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Went and saw Dragonball with [ profile] lookatmoiye7 and [ profile] shiny_orgasm last night. I didn't mind it, there was quite a lot of LOL due to the bits of the cartoon transferring over to live action, but I liked that the characters remained the same and had traits the cartoon ones did. There needs to be another so I can get some Vegeta and Trunks. [ profile] lookatmoiye7 also got me a "present" which I later learned was a Hannah Montana flying disc, I'm still am confused why. Is it a inside joke I'm not "inside" on?

The Life final was awesome, I really hope this show gets another season. I can't stop listening to 26 - A New Beginning which was used in the episode, they used t.A.T.u. (the Russian bit of Stars) in the episode too, Life has always had fantastic music for the show. I also just watched the most recent Dollhouse, was awesome as usual, I really hope this show gets another season too.

I'm really enjoying the long weekend, but I feel I should use it to do something productive. I think my family are going to Frankston Waterfront to see the sand sculpting on Monday.

YAY the True Blood Paleyfest is soon (Monday in the US, Tuesday for us), I've been craving True Blood/Alex news and photos.
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My birthday went much better this year, some years my family end up fighting or something happens to me that bums me out. Lots of gifts this year too. I got:

There was also delicious cake (which looked nothing like a key, and looked like it said HANNY BIRTHDAY):

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Got home from my friend's 21st, and watched Dollhouse (liked this episode much better than the first), and Battlestar Galactica, then hopped on the computer to find these pretties. Alex at GBK's Oscar Lounge At SLS Hotel (20 Feb 2009), and the IFC Indie Film Celebration (21 Feb 2009).

+ 2 )

+ 8 )

And some very nice photo shoots, and magazine scan.

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WTF MSN! Won't let me sign in unless I download the new version, and because I'm capped that's like impossible. So I thought I'd use my phone's bandwidth, how big can it be? Well 30MB downloaded and still going! Old versions of MSN were never this big! It better finish soon I've only got about 100MB quote left for the rest of the month (then 3 start charging me per kb I use). I hate how you install MSN now, you use to be able to just download the messenger, now you have to download an application, then from the app download the messenger.

Also Mort I fricking love you!! (I watched Madagascar 2 the other night)

My friend's 21st is tonight, there's like a billion (ok maybe not a billion) things I need to do before hand... I should probably do them now.
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Thanks to everyone who wished I'd get better. I feel a little better today, though I couldn't sleep last night and ended up getting up at 2:30AM to puke and take some panadol for my head ache. Then I wake up this morning to the dreaded email of doooooom.


Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 12 days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

Twilight came out here today, I might be seeing it after dinner tomorrow with friends, otherwise it'll be some other time.

Is everything going on hiatus soon because of Christmas? A lot of shows weren't out this week and I assume it's because of the holidays.
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Been a busy couple of days. Hung out with [ profile] gingertheory on Saturday at Chapel street, and also got some new sun glasses. My brother also got his watch and my Dad got a Sony HD camera, all Duty Free.

I'm really tempted to get some Twilight movie merchandise. I'm eyeing Rosalie's Pendant Necklace, Alice's Choker, and the Lion and Lamb keyring but I have no idea if they sell it down here.

Also I realised how close Christmas is and my trip to Singapore and Malaysia and all the things I need to do before then. I still need to write all those Christmas cards.

I miss True Blood, and Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood.
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My feet hurt so much right now from walking around Melbourne all day with [ profile] gingertheory. It's was hot today too!! We tried to avoid going outside as much as possible because of the heat. We're going to go shopping at Chapel Street tomorrow.

Also SQUEE!! First chapter of Dead and Gone (9th book in the Southern Vampire Series) is out!! Thoughts ) It needs to be May 09 NOW!
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So today I went to the Jam Factory with [ profile] lookatmoiye7 because she won tickets to watch Doctor Who, Voyage of the Damned (on the big screen SQUEE, though it's not my favourite episode), I basically got to go because she "had no one else to take" LOL. We all kind of wanted to hurry home and watch the current episode though. I couldn't watch it right after I got home because I didn't have VLC or WinRAR installed and the Network wasn't working properly (after I put Windows Vista on) so I had to use a UBD flash card to transfer files back and forth, till I figured how to get the network to work. Very annoying. But I've watched it now and... UQFIHIUHFUIQHGIOHOQHFOIH!!! Is it next week yet?

Also I've been busy reading "The Host", this book is additive, I don't want to put it down. I like the writing better than Twilight, but of course I still love the Twilight story better. I'll post my thoughts when I'm done reading, I think I'm on about chapter 43.
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OK Those new Gaspard Ulliel photos made me have a bit of an accident in my pants...

Also remember the Advance Animation pitch that I was stressing about? Got my mark back today, 19/20!! I'm so pleased. I had no ideas for a concept until a few days before it was due and even then I hadn't had it all worked out till the night before it was due. But Steve (my tutor) really liked it. I still haven't worked out where he's accent is from, he was born in Australia, but lived in Mexico for years and years, and my friend suggested that the travel has made his accent odd, but another friend thinks it sounds Canadian.

I was meant to book the restaurant for dinner on Saturday with my friends, but I keep forgetting, well I guess there's the KFC next door.
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Well I guess I'm 20 now, I'm no longer in my teens. Yesterday was probably the best birthday that I've had in awhile; usually they suck because I get no presents and my family end up fighting. The day started off normal, when I woke up everyone had gone to work so I was home alone for most of the day. Then at night we went out for dinner and my Dad paid for that and then went home and cake, which according to my Mum was potato, I didn't really taste it but the cake was very pretty never less. My Mum gave me $100 and I was starting to think my brother really didn't get the iPod for me even though they were being shifty Tuesday night because he still hadn't given it to me and where had done the obligatory photos and birthday song. He told me to go take a photo with "Eddie" which is a toy elephant he's had since it was little, it's almost as old as me (I'm surprised it's still in once piece), so anyway I go grab him and underneath is his old iPod Nana with a note saying "here's your iPod" and then something about cake. I get back to the kitchen and my Mum tells him to give it already and he tells me to go where I would make a cake, I'm a bit o_0 at this stage because there's various cupboards, and he basically made me look in each one before I found a wrapped up present in the very back. As I was un-wrapping I said I'd be really disappointed if it's not what I think, it was the 32GB iPod Touch ($627) along with Belkin screen protectors/overlay ($20) and a leather case ($40). He said it was too expensive to buy everything on his own so my Mum went halves with him.

It's so anti-climatic because all I want to do is fiddle with it but for the past hour and a half it's been syncing all my songs (all 4797 of them). I need to delete some songs I don't listen too or I won't have space because my old iPod was 40GB. I'm excited because it had wifi which means I can use the internet from bed again (for those days where you just want to stay in your nice warm bed). I'd been using it via my mobile phone but lately 3Mobile have been a bitch and the internet won't work, yet a street down it does. I'm still bloody paying the $20 a month for the internet because I use it at Deakin but I don't even get close to using all the 500MB (Shaz and I where even watching YouTube clips at an attempt to use up some of it, sure made that boring lecture go by faster). My mobile does have wifi too, but my brother never set it up for me again ever since I took it to get fixed and everything was wiped clean, but he'll do it for the iPod because there's a bunch of internet related things on it.

I got Birthday wishes via text message from most of my friends, two didn't send me anything (I bet you can guess who [ profile] lookatmoiye7), they probably forgot, they know my birthday is around now but probably not exactly when it is. Also a big thank you to [ profile] epic2dream who brought me a virtual birthday gift and [ profile] nineh and [ profile] nikkilicious377 who both made me banners!!

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I'm so confused. We got all my computer parts on Thursday, but for the case which came today. The courier bought it to the warehouse at 5:15PM and we had just passed the place on out way to the Chinese New Year celebrations at Crown, so backtracked and my brother drove like a madman because the place closed at 5:30PM. Luckily there's a really nice guy who works there and stayed open for us. Anyway my brother wants to use my 500MB drive now as my C drive, so I had to move everything to another drive, lucky for me it only had about 100GB of files, so I just managed to find a place for it on my 300GB hard drive. I have another 80GB which is what I started off with, but my brother think's it's best if I get another 500GB drive and move those files over and just keep this older smaller drive for the old computer (my current one). So now, my brother is going to buy the new hard drive tomorrow and I'm left confused as in what exactly I need to back up.

It seems each year the Chinese New Year stuff at Crown Casino gets smaller and smaller, I still like it to most compared to the other ones held else where though. The have the most hilarious MC every year. A family friend works there, and told us he's actually like the spokesman for the pokie machines or something like that, hence him being very chatty. There where people in business suits (my cousin included) who had just walked over after work in the city all over the place too. We also spotted Kate Lambrook with her husband.

I'm going to bed, since it seems I won't be getting the computer all fixed and ready until tomorrow. I told my brother I wanted Vista, but I think he might force XP on me.
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Ok so I'm back, my flight got in at 12AM after it was delayed because of the rain, I'm glad we didn't fly with Jet Star on the way home because of the bad rain. I'm really bummed because somehow I managed to lose one of my Havaianas flip flops, I tend to take them off when I get in the car and I must of when I got in thinking they fallen off in the car when they had really fallen out of the car. Then I get home and go to gather all my things and I can find my big bling stone I brought. I have no idea how I lost that, I had put it into my hand bag then I'm positive I later moved it to another bag, but I can't remember which. I was sure it was a bag with a cup cake cook book, but my Mum emptied that into other bags once we got to the airport and it isn't in the other bags, if it was my pink bag it must have fallen out because it has no zip and my Mum had put it on her side of the plane which no one checked if anything had fallen out. I'm hoping it'll turn up, but I doubt it. ETA: Found it, well my Dad did, I was right I did put it in the bag with the cook book which my Mum emptied out, she stashed it in a bag with shoes because she was worried it'd break.

I hope I haven't missed much when I was gone. If I have let me know!! Oh HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and Happy Birthday to [ profile] meggan_2004.

Oh I came home to a bunch of Christmas cards which was nice. I got ones from the following [ profile] phantasydweller (I was careful when I opened your death trap card, love the snow flake and the card is very cute and funny), [ profile] meggan_2004, [ profile] empty_ambition, [ profile] _odella_ (I love the little charm thing), and [ profile] reetinkerbell. [ profile] blowqueen I also got the Juicy Couture bracelet, thanks again for getting it for me, DAMN Australia prices on US things.

Oh everyone needs to read Chapter 66 - The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei. The title is pretty self explanatory, but we get some got back story of Adam, and a possible new storyline which I really hope they continue with.
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Justin Timberlake was awesome! I liked his lame Magpie story and how he almost pissed himself when it swooped down at him, oh and his attempt at an Australia accent. I brought the pretty Program Guide, which was a tad over priced at $25, nothing compared to the little shorts you could get for the oh so cheap price of $75.

Just finished watching Heroes even though I'm so damn sleepy and now I'm watching episode 6 of Moonlight, and honestly it's not as bad as many people made it out to be. Heroes 02x06 )
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Justin Timberlake here I come. Chloe manage to get tickets which makes LiYan very happy. Now if only LiYan had a car, she would be extra happy and maybe stop talking in third person... again.
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It wasn't Shaz's best day today, first her car was acting stuffy, then she hit a 4WD parking (on the tyre though so there was no damage on both cars), then she almost took out her side mirror trying to park it straight, and finally when we got back to her car at the end of the day someone had put a sign on her car telling her they found her keys and to call him. Lucky for her the guy who found them took them to Deakin Central and told her to get them there.

Bugger I burnt my finger on my new GHD iron, I was silly and not paying attention. BAH and I still want a car. Oh and I was up till 5AM doing an ASSignemnt last night/this morning.
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Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at IMAX, the 3D stuff was very awesome and lucky we decided to start waiting an hour before because once we sat down to line up in about 10 minutes there was heaps of people behind us. There was only a small group of people in front of us in line which meant I was able to get seats dead centre in the very back row.

Spoiler-ish )

I haven't read the book so if someone could tell me about the full prophecy that would be nice, because I read that it's different in the film.

Also on the way as we where walking back to the train station there where cute possums and I totally screamed when there was one right next to me without me realising. It must have been use to people though, it came up to us and sniffed [ profile] lookatmoiye7 hand, probably looking for food.
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I totally forgot I have a driving lesson today, thank god I remembered before 1PM when the lesson is. I hope my mum left me some money for it but I have a feeling she might have forgotten too.

I went to dinner with my friends last night, it was nice seeing them again, I think the last time I saw them all was around Christmas. A few of us went to watch 300 afterwards, which I really liked. Mmm pretty half naked men.

Need to start all my holiday homework soon, I need to:
-Catch up on my SIT262 Pracs
- Do my SIT262 Assignment
- Do my SIT201 Assignment
- Do some research for my ACM 238 group project.

Why do they even call them holidays?
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First of all I hope everyone had a nice Easter! Mine was spent mostly at home, no chocolate this year :(

Channel 10 has been playing some new "I Believe" promos and I keep missing them. I caught the end of one that had some Medium, Numb3rs, and Lisa (House) today, I think she said something about believing in love. I'll try and catch it next time, which reminds me there's still some clips I still haven't posted yet. Sorry about that.

I finally got around to making the booking for Positano for Wednesday, a couple of my friends and I are going to meet up to celebrate [ profile] shiny_orgasm's and mine birthdays, alas 2 weeks late for her and a week for me. Also spent a lot of today doing my Dad's homework for work. He regularly has to do question for his work, Holden, because he's a mechanic there. My Dad never really had much schooling when he was back in Malaysia so even if the booklets contain the answers he struggles with them. Not that I did much better since their all car related, but there where questions on the Astra Twin Top (too bad I don't have an extra $50,000AUD to spare) which I wouldn't mind having, though after reading about the mechanics of the car sound troublesome to fix. There was a reason I did it though, so it wasn't out of the goodness of my heart, there was money involved which I needed to buy some new eye-liner. I heard the MAC: Fluidline was good and last ages, only problem is that you need a brush to apply it, and I don't have any fine enough for eye-liner and the MAC brush is $37 on top of the $32 for the eye-liner. *Sigh* why does good make-up have to be some damn expensive?
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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been busy with Chinese New Year related events. Friday was Claudia's birthday dinner, Saturday I went to the city, Sunday was Chinese New Year (got $100 from my parents, and a further $40 from family and friends) and was at my cousins for most of the night. Today I had to go down to VicRoads and book my Hazard Perception test, which I'm really nervous about now. I still need to fix my Uni clashes, and timetable. God my life is getting hectic and I haven't even started Uni again yet.

I'll try and get tonight's Supernatural caps up sometime tomorrow night, I've capped but have yet to sort them, I still haven't capped last week's House, I don't think much people are taking compared to Supernatural judging from the comments, so I'll try and get there Supernatural ones up first.

Anyway wish me luck for my hazard perception text everyone! I'm so nervous because friend have told me in the past it's kind of confusing and stupid.
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I've been so busy past few days trying to get all my Christmas things ready, and now I'm covered in glitter from writing Christmas cards for my friend so I can give them to them tomorrow. I still haven't pack all my sleep over stuff and I think I'm going to be out most of the day. On the subject of Christmas I got your card today [ profile] toughlovebaby! The mice are so cute and SQUEE DAVID!! I also sent your card today [ profile] illuxtris, maybe if I'm really lucky you'll get it just before Christmas.

It's hot again and my hand hurts, it's like a wrote an essay on my Christmas cards. I haven't written this much in awhile.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] browncoatjack, I hope it's actually your birthday this time.


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