomorrow. I still haven't pack all my sleep over stuff and I think I'm going to be out most of the day. On the subject of Christmas I got your card today [ profile] toughlovebaby! The mice are so cute and SQUEE DAVID!! I also sent your card today [ profile] illuxtris, maybe if I'm really lucky you'll get it just before Christmas.

It's hot again and my hand hurts, it's like a wrote an essay on my Christmas cards. I haven't written this much in awhile.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] browncoatjack, I hope it's actually your birthday this time.
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I just got back from my very first driving lesson, wasn't at all horrible as I thought it would be, help that the guy I had was very nice. LMAO his name is David, alas not David Anders, though I'd probably stare at Anders the whole time while driving so it's probably for the best. I'm going on Thursday next week again, I should try and go out driving with my Dad before then.

Also I was tagged by [ profile] lookatmoiye7.
List ten fictional figures you'd have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.
My 10, and no their not all Sark )
I tag, [ profile] bunney, [ profile] mandy_jg, [ profile] gothic_nyx, [ profile] phantasydweller, and [ profile] sarkastic

Anyway off to write all the Christmas cards and hopefully send them away today.
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I'M MELTING!!! Was really hot today, 38C (100F), how am I going to survive when it gets to 45C (113F)? Anyway my mum and I went shopping, almost impossible to find a space since it's also Christmas and everyone wanted to park undercover, my mum and I gave up looking for a spot so we just parked upstairs in the sun. It wasn't that sunny any way since there's this massive smoke haze in Victoria from the bush fires that have been going on for the past few days. I brought a new top, more Christmas cards (I didn't have enough), and also a new white gold chain because I broke the other one for my pendant. There was this other one I liked but it was $150, so I got this one that was $70, I didn't want to spend too much in case I snap it again, this will be my 3rd chain. I broke the clasp on my gold necklace, so I wore the white gold one with the diamond pendant my aunty brought for me, then I broke that last month. My brother is also covered in bruises, unfortunately I am not responsible, he went paint balling with his friends for one of their birthdays.

I need to write and send out of my Christmas cards, well if I want them to get there on time. The plan is next week sometime.
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Went to the bank today so I could get a new ATM card since they didn't send me a new one even it expired.
Teller: "They didn't send you a new one when it expired?"
Me: "Maybe because I never used it"
Teller: "You never used it?!"

I also brought some Christmas Cards, bloody spent $60 on them. You probably thought I'd have heaps. Nope. 4 of the 5 packs came with 5 cards per pack, the other came with 10. It's not my fault they where so damn pretty and cool. I won't describe them so they'll be a surprise when you receive them in the mail.

WOOO I also got my graphics tablet too!! We brought it from a family friend because he works at Westan who get stock from Ingram Micro who sells Wacom products, so we got it for heaps cheaper, had to pay $12 for shipping but because they only had stock in Sydney, it was damn fast shipping though, he ordered it this morning and he rang us in the afternoon letting us know it already came so we could pick it up. I go the Intous3 A5 Wide model.
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I'm a official Australian citizen now :D, I took a photo of the things I got there but my brother hasn't loaded those to the computer yet so I'll post them when he does.

Also Happy Birthday to [ profile] bliccy!!

I'd thought I'd put a list together of those I'm sending Christmas cards to in case you wanted one and I missed you, if I have please let me know. (I'll update as I go)
The List )

If you would like a Christmas card from me or to send one to me (I love receiving them), head over to this post.


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