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HAPPY ERIC DAY EVERYONE!! I really hope the True Blood torrent doesn't take forever to come out like it did last week, last week there was no Eric so I was fine but this week there is and I will die waiting. Also I made a poll over at [ profile] trueblood_tv yesterday about what people ship, there were surprising results. I expected Eric/Sookie to win with those who read the books, and Bill/Sookie to those who have only seen the show, which is exactly what happened. However I was surprised with the amount of people who still liked Bill after reading the books, though I guess I didn't ask how many book they had read, I know a lot of Bill/Sookie shippers who refuse to read past book 2 (and remain in denial). I was also surprised (and pleased) to learn that there were a few Eric/Sookie shippers who have only seen the show since Eric has had so little screen time.

Also because procrastination FTW! I updated David Anders Online. There's some stuff I still need at add (ie. HD captures from last season of Heroes) but their old news so I'm not in a hurry.
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Why thank you for reminding me LJ, because like I didn't already know, and it wasn't depressing enough. Let hope the Australian dollar goes up real soon because right now... lets just say it ain't the $0.96AUD per $1US is was back in July, but hey it's no longer $0.64.
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I have the urge to update David Anders Online, but guess who has homework and really shouldn't right now? Yep me. This always happens, I feel like updated or making some graphics when I have no time too. I think it's just another form of my procrastination to do anything but my assignments.

Only 3 more days till Eric!! True Blood has never felt so far away, I've been waiting three frickin' weeks for some more Eric. That promo better not lie!

Also I was watching Friday Night Lights and you know what I realised? The guy who plays J.D. McCoy (Matt's rival) is Jeremy Sumpter, you know the kid who played Peter Pan (I may or may have not found him cute back then). Boy has he grown, looks and heigh wise, according to IMDB he's 6' 2" (1.88 m). Not surprised because one of the facts on IMDB is that he grew 8 inches while filming Peter Pan and they had to keep enlarging the window so he wouldn't hit his head when he flew in the window. He's making my Saracen look small!

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I added 1 new photo of David Anders to the site. It's of David during his free time from filming The Reef. I'm pretty sure that's his girlfriend Megan with him, wearing his sun glasses.

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I've added a few more photos of David Anders filming the Reef into the gallery, click the thumbnail below to get to the album.

I'm excited about the new Narnia movie, I also found out they got Regina Spektor to sing a song for the soundtrack. ETA: I'm really loving the soundtrack. Also such a pretty cast!!

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I've uploaded the first episode, named "Japanese Idol", of season 2's Heroes Unmasked in the media section. In addition to that I've also added screen captures in the gallery. The episode's main focus is on Takezo Kensei, so there's plenty of David.

For those who who not know Heroes Unmasked is a behind the scenes feature created by BBC Two that airs after episodes of Heroes in the UK. Each episode focuses on the episode that airs before it.

As you can see the Media section is very empty, I'm going to try my best to get clips up, but I'm very busy with University, I have lots of assignments in the next few weeks. I will however do my best to get all the new things that come up, the older stuff will just take longer.

Thanks to [ profile] sarky_77 for the heads up.

So much for thinking I was getting better, I think I've gotten more sick, I'm coughing now too, and wake up in the middle of the night. But Moonlight made me feel better, that show is the best cheese!!! I know it's cheesy, but I can't help but love it still, I'm so glad it's back. Oh and I'm glad Sarah Connor Chronicles is getting a second season, I'm excited about Doll House too.
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  • I finished watching all of season 1 and 2 of Dexter, can't wait till season 3.

  • Also added a few episode still I found of David Anders from CSI and Grey's Anatomy, head over to the site to see them or click the thumbnails below. I'm still working on getting the writing larger in the main section, so bare with me.

  • Oh and here are the rest of the photos of the Heroes case from the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot.

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I've decided to semi-launch (I'm only going to post about it in my LJ for the time being) the new revamped version of (now before it's able to be moved to the new domain. Without further or do I bring you David Anders Online!!

Click to get to the site.

I added some new photos on their, here's a preview! Also love to hear your thoughts on the site!!

I have some others from the other cast from the photo shoot, let me know if your interested.
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  • You'll be quite happy to know that I worked on the David Anders website today, it's almost done. There's still some content like some screen captures, and clips that have yet to be added but I plan on adding those slowly. Hopefully the site will be ready for David's birthday in 10 minutes, I'm going to go by US time because it gives me more time, LOL. Hopefully [ profile] dkissam will be able to move the new site to the domain for me.

  • My parents had people over for dinner last night, we had hot pot (also known as steamboat) so there was this massive spread of stuff. There was so much left we had a few over again tonight to help us eat it all. Awesome bit is one of them has a brother who works at a Sushi place and he had brought a heap over and she gave it to us. I love sushi and the only thing better than sushi is a big plate of free sushi. It was all ones I like too (Californian, Tuna and Chicken).

  • Jason Gilkison's routines seems to get the Cadbury breathtaking moment every week on So You Think You Can Dance: Australia. I like last night performances so much more than last weeks, I held my breath as Henry, who looks so much better (and younger) with his hair short, did the drop where Vanessa's face almost hits the floor. Tonights Results )

  • Important note about my screen captures. I've decided that I'm very likely not going to continue with House screen captures when the show comes back. I'll finish posting the rest of season 3, and the last episode before the strike (I just need to upload and post it). Reasons ) Supernatural fans don't have to worry, I still enjoy this show and will continue to capture it. I'll even have the next episode hopefully up tomorrow, I need to sort the captures from tonight then I'll upload them at Uni tomorrow because it's much faster there (why can't my home connection upload at 300kb/s?).
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I didn't realise they where making another X-men movie, I'm kind of excited. Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) and Will.I.Am (as John Wraith) have been cast for roles, but Taylor Kitsch (from Friday Night Lights), who some of you might remember me talking about him not long ago has been cast as Gambit, which I think it just prefect! source

Also I heard The Vintner's Luck started filming, I read that it's filming in New Zealand which is kind of close to Australia. I'm excited to see Gaspard as an angel (his character is named Xas), and plus it's an English speaking movie so it's nice to see another movie with Gaspard without having to read subtitles. Because I realised when I was watching Jacquou the other night, I have real trouble reading the subtitles when Gaspard's on screen, I stare at him then realised I have no idea what he just said because I wasn't paying attention to the subs.

It's just hit me that my holidays are almost over (I have less than 2 weeks left), I feel so unaccomplished. I didn't finished the David Anders' site, didn't catch up on season 3 House screen captures, or those ones of Jensen on Smallville from like 3 years ago. I didn't even make a new LJ layout, or a wallpaper I'd been wanting to make, I did start though, but I just wasn't happy with it, if I can't fix it to the point I'm happy with it, it'll probably never see the light of day. I did sort all of Monday's Supernatural and last week and this week's House screen captures, and also worked on my Gaspard mood theme a bit, which make me feel a tiny bit better.

The captures are taking forever to upload, in the past I've used my phones internet connect because it uploads 5-6 times faster than my normal connection but for some reason it hasn't been working for the past week or two. It's really annoying because it seems to work everywhere but my house, my brother was at his friend Elvis' place, who lives 3 houses down from us and it worked there. My brother called 3 and they called back today and said their looking into it. I have 200MB left which I can't use, and it resets on the 24th, it's really annoying because I love being to download at 200-300kbs compared to the usual 52kbs.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] yesterday4!
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BAH So hot today, 41° (105.8°), my family braved the heat and went out shopping. I've been eyeing a pretty pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and a friend of the family can get it for me for $440 ($400 if it's Duty Free, my family want to go to Malaysia at the end of the year but we're not sure if we'll have the money), which is awesome since the glasses are actually $595. My Dad said if I pay $200 he'll pay the rest, so I'm likely going to do that (if I stop being so damn cheap). I actually tried to get the money out from my brother, but he spent $400 (or was it $700, I can't remember) on some hard drive thing, then also brought new Oakley glasses frames which where like $200, and last night he decided to pay off his student fees, all $17, 000, so he kind of refused. My current Oakley sunglasses are fine, but I want a pair of "fashion" sunglasses, rather than sporty. Then came home to a house that felt like and oven. No wonder why my candles melted when I went to Queensland.

I'm feeling productive so I'm working on the David Anders site. I've still got to organised all the clips and code the pages, as well as cap episodes of Alias, Grey's Anatomy, and Heroes. Hopefully this productive mood will continue and I can finally launch the site.

ETA: I though there where Supernatural episode I hadn't seen, but I was wrong, the only one that channel 10 hadn't aired was 03x08 which I downloaded because I was in a Christmas mood.
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I'm kind of excited about Channel 10 HD launching Sunday, though I wish they launched it with something better than Black Hawk Down which they've aired heaps of times already. I did notice they where playing around with the watermarking during Oprah today. Pictures )

Also I'm not sure if everyone saw, but [ profile] sarky_77 found a cute funny clip that David Anders made with his friend to help promote the said friend's CD. Who wouldn't want to see Anders with suspenders and yelling "I'M YOUR HOME NOW!!" to a cat, lol. I need to find me some HD Heroes caps and make me some Adam icons, who knows when I'll be able to make my own because channel 7 are idiots who couldn't even air the last 2 episodes of the season.

Another )

On another Anders note, I'm slowly getting there with the Anders site, I'm hopeless aren't I?, I have so much Anders content (a lot might not even make it on the site), I've collated and organised most of my pictures. Still missing Alias screen captures though (except for season 2), I'll probably get to them slowly after the site goes up along with clips. I'm not sure if I'll do clips of all the Alias episodes though, it time consuming ripping the episode to the computer, than converting them into a editable format and using the converted video and editing it, plus then I need to upload it on my slow internet connection. I have most of David's stuff in clip form already, so I'll probably put what I have now. The layout of the site is actually done, I just need to add content to some of the pages, as well as set up the databases for wordpress and coppermine, but I need [ profile] dkissam for that, and she's been M.I.A.


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