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Stupid stock market crash that happened the other totally killed the Australian dollar, usually I wouldn't care, but I do this time because I need to renew my reseller tomorrow and it means I got to pay more. Lately it's been sitting on about 83-86 cents per US $, but now it's like 78-79 cents per US $. Stupid exchange rates. I was planning to upgrade my reseller plan too, to one with more space, but now I think I might just stay on the same plan with how the exchange rate is going. I have enough space on this plan already, so maybe I should just stick with the one I have already and not upgrade, since I'm not even sure if I will even use the extra space, and only upgrade if the need arise. Opinions of what I should do?

Also Happy Birthday to [ profile] winifred_ish!!
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Grrr My domain name ran out yesterday and I paid to get it renewed but it's still not working yet so everything hosted on my site is dead, unless I change "" with the IP address.
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Hello flist. I'm basically making this post to try and find some hostees for my reseller. I do this every year where I try and find enough people who want web hosting because a reseller is to expensive to afford on my own. Right now I'm just trying to find people who want hosting, once I find enough people I can then go forward and re-new my reseller and set everyone's accounts up. I'm a bit desperate because if I don't find enough people I'll just have to buy normal shared hosting which will mean I'll have to move all my files, and there's about 2.5GB worth because of all the screen captures and clips I host. I've listed some plans below (they may change, but I'm really hoping they won't have too), let me know if your interested.
Plans )
Don't hesitate to ask me any questions, either post them here or email me at liyan.yam[@] or bluebear_74[@]
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First of all happy birthday to both [ profile] jessica0042 and [ profile] queenspanky!!

I finally got it done! Took me forever my site rendezv0us.ORG is finally off hiatus, has a new layout and was updated!! Please take a look and let me know what you think. Most of the stuff you might have seen on LJ but there's some new icons and stuff that I haven't had a chance to post on LJ yet that are in the gallery/art portfolio.

I'm procrastinating yet again. I really need to start on my assignments. The one due Wednesday I'm not completely sure I can do it right, we had a prac on it but they didn't release solutions or mark the work so I have no idea if what I did in class was even right. The assignment due Thursday is on the shittiest topic ever and I have no idea how I'm going to get 1500-2500 words. Doesn't help that the second half of semester 1 starts again tomorrow, I didn't even get around to capping all the House episodes (you all probably hate me for saying I'll do them for ages now but still haven't, and probably won't till I get these 2 assignments out of the way). My Week ) I know I could have started any of those days but when I have something to do that day I always use it as an excuse.
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OK fess up, who stole my muse? Because I want it back. I've been sitting at my computer for hours trying to come up with a new layout for rendezv0us and I've come up with nothing. My muse has horrible timing, it comes when I have no time to use it, and goes when I have all the time in the world.

My reseller's bandwidth got upgraded from 100GB to 1000GB, I don't know what to do with it all.

One week it's snowing the next it's bloody fraking hot.
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FRACK FRACKITY FRACK! I spent all this time on this animated icon of Sark from "01x14 The Coup" then I saved it and lost the icon and thought it deleted some how, so I spend a bunch of time remaking it and as I'm about to save it I fricking find the original. However isn't the end result pretty?

The Veronicas where pretty good tonight, I'm not such I big fan of "Revolution" but it sounds good live. I might make some caps and clips if people are interested. Couldn't help but laugh when Rove informed us when they went into the add break the first thing Max (from Big Brother) asked was "how old are the Veronicas?". O and Jess' new tattoo!

I also like Rove's "What's hot, and what's not".
Hot: House's Hugh Laurie, Not: A huge lorry in your house.

Oh and my site works again YAY!
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So over 24 hours later I get a reply from Netrillium.

The domain name should be renewed shortly. It does take 24 hours or so for order
processing, then it will take 24-48 hours for the domain name to work.

Hopefully my domain will be up and running soon and everything back to normal.

My brother went and got his hair cut and dyed today (for the first time), my cousin is doing a hair dressing course and she needed some people to come in and have their hair done by her so she could get marked on it. He isn't home yet so I'm curious how it looks and if he decided to get a different haircut because for god knows how many years he's always had his hair short and spiky.

Back to Deakin tomorrow, I've got database SO FRACKING BORING! Hopefully no one will watch Alias again so I can pay attention, even if it means I miss the pretty.


Jul. 30th, 2006 11:43 pm
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I think Netrillium really hate me or something; I tried to renew my domain last night however it still doesn't work. I never got the EEP key to renew the domain with so I out anything in the box but it still went through and I put the credit card details in, and got the signup receipt. I'm not sure it doesn't work because I used the wrong EEP or they just haven't processed it. Hope it works soon because everything is not working, my mood theme, my caps, my site EVERYTHING!!

Also a few friends wanted me to upload "The Steph Show" which also had Ryan Carnes from Desperate Housewives in the episode. 22 mins, 53.3M.

Let me know if you downloaded please, and also point people here rather than hotlink.

SQUEE Kimi Raikkonen got poll in the F1, that hasn't happened for yonks!

Also i've already run out of space on the hard drive I save all my HDTV stuff, it's 150GB and now I've moved onto the other one that's also 150GB.
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Appologies to those who can't access my icons and screencaps. You can access both still if you replace '' with ''.

Netrillium is telling me my domain ran out, when it should have because I paid on the 19th of August 2005 not the 24th of July 2005. I originally brought it on the 24th of July 2004, but didn't renew till later because I had no host for it, now I have no domain and a host still. Hopefully I can sort all this out because I don't want my domain running out before my hosting does every year.

Ok they emailed me back and now I'm annoyed, she basically said it doesn't matter when I renew and that it starts from the date it runs out, which is stupid since I don't get the month before I renewed. I assumed that I would have a year from the day I paid, what happens if you renew 6 months later? Does that mean you only get 6month of your domain when you pay for it in a year. I don't know if I want to renew it yet because my reseller runs out next month and I don't know what I'm going to do with my site and I don't want to pay then use it for a month.

NO!! I can't even see the pretty Draco mood theme.

What is up with my life lately, like starting uni wasn't bad enough.
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Got up early to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, quite liked it. Plus there are pretty men that should have had their shirts off more. The only thing that annoyed me was  )

Watched episode 3 of Blade today too, better than the pilot, I like the whole 'ash' drug trade angle.

BAH my reseller runs out next month, hopefully I can find enough money so I can renew it because I like have a separate account to host all my caps and stuff.
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OH MY GOD!! CAN IT BE?? LIYAN HAS UPDATED RENDEZV0US.ORG!!. Please look, my site wants to feel loved. \ \ \

Oh also since I cleaned out my affiliates (site that no longer exsisted or had me linked) if anyone want to affiliate with me, let me know.

*Sigh* Start uni again tomorrow, I don't wanna go *cries*.
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YAY! It's almost the weekend finally. Absolutely freezing cold today, rained for most of the day too. Right now I'm in my nice and warm room with the heat on the air conditioner on and I'm still cold. I've got Software Development tomorrow which is always really boring and almost puts me to bed, then I have a 1 hour lecture on Friday and I'm done for the week. I'll also probably go to Positano's tomorrow to make the booking for the dinner I'm having there with my friends on Saturday.

Can't wait for the holidays, we only get a week off though, stupid uni. Oh I guess it's better than nothing. Worst comes to worst the Supernatural and House caps will be made when I start them, the episode of Supernatural and the 2 of House are just sitting there on my computer waiting to be capped. Apologies for the lateness of getting them out but I've been busy with uni and because I've seen the episodes already I'm haven't been in the mood to re-watch them.

I've been kind of working on a layout for, I have an idea of what I want to do though what I have planned and end up doing always are quite different. I was thinking of working on it some more now but I'm kind of sleepy so I think I might head off to bed, didn't get much sleep last night, went to bed at 2AM and was up at 7:20AM.

I keep hearing the latest episode of House was really good, but I have no idea what was so good about it, maybe I'll just have to wait for the torrent to finish then skipped though it (I try to not watch too much or then I won't ever get around to capping it because I know what happens).

Aww.. look at Draco's angry face!
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Has anyone ever received a "Domain Registry of America" "Domain Name Expiration Notice" letter in the mail? I got three today for 3 domains I registered for my hostees, and first I thought WTF? I have to pay $41 to re-new the domain for a year? Then I realised it was a fracking scam because it was a bit fishy that I only got the letters for 3 of 6 domains I registered. Bloody hell no way in hell am I (or my hostees) paying $41 for a year, $68 for 2 year, or $130 for 5 years for a domain, I'll stick with my current one and save around $30 thank you very much.

I did a search in Google and it doesn't seem to be a new thing either, people seem to have been getting these letters back from 2003. Apparently legal action was also taken yet I still got the letters.

!%#^*@%@^%*%^*&%^*%^ MY BROTHER IS A LAZY PIECE OF $&%*%^#&%(&%!!! I have to get up extra early on the morning now because he's fucking lazy to drive me to the station now he starts work at 2PM. His excuse is he needs to sleep, needs to sleep my arse, if he "needs" sleep he wouldn't fucking go to bed at 5AM.


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