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Guess who got to drive all alone today? Me! It's was only down to Fountain Gate through, but it's better than nothing. Hopefully it'll only take a little more convincing till I can drive to Deakin on my own. It wasn't scary or hard so much because when I drive my parents don't make decisions for me or anything, they just usually sit there talking to each other, though they point things out here and there. It's was strange because I've always have had someone next to me talking, I put some music on so it was so quite.

There was a reason I went though, I wanted to do a little job hunting and handed some resumes (which I realised later on I should have added a heap of additional information) in. Most places unfortunately where full or had just hired people, I probably should have mentioned I don't mind if it's around Christmas time. Most of the major places like Coles, Target, Kmart etc, all said that you have to apply online now. I avoided all food places, but if I'm desperate, I'll try them.

ETA: WOOT!! Things just even better!! I just realised the marks are already out for my SIT261 assignment 1, and I got a HD (80%+), and there where only another 2 people who got HDs. Most people seemed to get C (60% - 69%) and seemed not to do that great on it, any who I'm really happy with my mark, glad my HTML skills came in handy, lol. We basically had to create a interface (either HTML or flash) that linked a bunch of files provided, and at the same time organise the files better and fix anything here and there and make sure their the correct format. I've done similar for previous assignments which we've have had to hand in in CD format so it helped, but this one had 850+ files all over the place. Little worried about the next assignment though (due Wednesday) because we have to create a DVD which I haven't done before (I've always have burnt data, rather than a watchable one).
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I know I said I'll take photos of on the weekend of my new car but I didn't have time yesterday and I was going to do it today till I realised my Dad took the camera with him when he went out. I could use my phone but I'm ever going to be bothered to take them once so I want to use the SLQ camera because the quality is heaps better. I don't have classes Tuesday so fingers crossed I can do it then.

I did go driving in it yesterday though, longer than the other day. I drove to Deakin then my cousin's, then of course back home, parents where with me of course, still not allowed to drive it by myself yet.

I need to get off my butt and make myself some new icons, I haven't made a new icons in weeks, maybe even months.

ETA: My Dad didn't take it with him, my Mum put it away which I didn't think anyone would because the photos hadn't been loaded up on the computer. Also made a few icons.
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YAY I finally have my licence now. I should have done my test at Dandenong from the start, I found it easier and because I've lived in the area for so long I knew all the roads, unlike Frankston where I came across roads I'd never seen in my life. Oh I did it in the rain too, it starting to rain really heavily near the start, and I could hardly see, that's how bad it was, my Dad said there was a bit of ice too (he works in Dandenong and it was around his lunch break). I got 90%+, and made only 2 mistakes )

Now I just need a car. Also thanks to my flist for helping me feel better after the other times and made me more confident.
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Had another freak out when driving today with my brother. We where on our way home and there when a Vic Roads car (they have pretty purple flashing lights, which is how you can tell it's them) was on the wrong side of the road and pull up in front of me. My first thought was "OMG OMG Did I do something wrong back there?" the they suck their hand out of the window and indicated me to go into this slip lane, but then I saw this massive truck pull out carry some massive pump of some sort, and another three trucks around it, along with a second Vic Roads car. What a relief! It just needed the 6 lanes to pull out of the road. Oh we had another in Dandenong when where drove int his street with pretty blue lights, then my brother was like "OMG OMG Druggies!! JUST GO STRAIGHT!! Before they hurl bottles at the car!".

I need to post Monday's Supernatural caps, they've been sitting there uploaded and ready for the past few days but I keep forgetting to post them.

Also I want to wish a big happy birthday to [ profile] alias_jems!!

I really need new icons but I haven't been in a icon making mood lately, ironically when I'm on holidays and have heaps of time on my hands.
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My brother has decided to take me driving ever night around Dandenong when he gets home from work, since failing my driving test twice. I actually don't mind driving with him, I prefer it to my Dad, he explains things to me, and is less boring because well get along well, mostly. I drove in his car too, which I prefer to my mum's, the steering is a little too heavy though, but it's better than being to light and over steering all the time.

He freaked me out though. When I was approaching the traffic lights near my house the lights went green, but there was no one there, and I looked to my brother and said "dude there's no one there", and he says "yeah it does that sometimes, it weird, I personally think it's a ghost". I am positive someone's died there because I remember there was an accident a few years ago, and there where flowers tied to the post. Then he said "Sometimes when I play rock music like Linkin Park it'll go green for be before I get there, but the other day I was playing a sad song (9 Crimes by Damien Rice) it made me wait 2 rounds of lights" which didn't help at all. I think I might just get a little scared when I go there at night now, specially since it was 12:15AM when my brother told me this (he gets home from work at 11PM).

Anyway off to bed now, just finished watching the old Transformers Movie, the animation was much better than the TV series, though I'm now sure when the movie was made.
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I just should give up on getting my licence Read more... )

It's these stupid things that keep getting me, my brain just goes out the window when I'm nervous and by making me go somewhere I've never been it really put me off. I've re-booked for Dandenong now, probably where I should have booked in the first place because it is my area and I've been there a lot. Maybe 3's are bad luck for me, June 13th, July, 3rd, and god forbid my next is August 13th. Oh I didn't bawl my eyes out this time, though when I got back some other girl was crying, from what my instructor gathered she didn't completely stop at a stop sign when she thought she had.

I've always been better at theory (unless their to do with multimedia type things) than practical things, ie I got 100% for the learner permit test, and get good grades, yet I do bad on my driving test.
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My god I just went on the scariest drive with my family ever. My parents wanted to see the round about I failed at and because my brother is a lazy bum who didn't want to get up early tomorrow morning he used the, "she need experience at night", "driving at night is just like driving in the rain because you can't see the road", and also "there's less people at night". I've driving at night before and it's fine, but I've never driving at night in country (ok it was completely country) areas with no street lights and with speeds of 100, so I was going really fast, and no really able to see the road in front of me. Then when we where driving around Frankston because none of us really knew the area all too well my brother brought his GPS and was directing me all over the place, so I was driving really bad. I always drive really bad with my family, I think it's my Mum's car that makes me do it though. I've driven so much in my instructors car I'm use to it, with my Mum's you have to really put your foot down to brake and accelerate meaning I always don't brake enough and I drive slow. Oh well I got about 1.5 hours driving.
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I failed. Everything that could have gone wrong did.
- As I pulled out of VicRoads it started to rain.
- The hard route in Frankston I was hoping I wouldn't get, I got. Well I variation of it, he took me in areas my instructor never had before.
- I was hoping for a 3 point turn because I'm good at those, I got a parallel park which I haven't practice much at all. I did ace it though, I got a bit close to the BMW next to me but.

I basically failed because of a roundabout in Frankston where you can only go straight in the right lane, and as I got there I couldn't remember which one it was and because of the rain I couldn't see the arrows, I ended up in the left turning lane and I went straight. I knew I wasn't meant to go straight but then I thought I'd get in trouble for going left. I'm so annoyed with myself now. My instructor said I would have passed if it wasn't for that. Anyway he re-booked it for me and was like "you just need to go in and pay the booking fee" and I thought "oh god no" because crying and non-water proof mascara do not mix and he was like "You want me to do it?", "YES PLEASE!". My instructor is really nice though, he offered to put on a comedy CD he had to cheer me up on the way home.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck though!

Now I'm just going to crawl into a corner and cry and hope Sark and Malfoy come to cheer me up.

ETA: My mum just got home and won't stop yelling at me, yeah like I'm not upset already and failed on purpose. My mum is never supportive and all she seems to be good at is putting me down. I don't really even get acknowledge when I do something write, just the other day I told her I got 19.5/20 on my assignment and 79/80 on another and all I got was "oh good".
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OMG OMG OMG It's my driving test tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone!

ETA What Is Your HP Threesome? )
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My friend and I had a big fright on the way home from Deakin yesterday. We witnessed a truck push the small car in front of it along the road, I think the car tried to get into the right lane since the truck was pushing it forward but in doing do the truck pushed it so it did a 180 and ended up facing traffic in the right lane. Worst park of it all? The truck didn't even stop, just kept going like nothing happened.

My driving lesson and issues with booking for my test (behind cut because it's a little long) )

Another I hate my mouse, I'll click once and it'll double click for me. So annoying while I'm trying to select text because it'll unselect it.

Oh I'll post Supernatural caps after I get out of the shower.
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I totally forgot I have a driving lesson today, thank god I remembered before 1PM when the lesson is. I hope my mum left me some money for it but I have a feeling she might have forgotten too.

I went to dinner with my friends last night, it was nice seeing them again, I think the last time I saw them all was around Christmas. A few of us went to watch 300 afterwards, which I really liked. Mmm pretty half naked men.

Need to start all my holiday homework soon, I need to:
-Catch up on my SIT262 Pracs
- Do my SIT262 Assignment
- Do my SIT201 Assignment
- Do some research for my ACM 238 group project.

Why do they even call them holidays?
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DAMN whoever though of Assignments. I'm currently sitting here working on my assignment due tomorrow, then I need to work on the one due Monday after that, I'm still in holiday mood which is probably why it's taken me so long to make a start, not that I start them very early anyway.

Channel 7 finally increase there broadcasts on their HD channel from 720x405 to 1440x810, which means I can finally get HD caps of all the popular shows that channel 7 hogs up to them self like Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Lost and heaps more. Though Heroes runs on the same time as House so I'll probably won't get to capture any of it unless during the ad breaks of House. Most likely won't capture full episodes, I'm already so behind on the House capture but if people want a certain HD caps if you let me know I'll try and get it for you.
My first channel 7 "proper" HD cap, to bad the channel 7 logo is so ugly:

Had my last driving lesson with my instructor for awhile today, he's got to go overseas to take his step son to see some specialist, I'm going to get a temporary instructor till he gets back so hopefully the new instructor will be good.
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Hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day, better than mine at lease. For me it was just any other day. Oh and I love the LJ banner for it.

Tried to get organised today, didn't go as well as planned. Tried ringing VIC Roads to booked my Hazard Perception Test, all I got was the engaged noised. Tried to get HECS-HELP for my University fees, but the formed wouldn't let me change my citizen status so I called them and they told me I had to bring in my certificate to prove I was a citizen. The I tried to fix the clashes on my timetable to I rang the unit chair who basically said he wouldn't change the time of the class an hour earlier so I'm going to have to contact my course advisor and see what she can do. It's hot and I'm annoyed.
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Busy busy day today. Had a driving lesson at 11AM, then got home and my family went to the Ikea in Richmond, which is also they only one in Victoria. My feet officially hurt, and my family had to rush towards the end because it was almost loading time. My family ended up getting all sorts of stuff, me the most naturally. There was all this stuff that I went "OOO That's nice! I want that!" but then realise there's no room in my room for it. Afterwards we went to my cousins and I drove home from there. Tomorrow their coming over to teach my mum and I how to make sushi, because I love, just don't know how to make it.

And that was my day, how boring, well not really since I brought a bunch of new stuff for my room. My poor dad now has to put it all in for me.
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YAY Look what came in the mail today!

Another Image Behind Cut )
Also went to my cousin's tonight and I drove, first time in my brother's car and on the free way. While we where there we watched a bunch of old home movies, so damn funny. One had my cousin Kenny, mine and then my cousin Susan's birthday on it. My brother sung "Happy Birthday" like 20 times but would sing "happy birthday is ___" instead of "happy birthday to ___", I kept picking out the cake, and on my birthday I blew out the candles before I was meant to and then got all upset and totally ate all the strawberries all to myself. Funnier was on my cousin Susan's birthday when I blew out her candles and my dad was like "What happened to the candles?". There was also me stealing my brother's seat then him totally pushing me off and my cousin hitting me. I can't believe all 8 of us lived in this tiny little unit together, at one point there was 10 people when my grandparent lived there too.

I'm so glad "The Late Show With David Letterman" is on channel 10 now, not only does it air in wide screen but it also airs in HD, both channel 9 never did. So if anyone ever wants some HD caps of a certain guest don't hesitate to ask.
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I'm going to have to make this quick because my computer keeps crashing on me because of the heat, it's done it about 10 times now.

Went for another driving lesson today, I got to reverse parallel park, I did ok. Booked another lesson for the same time next week. Y'all probably sick of hearing about my driving, but I'm keeping tack of the amount of hours I do via LJ.

I feel so stupid, I didn't realise that they aired 2 episodes of Torchwood so I never saw the real final, I just saw what I thought was the final.

Also got [ profile] regen's card today, thank you so much for the gift too, it's up on my wall.
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Had my driving lesson with my new instructor today, he's ok, not as good as the instructor before as he explained everything and didn't assume I knew it like this one. This one will only tell me how to do whatever once he notices I do it wrong while the other would explain before hand so I knew how to do it properly because my dad doesn't teach me proper procedures so I need someone to explain things to me. I'm going again next week, I'm not sure if I should look for another because I could get someone worst. This all would have been fine if the police didn't steal my driving instructor, alas things never work out that perfectly for me.

Why is channel 7 stealing all the good TV shows for their shitty ass network? First Heroes, then Ugly Betty and now also Brothers and Sisters (for Balthazar Getty). All shows I wanted to make some HD screen caps of, however channel 7 is shitty and broadcasts at 720x576 (same size as normal digital) on their HD channel and not 1440x1080 like channel 9 and 10 (well channel 10 recently changed it to 1920x1080 which means I don't have to resize to get the proper resolution). Even ABC who is like the poorest station broadcasts at 1024x576.

I'm hot and it smells like smoke outside from the bush fires.

Random: I love this from the channel 10 "Sun all day, 10 all night" Tony profile thing, it's in reference to his mother dressing him up as a sailor till he was 12. There's a House one too, nothing new, they did use season 3 Cameron saying "That's hot" or something along those lines.

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First of all a big happy birthday to [ profile] imjinnie and a big thank you to [ profile] hifuzion for buying me 2 months of paid LJ time.

I was bored today so I took a bunch of photos of the Alias Rambaldi Box Set (plus a few other random photos), it's so pretty.

Random Photos )

Nothing else really new, went driving with my dad for about an hour the other day and also booked my first driving lesson for Wednesday next week. My dad was also telling me how his workmates where playing with the bulletproof vests (along with whatever else they left in the cars) at work (my dad is a mechanic and works at Holden (GM for Americans I think) and time to time services the Police cars). It made me think of [ profile] redrover1980.

I think I should have found a job for the holidays because I'm always so bored, but around the time I should have been looking and was still in Uni ans stressing about everything, all I wanted to do at that point was sit around and do nothing all holidays.

OMG LOOK IT'S CAPTAIN JACK!! I made a few more, there in my userpics if you want to see. Now I need to make some Heroes, Ugly Betty and Friday Night Lights ones.


Sep. 17th, 2006 11:59 pm
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Almost school holidays, only one more week, though I've got two assignments due Friday, one for Digital Construction, another for WWW and Internet.

Went to the city today with Kate ([ profile] shiny_orgasm), Rikki ([ profile] lookatmoiye7) and two other friends. It was nice seeing them again, it's been awhile since we've seen each other. I also saw the Australian Vogue with Melissa George on the cover that [ profile] lauren_sark mentioned. My friends and I have made plans for the Melbourne Show which should be fun, I love buying show bags, too bad there ain't any Sark or Draco ones.

Also I big happy birthday to [ profile] auchic, [ profile] reetinkerbell and [ profile] lovemeforme!!!

SQUEE!! Pretty Donovan icon!

Also drove home from my cousin's house.
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WOO went driving with my dad just before for a little over an hour this time, got to go on a new road.

Also I'm organising my tags, so I've deleted them all, if you're looking for caps you'll have to go via the memories. I think organising the tags at [ profile] blade_series made me do it.

ETA: why did I delete all the tags, i'm like up to May 2006, dude it's going to take foooooorrrrever.


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