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  • Oh noes. I think my computer is broken. Lately it keeps freezing up and before it took half an hour to reset. I'm going to back everything up later just in case.

  • I also sent out all my cards today, the guy made me fill out seven custom forms because I put stuff between some cards. I hate filling those out because I don't remember what I put in (this time I used a generic "key ring", partially because I didn't remember how to spell the other thing), and I can never be bothered working out how much it cost so I put a random number down. Then the guy went and weighed every single item, and then changed me a international price for a domestic card (about $1 more) but at the point I could be fucked pointing it out to him.

  • Also I kept forgetting to post it, but I received cards from [ profile] scent_of_autumn, [ profile] dangerous_47, [ profile] boromirslover, and [ profile] phantasydweller (I love the snow flake!). Also got a virtual gift from [ profile] sshishh, thank you!!

  • LJ sent my another email telling my paid account runs out on the 22nd, it's quite depressing. Bleh and I still need to pay for my graduation which is like $132. It's going to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, which at least I know where it is.

  • I just realised I never icons the True Blood final!!

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I've finished University!! (assuming I pass all my units) Had my last exam today. Some of the questions were very bogus, we had a question worth 12 marks on how to write research papers. Umm last time I checked the unit was called Advances in Interactive Media. Also went and brought myself a Deakin hoodie, and and mug, over priced but worth it.

I might have to buy this. I'd been hoping they'd release the Southern Vampire Mysteries in some form of box set. I just wish that the first book had the original cover rather than the new True Blood one though. It still works out cheaper than buying each book at $8US though. If I get it I'll probably have to get the hard cover of the last book since it isn't in the set because it hasn't been released in paper back yet. I was going to buy the books at Borders till I saw they only had All Together Dead (book 7) in paper back for $19, and From Dead to Worse (book 8) is hard cover for $56. I really need a job, I still want to buy Generation Kill by Evan Wright, and the DVD. Not to mention some Alexander Skarsgård movies. I might be able to con my brother into getting the Generation Kill stuff because he liked it too (just didn't become obsessed like me), but the Skarsgård stuff will take some work. The only movie that seems to be available here is The Last Drop.

I've seen this week's True Blood, I'm too lazy to make a long post about it, so I'll make it brief. I loved Eric and Pam, we finally got to see Eric's funny side like in the books. The cliffhanger made me laugh, can't wait for next week, looks to be a very interesting episode since it veers from the books completely.
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Stop distracting me Eric Northman, I'm trying to study for my exam tomorrow.

"Tru Blood. It keeps you alive, but it will bore you to death"

Eric's makeup was really bad this week in his office, they seemed to forget to make the rest of his body white too. I volunteer to myself to do that for them in future, just so it's like consistent, it's totally not because I want to put makeup on ASkars' body and those lovely arms.
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Is it Sunday/Monday yet? To tie me over till the next episode of True Blood I rewatched all 7 episodes of Generation Kill. Love this show so much. YAY HBO updated the True Blood website and now there's a profile up for Alex/Eric, along with some new photos. Eric with his fangs!! LOL your all probably sick of me posting about him now. Well too bad it ain't going to stop soon.

Also watched Ugly Betty and Supernatural, both where just OK. I was hoping Supernatural would be as good as last weeks, and Ugly Betty just kind of let me down.

I just realised it's my Uni holidays now, not that it really is holidays because I have so much stuff due when I get back. I've got less than a month of Uni left, how scary, I have no idea what I'm going to do once I graduate. I feel too young (I'm 20), a friend even commented that he couldn't believe we graduate this year because we seem too young (he's 22).
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Only one more week till Breaking Dawn (in Australia). I've got gaps in my timetable on Tuesday which I'll probably read it in, and I have no classes Wednesday. Still unsure where I'll get the book, I think Borders is cheapest (so far), and I want see if I can see what stuff they are doing for the launch (even though I won't be able to make it because of my Uni workshop). Of course all this also depends on if I don't have a meeting earlier that day, because the only time my group seems to be free, is before the workshop.

Did anyone read the "spoiler" for Breaking Dawn? I just knew... )

Also while I was bored I was looking at E.L.F, why does the Australian one have hardly anything the US one has? Plus almost everything is $1 is the US, it's $3.95 here.

Quick happy birthday to [ profile] hotpot8202 and [ profile] adiaaida!!

ETA: How cute is this Dollhouse photo from Comic Con? There's more of other Comic Con guests here (including Twilight).
Comic-Con 2008: 32 star portraits! | Dollhouse-Eliza_l
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So I started Uni again yesterday. I met my group for my Project unit and found out what project we we're assigned. I was hoping for the Marine Animal Website but we got the "SARA Website". We later found out it's a website for a volunteer organization for women in distress, which works out because my whole group are girls (usually very unlikely since there aren't very many girls who do IT, according to the teacher it wasn't on purpose, a few of us had names that could go either way). There was one guy but he switched so he could be with his friends (we had 6 people, his friends had 5), it made more sense because he was in IT security while we are in Multimedia. His friend offered to switch with him so he could be in the group with 5 girls, LOL.

Then today I had my Interactive Images lecture and prac, went ok. Also had my Motion Capture subject too, it's another group unit, so I'm hoping I'll be in the same group as my friend. Deakin is meant to have the biggest and most sophisticated Motion Capture lab in Australia, and it gets rented out to film/animation and games makers. Brett Lee was here not long ago doing some motion capture stuff of his bowling.

Those who are curious about what's happening with my failed unit, my lecturer emailed me back and was no help at all. Luckily I emailed someone in enrolment who said I could get a Concede Pass if I pass all my units this semester. So now I need to make sure I pass all these units and get that Concede Pass.

Also YAY look what came in the mail today!! You can also see the quick wallpaper I whipped up with some UHQ scans I made is the background, if you really look you can see my little Gaspard slide show that runs while my computer is on.

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I was waiting for Entertainment Tonight today for the preview of the Twilight trailer coming out on Thursday and caught the end of Day of our Lives, the bad Italian accent and techno credit music made me LOL so much. Anyway I made a bunch of screen captures as always.


Today's Breaking Dawn quote of the day(not spoilery) also makes me lol. I also finished reading New Moon, I may have skipped large sections of the middle *roll eyes*. Not that I hate it, it just dragged out. DAMN It's almost 2AM but all this Twilight talk makes me want to start re-reading Eclipse tonight/morning.

My Semester 1 results come out tomorrow, really dreading it because of the very likely chance I failed my SIT322 unit. I'm hoping by some miracle I didn't.
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So yesterday was my last exam, it was so-so. My phone alarm went off half way through!! I had turned it off and not realised the alarms still goes off even it's off. I was sitting thinking, "Is someone whispering?" Then I caught on realised it was my alarm, and so does the guy next to me and I quickly shut it off, thank god no examiners where around and heard.

I went and saw "You Don't Mess with the Zohan", very funny. I didn't win anything from the crack the code this time, how sad. Maybe I'm unlucky. Also good some good and bad mail today. My M.A.C brushes came, and I got a letter from the Tax department letting me know I owe them $7000 in student loans. Here's the real kicker, they informed me that it was only last year's, and this years wasn't included, so at this point of time I owe about $10 000-$11 000 in student fees. Someone remind me why I pay so much for torture?

OMG!! They're handing out the Gravy Chip starting this Friday. Must. Have. Information here. My brother said he was going to take Friday off (not just for the chip this was before I read this), I'm going to see if I can get him to go. Have to get there early don't think they will last long.
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Instead of studying for my exam on Monday, today I spent watching my brother finish playing Metal Gear Solid 4. I love how the have little references in the game, like my brother trick using a trick/glitch from the first game to try and beat the boss again but when he did it he couldn't move and the radio comm comes on and they totally call you on it and basically said shame on you for trying to use the trick, you'll have to do it properly! NER NER!

It also has a fantastic soundtrack! I found out Harry Gregson-Williams worked on it (and 2 others in the past). For those who don't know, he does the fantastic Narnia ones. I'm in love with "Love Theme by Jackie Presti" from it, makes me sad because it was used in a sad scene. Oh and I totally have a crush on Johnny and Raiden, it's too bad Snake is old in this one because he was hot, LOL.

Oh I found out my final unit mark for my Advance Animation class, I got a 89/100 (HD). 19/20 for my pitch, 25/30 for my storyboards, animation, script, etc, and 45/50 on my final animation. I'm pretty stoked with the mark.
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  • I had my first exam yesterday. Friend and I left at 6:30AM in case of traffic and all that, plus it was in Box Hill so we needed to find where there was parking and find which room our exam was in the Town Hall, got there at 7:30AM (exam started at 9:15AM), we of course chatted instead of crammed. It was ok, had some things I knew, others I didn't, hopefully I passed (I'm pretty sure I did). My next and last is on Monday, it's the unit I'm worrying about failing, got my results back for assignment 3, was terrible as expected. DAMN I just remembered I still haven't done my STAR (the system we use to pick our timetable). I'll have to do it tomorrow.

  • I'm really liking FireFox 3, it's prettier and I like the "awesome bar" though it takes a little while to get use to. The awesome bar lets you type part of a word in, for example "gaspard" and all the URLs containing the word "gaspard" will turn up not just the URLs that start with it like in the past. It's really handy for when you only remember part of a URL and not all of it, particularly the start.

  • I've been spending way too much on make up lately, my almost $100 Sephora order came Tuesday (thanks to the very awesome [ profile] blowqueen), and I just brought 2 M.A.C brushes (also thanks to the awesome [ profile] blowqueen). I feel a little better though because I managed to not only save $7 but also got another brush in the process by getting it in the US rather than the M.A.C store here. M.A.C brushes are the best!! Though Everyday Minerals have some good ones (I've been lusting after a few but I've told myself no), I need some new brushes of theirs, my old ones where wreaked after I washed them, the shampoo I used dissolved the glue that holds the hairs together so now the all shed like crazy. I use a lot of their products because their cheap and also great quality. I think I need to put myself on a ban (ok with the exception to the M.A.C foundation I've been meaning to buy for weeks, and maybe those cheap eye shadow brushes I need, OMG I have no hope!).

  • Look what I saw on Network 10 last night!! LOVE this show.

  • Ben Barnes was also on Cybershack the other day, they where talking about the Price Caspian game and he was saying how he had do all these grunting noises (and then proceeded to do them). quite cute.
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  • Is it sad that the first thing I did when Doctor Who finished downloading was skip to the end so I can see next week's preview?

  • I'm thiisssss close to giving up on screen captures. Supernatural was on 10HD this week, I put it on time shift, let it run for a little while so when I came back I could watch with skipping adds. All was fine then the program froze up (it seems to always do it when I want to watch something, but it fine when it's a show I could totally get over is I lost it), it started working again, but when I hit the screen capture button an error came up and I got the "This Program is not Responding" message of doom. I only have half the episode now, up till the point in which the girl's mother contacts her through the computer (in Long-Distance Call 03x14). Do people want me to post what I have? Or just forget it, and hope I better luck next week? Also I have one of the new Jensen channel 10 promos (I think there's 1-2 more out there). Do people want me to post these when I manage to record them all? Their already out there judging from icons I've seen.

  • I should really be studying for my exam on Wednesday. I feel so unmotivated.

  • FireFox are trying to break the world record for most downloads in 24 hours. I switched to FireFox from Internet Explorer a few years ago and have never gone back. I love it, plus you can get some awesome plugins for it. Click on the banner below to find out more. Found this via [ profile] dangerous_47.

    Download Day

  • Is it me but since Kevin Rudd, aka the Labour Government took over from John Howard aka The Liberal Government, everyone is complaining about everything? Everyone wants them to fix everything now, but things take time. Also Rove mentioned that someone had a complaint about Kevin Rudd, what was it? That Kevin Rudd was working into the late hours. When was having a dedicated Prime Minister a bad thing?

  • Target are selling FLIRT! cosmetics now, but it's only certain stores, and will my luck once again they aren't selling it at mine. I wish Target would post a list up of what stores do stock them. They have a Feather Dust-Her brush which is like the expensive 187 brush that I wanted to check out. FLIRT! are made by Estee Lauder who own M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, etc. The range it much cheaper in the US, than here, but $15 (for the brush) is still cheaper than M.A.C's $85.

  • Should I be worried how well David Anders does "gay"? Also I like his new girlfriend much more than his last (maybe it was the whole age thing? I personally feel really dirty for liking guys younger than me. LOL by default I could only fall for Draco aka Tom Felton, he's the only one older than me). Their cute together.
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I'm 2 days into my study break, and I'm bored. I know I should study but I just can't. Why is it when I have a load of assignments to do I find 10 billions things to do online but now I actually have time I can't find a single thing?

Their doing a Breaking Dawn Concert Series. In which
"Each event in the series will be an evening of story and song featuring a special musical performance by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. This four-city tour will kick off in New York City on August 1st, the eve of the release of Breaking Dawn. The events, produced by Right Arm Entertainment, will include a Q&A with Meyer, musical performance and Meyer autographing."
Yet something else I miss out on. Will anything interesting ever happen down here? Like it wasn't bad enough we get the book 2 days after, looks like I'm making a trip down to Chadstone on the 4th of August before/after Uni.
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I'm happy and sad at the same time! My last two assignments where due today and I've done and handed them in. I had to hand in a hard copy for one so I went to Deakin on a public holiday (Deakin was open) and on the way back Shaz and I went to The Pancake Parlour for lunch and spent way too much money there ($23 each). I feel bad how much I spent there. On the way I stopped by the M.A.C counter at Chadstone to ask if they sold the Sculpt and Shape Power and was surprise to find they did but the woman said they only had a few left. She found them but I was very sad to learn that all the shades they had left where too dark for me, and what sucked even more was that they wouldn't get more because it was a limited edition. Which means both times I intended to buy something from M.A.C they've been out of what I wanted (with the exception of the microfine refinisher, which by the way is awesome). I though maybe I'll try another M.A.C store. Till I checked the website and 4 of the 6 stores in Victoria are all in the Melbourne CBD, Chadstone and Highpoint (which is further away than the CBD) where the only ones that aren't in the CBD. Maybe I'll convince someone to go with me or take me.

Only two exams now and then holidays.

Also I really love Coldplay's new album!! And happy birthday to [ profile] sarky_77.
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YAY The Twilight movie website is finally up, they have a poster of Edward and Bella which you can download as a wallpaper as well as an awesome clip in which you see them shooting the scene where Edward looks like he wants to murder her in their Science class. There's also 2 new photos there too.

I went to the shops today and brought Rae Morris: Make Up the Ultimate Guide. There's some awesome tricks and info on make up, she raves about the fibre-optic foundation brushes so I was looking at them on MAC and it's $85AUD!! It's still $42US which is still way too expensive for a brush (but not as bad as $85). I have one (well I actually have 2, one I don't use and got when I thought they lost my order and it was re-shipped and I ended up getting both later on and they let me keep them) from Everyday Minerals but it's sparse and would take forever if I used it for foundation, it is awesome for blush though because it picks up only a little blush and you don't end up looking like a clown.

I'm really bored right now, there's like a billion things I could/should do for school but I really don't want to. I hate how school makes me have this constant feeling of dread (like I should be doing this, rather than that, makes me feel guilty for not doing it and doing something I enjoy instead), because after 1 assignment is finished your right onto the next 2 that are due so it never ends.

Oh I totally want to see the new Narnia movie because Caspian is pretty!! [ profile] lookatmoiye7 He's the guy who played Tristan's father when he was younger in Stardust, the one you wished switched with Charlie Cox (but once Charlie Cox got rid of the stupid wig he was hot right?)

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YAY Hot new photos of Gaspard!! I wish they sold the magazine here, alas they don't.

Blast, Spring 2008

My friend was meant to drive us to Deakin yesterday, I messaged her in the morning asking if she was driving and if she needed my parking permit. 30 minutes before class started she message me telling she'd slept in and it best it I just drove myself which was fine, I ended only being 10 minutes late. On the way home we both went to McDonald's I waited for her in the car park and when she got there she told me she got a $66 fine for parking without a permit, $66 could have brought 3 months of parking. It's her second ticket, last time she parked in a non-spot and was fine about $30, which I paid half of. So glad I remember to stick this month's parking permit on the other day, I started walking away then remember and ran back and stuck it on the car.

My brother also called up about 30 stores today trying to pre-order a copy of the limited edition Metal Gear Solid game, I'm not sure if he was successful or not, every where had already filled their quota, one place even called up saying they couldn't any more after already taking his money, another said they could and he went down and said they couldn't any more.

Assignment Woes ) I need me some Gaspard or Anders to cheer me up, or maybe I can watch the Twilight trailer another 20 times, I've even put it on my iPod so I can watch it any where.
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  • I went a bit MIA again, not that anyone cared or noticed. Once again busy with Uni work. Anyway here's my week worth of posts.

  • I'm sure everyone has seen the Twilight movie teaser trailer already. I need to make/find some icons; I saw some animated ones before. I'm getting really excited about the movie, and Robert has really grown on me (plus he looks hot), but I think Gaspard will still be my book Edward. I'm tempted to buy the limited edition Eclipse book when it comes out but I already have the regular one, I can't seem to justify buying the LE one when I already have the other. Also has anyone read The Host yet? I saw it at Borders the other day and wasn't sure if I should get it or not, not that I have time to read it till after exams though.

    click for full size
    More HD caps )

  • I found out I have an exam at Box Hill town hall this semester, apparently because the Toorak campus closed and a increase of on campus students meant that Deakin had to go get an external location for exams. Well at least it's close still.

  • Also went to Sunny Ridge and spent the day in Mornington with my family. Sunny Ridge is awesome so many yummy strawberry related products, I wanted to buy I tub of white chocolate, and cappuccino ice cream hoe with me but it would melt because we weren't heading home yet. I brought a little tub instead, so good!

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OK Those new Gaspard Ulliel photos made me have a bit of an accident in my pants...

Also remember the Advance Animation pitch that I was stressing about? Got my mark back today, 19/20!! I'm so pleased. I had no ideas for a concept until a few days before it was due and even then I hadn't had it all worked out till the night before it was due. But Steve (my tutor) really liked it. I still haven't worked out where he's accent is from, he was born in Australia, but lived in Mexico for years and years, and my friend suggested that the travel has made his accent odd, but another friend thinks it sounds Canadian.

I was meant to book the restaurant for dinner on Saturday with my friends, but I keep forgetting, well I guess there's the KFC next door.
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Great. I thought I only had my SIT301 Module 1 assignment due tomorrow; turns out I have SIT322 Assignment 1 due too. I made sure to write down all my assignment dates down on a calendar after that (it's quite daunting seeing all those circles on the calendar). I'm glad it's only questions (though there's quite a lot), hopefully the answers won't be too hard to find without the textbook, which I was going to buy this week thinking the Assignment was due later in the week not Monday.

I get stressed so easily. And I'm disappointed now I likely won't get time to post my Gaspard Ulliel icons and photos I found.

ETA: Just finished watching Dr Who. THEIR EVIL!!
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It was so windy today. During one of my lectures the power kept flickering on and off then during the break afterwards my friend and I where waiting to order some food at Einsteins (Deakin's pub) and the power went out and they weren't serving food any more, so we had to settle for something else. We just ended deciding to go home because we didn't want to wait 30 minutes, then find out the lecture was cancelled due to no power, plus we thought we'd beat traffic. We were wrong, I think the wind (100km+ speeds) caused all these problems, branches where on the road, traffic lights where out and there was a point on the freeway where you couldn't see anything because of all the dirt (their doing road works so the dirt there is lose).

I also found out the other day that I guy I went to High School with died in a alcohol related car accident. He apparent had a 8 month year old kid too.
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YAY Look what I found!! Unwatermarked, textless, large photos of the Gaspard Ulliel photo shoot by Betina Rheims for Madame Figaro.

+ 7 )

I'm still trying to find a place where the 32GB iPod Touch is cheaper than $499US (the price on the official Apple site). Also I always thought I only had the Friday and Monday off for Easter, turns out my friend and I read the dates wrong and I have all of next week off. Holidays already, I've only been back at Uni for 3 weeks. For some reason I'm watching the Tropfest entries on channel 9, there's been some cute funny ones, and a few with celebrities.


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