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ETA: Isn't Summer Glau a beautiful dancer? Yes as pointed out by a bunch of people on [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt some of her footwork is wrong but I'm pretty sure it's done on purpose.

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  • I finally watched Australia. I have no idea what people were going on about because I liked the film. Yes it was kind of long, but that the only thing I didn't like. Unless you count how evil they made David Wenham's character, because I usually love him. Brandon Walters did such a fantastic job as Nullah, so very talented. I went to search for the soundtrack, but there isn't one! Apparently the film was just finished on time so they had no time to work on the soundtrack, but it's been awhile now and still nothing. They released a EP on iTunes, but it doesn't have any of the score or Brandon's singing. David Hirschfelder, who did the score did put up 5 tracks on his website, however once again no singing, just music.

  • There's been a lot of pretty birds in our backyard lately (usually in the morning, and late afternoon). We usually only get the common ones, but I think they've found our fruit trees maybe due to the bush fires or the recent heat. I took a bunch of photos.

  • I wish I was here for this.

  • Sarah Connor was once again very "meh" this week. Loved Battlestar (hate Boomer and Chief!). Dollhouse was great, the story is starting to move along now, and an ongoing plot is starting to form, we even got a little more humour this week (alas still no on the Firefly level, but then again Dollhouse has a more dark serious nature).

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I finally have a new LJ layout! I'm sure you can all guess who it features. I need to get use to not having a proper header. I think I will fiddle with the psd tomorrow and try and turn it into a wallpaper.

I'm also gald that Battlestar Galactica is finally getting interesting again, and Sarah Connor is back. Though I'm not sure if I like the direction their going with the story (it's starting to get to complicated, and will end up like Lost). I'm super excited about Dollhouse, I'll watch it tomorrow morning.

Random note: Why does the M.A.C Hello Kitty song have to be so catchy (I also love the clip, though the Daniels are a tad creepy (but I kinda love M.A.C for getting guys to put of the head for the launch events)?.
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This week's Sarah Connor Chronicles was weird, but I still kind of liked it. Plus Whopper Jr. Billy Lush who played Trombley in Generation Kill was in the episode. I love seeing the cast popping up everywhere, i.e. Poke and Captain America on NCIS, and Godfather on Fringe.

I'm really close to losing interest in Heroes, I think Seth Green and Breckin Meyer saved this episode for me.
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Once again not enough Eric in this week's True Blood. At least we got hot Eric taking off his jacket and being the alpha male again (and his wig looks much better, though I've noticed that it looks nicer when he's working at Fangtasia, so maybe it's on purpose). Read more... ) How have I not realised how tall Hoyt is? I only realised when he was walking side by side with Rene and Jason. Also how lovable is Terry? I couldn't help but let out a "Aww" when he said "I can't listen to politicians no more I get a seizure", "Can we put it on my home decore program now please?", and "Look at that Lafayette. Theme shelves!" (and Lafayette's reply of "Aww. That's pretty baby").

Also anyone seen next week's preview? I almost died when Eric spoiler )

Not sure if I liked this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. I feel like we got no where in the story and I don't like the story they've got going with Derek. I liked Chuck much better, but I kind of saw the end coming half way through, then when they started that final scene I just knew. Gossip Girl's Thank Giving talk just made me hungry, but I love that Dorota has Britney Spears' I'm a Slave for You as her ringtone. I have yet to watch Prison Break or Heroes (due to lack of caring, they should have killed Adam).

My brother woke me up at 6:30AM this morning (he called from work) to tell me there was something about Twilight on the radio on Nova (I kinda said I didn't care, because I was sleepy but I listened anyway). Kate was squeeing over the books, and how big the movie was, and Hughesy said he was talking to his friend who is a reviewer and asked what good movies are going to be out and his friend said Twilight. They have a comp going to see an advance screening for the 8th, but if I really wanted to I probably would have tried to get the tickets to the Melbourne Central, or Chadstone showings. Anyway they had a interview with RPattz, the full version is on the site but I'm capped (since the 10th, and not uncapped till the 3rd) so I can't watch (without it taking 10 years to load).
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True Blood: 01x05 )

Heroes 03x04 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I heard the show is likely going to get cancelled if it already hasn't, I like this episode, but it was as great as past episodes.

While I was watching Wipeout (just about the only thing I watch on Network 9) I saw an add for 20 to 1: Best Movie Moments and there was a quick flash of the scene in Zoolander where Alexander Skarsgard is with the other ball models drinking their Orange Mocha Frappuccinos in the back of the Jeep. Naturally I had to watch, it got #7 for the gas fight scene.

YAY New outtakes of Gaspard from the Blast photo shoot.

+3 )

New Twilight poster, I think they look kinda weird, the soundtrack playlist is up also. I love Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.
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Alexander Skarsgård was prefect as Eric on True Blood last night. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough of Eric!! I pretty much agree with the guy who Eric kicked across the room, that "Oh my god. He's so powerful, so beautiful. The closer I step the more beautiful he gets". Well aren't you sweet ) There's also a great new interview with Alex, he mentions that it's nice to be able to wear "sleek European suits and expensive shirts", compared to being "very dirty and sweaty" (for Generation Kill).

Thanks for confusing me even more Sarah Conner Chronicles! Like I wasn't enough already, other than leaving me with more questions, I loved the episode. Some spec )

Gossip Girl was a little better this weekbrief thoughts )
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  • Apparently Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are dating. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm just hoping it doesn't go south and wreak the show. Book and possible TV spoiler ) Oh and I think everyone should watch this clip for Eric sitting in a bathtub. Is it the 29th yet?

  • Also Sarah Connor Chronicles was ok this week, I'm really looking forwards to next week's though, has anyone seen the preview for it?

  • House started here again tonight, I'm watching it now but I find myself not paying much attention, the show kind of lost me in season 3. I'm more excited about Life afterwards.

  • I also watched Heroes, I missed this show so much. Look forward to the direction their going for this season. *Sigh* Most likely the only time we'll see David Anders this season.

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GAH I can't wait for more episodes of both Sarah Connor Chronicles and True Blood. I'm really temped to go read the Southern Vampire series now. I checked how much they are on the Angus & Robertson site and it's saying Dead until Dark is $33 is hardback, and $18 is paperback. I dunno seems kind of pricey. I'm not sure how much it is at Border (doesn't have a decent search on the site), I'm too lazy to go and check.

OK, what is up with with Make Me A Super Model constantly trying to get the guys and girl naked? Seriously, a few of these girls are under age!! If their not getting them naked, their getting them to pose all raunchy in their underwear. I did like a few of this weeks photos though (below), but I don't get the whole group photos and only one of the get to be in the "centre", their also replaying the episode right now which just aired 4 hours ago.. This is why I love top model so much better. Which remind me, the download just finished so I'm off to watch.

the rest )

I also I miss Rhys' hair.

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  • NOOOO!!! I'm capped!!! I've watched what I managed to download of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before I got capped. How is it possible that the season opener was even more awesome than the final?, but aljfigjiojhioahoihjoiahj the bit I got up to was when spoiler ) GAH HURRY UP REST OF DOWNLOAD!!

  • Also YAY outtakes of Draco from the Entertainment Weekly magazine photos.

    +2 )

  • I NEED this magazine. Why can't I be in France?

    + 4 )

  • Also I want this one too. The Twilight cast did a photo shoot for In Style, it's meant to be for the October issue.

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YAY A new layout finally!! There's a few things here and there I want to add/fix. Opinions? Oh the code was from [livejournal.com profile] refuted.

Also had an angry rant to post about Deakin (I started again today) but I need to get to bed now, I really should be in bed already because I head out 11AM but I've been trying to get the little icon comment links to work and I've been waiting for Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles final to finish so I can watch them. I really hope this show gets a second season, it worries me it's on Fox, we all know how Dark Angel and Firefly turned out. Also I'm annoyed my DVDs still haven't come, it usually takes 10 days for me to get things from the US.
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YAY Look what came in the mail today, my Swarovski crystal heart (for Edward). I got the wolf (for Jacob) a little while ago, just needed to heart and now the components which I had order together but YesAsia couldn't find them item which was just annoying because it help up the order for ages. It's so shiny and when the sun light bounces off it, it's so pretty.

Also loved tonight's Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, specially that last seen. Spoilers ) I loved the song at the end, it was my ring tone on my old phone years ago but i was never able to figure out what the song was. And I still can't find it, anyone know what's it's called?
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  • Apparently Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows movie, will be released in two halves. I hope that means Draco's scenes won't be cut.

  • Finally got to see Paris, je t'aime There where a few shorts I enjoyed.
  • Thoughts )
  • I ordered "A very Long Engagement" the other night from EzyDVD since the store didn't have it. They sent it out yesterday morning so I hope I'll get it tomorrow.

  • Does anyone happen to have access to a Getty HQ, WireImage HQ, and especially a Eyevine MQ-HQ account? I'm after some images from each. I have a access to a few places that I'm willing to trade for. Send me an email, PM, or just comment here if you’re interested.

  • I also have some HQ Torchwood (S2), Robin Hood (S2), and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (the ones I could be bothered saving). If anyone's interested let me know. Speaking of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I watched the first two episodes, LOVE it, I loved it when I first saw the pilot last year and I still love it now. Maybe even more so since just about everything is dead on TV. I'm all for the writers, but I wish everything will get sorted out soon. It doesn't just effect them, a lot of people in Hollywood have lost their job because of it.

  • Didn't think we'd be hearing from Axle Whitehead ever again after he "exposed" himself at the Arias, but the song Channel 10 have been playing for the promos for "Women's Murder Club" is actually by him. It's called "I Don't Do Surprises".


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