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Turns out it wasn't PowerDVDs fault but the Twilight blu-ray. The menu doesn't show up so I have to hit enter on the key board to start the movie, then go through the chapters to watch each of the spacial features.

I also finished Dead and Gone!! Needed more Eric. Thoughts )
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It's a sad day for my wallet today. I got a blu-ray ROM ($150) for my computer so now I can watch blu-ray DVDs on it, then went to Doncaster and got my Mum (for Mother's day) a food processor thing ($300, but I went halves with my dad so it was $150 each), then went to Peter Alexander and got some her slippers ($35) and a new PJ set for myself ($80). When I got home a family friend got back to us on TV prices and said they'd get more stock next week so I'll probably get the TV too, it's going to be roughly about $700.

I remember why I stopped using Power DVD now (It's one of the few programs that play blu-ray) it sucks. How am I meant to watch anything if my menu doesn't show up?? All I can see is the Twilight menu clip over and over and again and KStew's stupid cross eyed face as Edward sucks the poison out. HER FACE ANNOYS ME SO DAMN MUCH!

Meh too lazy to figure it out now, well not lazy, I just much rather read Dead and Gone.
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Why have you failed me Target?! I pre-ordered the Twilight blu-ray a few weeks ago and picked it up today, but when I got home I opened it (it was wrapped up in a black bag) and it's the 2 disc special edition, so now I have to return it and get the right one. Which will make it the 3rd day in a row that I've been to Fountain Gate!! I opened the USB thing, there's a few wallpapers and 2 clips (Becoming Bella, and Becoming Edward) on it, I've watched the Edward one, I'll eventually get to the Bella one, I honestly don't care much about her. Did anyone get the one from Sanity? I'm curious what was on their 3rd disc.

Also thanks to everyone who congratulated me for graduating, and wished me luck for my presentation today, which went well, were going to tackle one site at a time, so we've decided on one of the layouts for now. Work has me busy, and I'm working late tomorrow because the big bosses at SPC are coming down for a tour, so everyone has to be their best.

I need to catch up on my TV shows!! I've only been able to fit in 1 or 2 a night before I have to head of to bed.
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I got a Twitter the other day, and just about given up on it (I don't really have any celebrities to follow) till I found out Tom Felton also recently got one, and proceeded to post these (one an update, another his profile photo).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
(grr LJ photos aren't working)

I really hope BigW have another one of their $50 iTunes credit for $30 soon. I'm low on credit, and 30 cents short of buying the Australia Soundtrack EP (though part of me want to wait for the full soundtrack if it ever happens).

Why must there be 50 versions on the Twilight DVD? And the one version I want I can't get because it's region 1 and there's no why to work around the regions on Bluray. According to Amazon Generation Kill and True Blood aren't region locked, which I hope it's true because I have no idea if they'll be available in Australia, let alone bluray. Wow I really need a job so I can actually afford all these DVDs! I still haven't brought Southern Vampire Series books.
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  • I finally watched Australia. I have no idea what people were going on about because I liked the film. Yes it was kind of long, but that the only thing I didn't like. Unless you count how evil they made David Wenham's character, because I usually love him. Brandon Walters did such a fantastic job as Nullah, so very talented. I went to search for the soundtrack, but there isn't one! Apparently the film was just finished on time so they had no time to work on the soundtrack, but it's been awhile now and still nothing. They released a EP on iTunes, but it doesn't have any of the score or Brandon's singing. David Hirschfelder, who did the score did put up 5 tracks on his website, however once again no singing, just music.

  • There's been a lot of pretty birds in our backyard lately (usually in the morning, and late afternoon). We usually only get the common ones, but I think they've found our fruit trees maybe due to the bush fires or the recent heat. I took a bunch of photos.

  • I wish I was here for this.

  • Sarah Connor was once again very "meh" this week. Loved Battlestar (hate Boomer and Chief!). Dollhouse was great, the story is starting to move along now, and an ongoing plot is starting to form, we even got a little more humour this week (alas still no on the Firefly level, but then again Dollhouse has a more dark serious nature).

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I was bored and watching Big Stan before, and kept thinking the person who played Robbie looked familiar, and looked cute with his hair short at the end. Had I been paying attention to the movie more I would have probably realised it was Jackson Rathbone before the credits started rolling.

My heart goes out to all those effected by the bush fires in Victoria. I luckily live in an area which consists of mainly houses, and no bush land, so the fires didn't get close to me. The closest I got was the Narre Warren fire (which I could see the smoke coming off the flames from my house). There's been all these sad stories on the news, like a father who left his family at home to help fight a fire at a friend's to only later learn his family died, and a woman having no choice but to leave her husband behind before he couldn't walk and was too heavy for her to carry. My parents donated $200 to the Red Cross tonight, and this afternoon I was lisening to Hamish and Andy taking in calls for donations (and taking off an item of clothing for every $60,000 raised), people where donating so much (some donated $10,000). However of course there's the selfish people out there who loot the houses of the victims.

Mirboo North volunteer CFA firefighter David Tree gives water to a distressed koala in burnt-out country in Mirboo North, Gippsland, in Victoria's east. Picture: Russell Vickery/Herald Sun.
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OK I just read this via Perez. I hope it's true and he gets the part because Ben Barnes is hot y'all!!
27-year-old Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes is also campaigning for a role. He's said to be actiively trying to get the role of Aro, "a mind-reading vampire whose "New Moon" encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together." And, coincidentally enough, Barnes has the same manager as Copon and Twilight star Cam Gigandet.

Also YAY Alexander Skarsgård is going to be in a new movie. And because I can, a photo also.
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So I finally got to see the Twilight movie this morning with my friends, it was raining too which is kind of fitting. Overall I liked the movie, though had I only seen the first half I would have hated it, the first half was also the half my friend and I laughed at (I swear their were others in the cinema too). Thoughts )

I strangely want to watch the movie again after typing this. Though I don't think I'd pay to see it again, I'd just want to watch all the bits I liked.
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Thanks to everyone who wished I'd get better. I feel a little better today, though I couldn't sleep last night and ended up getting up at 2:30AM to puke and take some panadol for my head ache. Then I wake up this morning to the dreaded email of doooooom.


Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 12 days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

Twilight came out here today, I might be seeing it after dinner tomorrow with friends, otherwise it'll be some other time.

Is everything going on hiatus soon because of Christmas? A lot of shows weren't out this week and I assume it's because of the holidays.
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I am ridiculously bored right now. I think I might even go to bed, this has to be a first for me. Bleh I have a sore throat too.

There's a billion things I could be doing, like capping all the Supernatural episodes, but I've been avoiding them because the player I use to use crashes all the time in Vista and the program I use now (Windows Media Centre) doesn't have a screen cap button, and when I play the clips in VLC (so I'm able to make caps) it does this annoying skippy/laggy thing, and it isn't much fun to watch the episode like that, since there's also no sound.

Twilight comes out in a few days (2 to be exact)... I should probably convince someone to see it with me soon.
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Been a busy couple of days. Hung out with [ profile] gingertheory on Saturday at Chapel street, and also got some new sun glasses. My brother also got his watch and my Dad got a Sony HD camera, all Duty Free.

I'm really tempted to get some Twilight movie merchandise. I'm eyeing Rosalie's Pendant Necklace, Alice's Choker, and the Lion and Lamb keyring but I have no idea if they sell it down here.

Also I realised how close Christmas is and my trip to Singapore and Malaysia and all the things I need to do before then. I still need to write all those Christmas cards.

I miss True Blood, and Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood.
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I just saw an ad for Twilight during the Britney Spears thing, and another during Eli Stone, I'll admit I got a tiny bit excited.

Only a few more photos of Alexander Skarsgård from the prive event. Lets hope there will be more and better soon.

This review of the Generation Kill DVD makes me want it even more.
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Alexander Skarsgård did another interview, this time he answered some fans from Uinterview. It's kind of odd he's been doing interviews now the season is almost over though. I don't think global warming is the cause of the polar ice caps melting, Alex's smile is. His hair looks longer which I hope means he's growing it out for Eric.

Alex (on the nudity on True Blood) "I'm Scandinavian god dammit. We love to be naked." ... "Nudity is great." (I swear his starts to blush)
Alex (on why his favourite scene to shoot was the tribunal): "Cos it felt like I was in a Michael Jackson video or something. That was fun."

So it's official, there's going to be a New Moon movie. Can't say I didn't see it coming, also can't say I didn't see winner ) winning Australian Idol either. I realised I didn't even know some of the top 12's names', how sad. Lets hope next year is much better. On the topic of next year Network 10 aired a promo for a bunch of shows for next year, new Rove, Rush, House, etc, but there's going to be Merlin, and Life on Mars (US Version). There was also an add for True Blood in today's paper, for the show airing on Foxtel (pay TV), which I don't have.

Also I don't hate Britney's new album.
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Once again not enough Eric in this week's True Blood. At least we got hot Eric taking off his jacket and being the alpha male again (and his wig looks much better, though I've noticed that it looks nicer when he's working at Fangtasia, so maybe it's on purpose). Read more... ) How have I not realised how tall Hoyt is? I only realised when he was walking side by side with Rene and Jason. Also how lovable is Terry? I couldn't help but let out a "Aww" when he said "I can't listen to politicians no more I get a seizure", "Can we put it on my home decore program now please?", and "Look at that Lafayette. Theme shelves!" (and Lafayette's reply of "Aww. That's pretty baby").

Also anyone seen next week's preview? I almost died when Eric spoiler )

Not sure if I liked this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. I feel like we got no where in the story and I don't like the story they've got going with Derek. I liked Chuck much better, but I kind of saw the end coming half way through, then when they started that final scene I just knew. Gossip Girl's Thank Giving talk just made me hungry, but I love that Dorota has Britney Spears' I'm a Slave for You as her ringtone. I have yet to watch Prison Break or Heroes (due to lack of caring, they should have killed Adam).

My brother woke me up at 6:30AM this morning (he called from work) to tell me there was something about Twilight on the radio on Nova (I kinda said I didn't care, because I was sleepy but I listened anyway). Kate was squeeing over the books, and how big the movie was, and Hughesy said he was talking to his friend who is a reviewer and asked what good movies are going to be out and his friend said Twilight. They have a comp going to see an advance screening for the 8th, but if I really wanted to I probably would have tried to get the tickets to the Melbourne Central, or Chadstone showings. Anyway they had a interview with RPattz, the full version is on the site but I'm capped (since the 10th, and not uncapped till the 3rd) so I can't watch (without it taking 10 years to load).
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  • Hi my name blah-di-blah. You like blu-di-bloom? Me too. Lets be friends. ♥ ♥ ♥ Also this week's Supernatural was made of win! I LOL so hard. My brother even came into my room after watching it and said "You've have to watch the credits. You gotta love Jensen Ackles. Hmm why yes I do.

  • Look what came in the mail the on Friday! My Twilight ring and bracelet! So pretty and shiny! Which remind me I never paid my brother back from them... Oh well he just brought a $3000+ Rado watch today (was originally $5000 before duty free, etc), I think he can afford it. My Mum said I could get some new sun glasses too, since it'll be heaps cheaper with Duty Free.

  • There were posters all over Deakin the other day for the Armageddon Expo, and then a TV add which reminded me David Anders was going to be. Alas that is no longer going to happen, once again his appearance has been cancelled. Maybe I'll never meet him in person. Or meet him in person while I still actually care. According to the site:
    It is with much regret that David Anders cannot make the event due to last minute filming commitments (very last minute) due to the late timing of this we have been unable to find a replacement guest.

  • There's also a Twilight one in December with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. I wouldn't mind going to see Kellan, but tickets are quite pricey ($70 for a day ticket, then there's the option of getting autographs ($30), and photos ($40)).

  • Oh YAY New Eric photo!! Two more days till new True Blood!!

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NOOO The email of doom!! Doom I tell you, DOOM!!
Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 12
days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

This cheered me up a little though, new photos of Eric (squee fangs!). It's from episode 7, so at least now we know we'll see him before episode 8. slight spoiler )

The final Twilight trailer came out yesterday but I found myself unexcited. True Blood/The Southern Vampire series has taken over. I think maybe because I find Alexander Skarsgård much more attractive than Robert Pattinson, who looks fine in photo shoots but when he's not...
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True Blood: 01x05 )

Heroes 03x04 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I heard the show is likely going to get cancelled if it already hasn't, I like this episode, but it was as great as past episodes.

While I was watching Wipeout (just about the only thing I watch on Network 9) I saw an add for 20 to 1: Best Movie Moments and there was a quick flash of the scene in Zoolander where Alexander Skarsgard is with the other ball models drinking their Orange Mocha Frappuccinos in the back of the Jeep. Naturally I had to watch, it got #7 for the gas fight scene.

YAY New outtakes of Gaspard from the Blast photo shoot.

+3 )

New Twilight poster, I think they look kinda weird, the soundtrack playlist is up also. I love Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.
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  • NOOOO!!! I'm capped!!! I've watched what I managed to download of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before I got capped. How is it possible that the season opener was even more awesome than the final?, but aljfigjiojhioahoihjoiahj the bit I got up to was when spoiler ) GAH HURRY UP REST OF DOWNLOAD!!

  • Also YAY outtakes of Draco from the Entertainment Weekly magazine photos.

    +2 )

  • I NEED this magazine. Why can't I be in France?

    + 4 )

  • Also I want this one too. The Twilight cast did a photo shoot for In Style, it's meant to be for the October issue.

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YAY RPattz and Kristen at the MTV VMA's

Err too many to count... (will update as I go) )
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Bleh I'm been a bit sick since yesterday. I've got a bit of a sore throat but it's left me in a sluggish mood. Twilight stuff in the mail cheered me up though. I got the Comic Con stuff (the poster and cards) from [ profile] blowqueen a few weeks ago, but I got the calendar from [ profile] apostrophethis yesterday. Of course I couldn't help but make HQ scans of all the pages, so much pretty.

Mini Pic Spam of the Calendar (HQ Scans) )

I noticed that both Alice and Rosalie have the Cullen "family crest" around their necks, then Edward and Emmett have it as wrist bands/cuffs, and then we know Carlisle has it as a ring. Does anyone know how Jasper and Esme has theirs?

ETA: YAY Matthew Mitcham won gold with a crazy good dive at the end. I love how giddy he looks after a good jump. The Opals are now playing against USA, GO OPALS!!


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