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I hate different release dates!! I want to get the box set of the Southern Vampire Series (book 1 -7), From Dead to Worse (book 8), Dead and Gone (book 9), along with the True Blood and Generation Kill blu-rays. The only problem is the last three aren't released yet, and are being released weeks apart. I'm not sure if I want to ship all the books together (book 9 comes out May 5th in the US, 21st May/1st June in Australia), then ship the two blu-rays together on June 16th (when Generation Kill gets released). Might also get the Generation Kill book because I heard it's good, and also Making Faces.

My problem is I don't want to wait between release dates, but I don't want make 3 shipments because shipping is expensive on Amazon (I wish free shipping wasn't just for the US). Anyone have any suggestions?? I probably shouldn't buy so much, but I've been eyeing most of this stuff for months. Now I have a job I've been buying all this stuff I've wanted for ages, i.e. a blu-ray ROM (hopefully I'll be able to work out how to make screen captures by the time I get my ASkars blu-rays), and I kind of need a new TV, mines over 10 years old and sometimes when I turn it on the picture is all weird and there's no sound and I have to hit it a few times before it'll work again. Ok I just realised it's $180 US ($252 AUD) worth of stuff, not including shipping (which is like $3-$5 per item!) *facepalm*.

I'm capped again, at least this time it wasn't after the first week. It resets the 3rd so only a little bit away, and TPG ADSL2 is meant to be coming into my area next month. There's also some guy from the Solar Panel place who's been here since 8PM, I just released about 40 minutes later when I walked out and there was some guy in the living room.
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