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OK I'm 7 minutes into this week's Friday Night Lights but ... )
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Ok I've been meaning to post about season finals for ages so here I go.

Gilmore Girls, House, Lost, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty, not very spoilery )

I'm also watching the pilot of Blood Ties at the moment so we'll see how I like that.
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It's official I hate Dandenong Plaza, no wonder why I go there once, twice a year. I wanted to go today because Myer had a perfume sale where Britney Spears 'Fantasy' (100ml) was down to $59 and you save $56. It wasn't my first Myer of choice, I already tried the one in the city which was sold out, and the one at Chadstone who said they weren't doing the promotion any more or something like that. Anyway it took us forever to find a parking spot and when we did some bastards stole our spot, which resulted in my brother being really pissed off and saying the work fuck a lot at them, I believe he also called the couple "mother fuckers". So after looking some more we finally find a spot, which was really close to Myer, which was kind of a good thing I guess. So I get to the Myer and there's a Perfume Connection outside so I decide to check if they have it, they do and the lady says it's $57.95 (actually I'm positive she said $57, but later said $57.95), I go to Myer anyway because well it's a tad cheaper and what's the harm, there next door to each other, Myer doesn't have it so I rush back to the Perfume Connection because the woman said there where only 2 left so I buy it. It's quite pretty. I was also tempted to buy the 100ml Britney Spear 'Curious' (100ml) because it smells quite nice and I love the bottle. I also caved and brought the Blade Trilogy, I now own two copies of Blade: Trinity.

I'd thought I'd try to get a free iPod before from FreePay, then I found out the offers you have to do you have to pay $1. So I though, ok $1 isn't too bad, then I read on and you have to be a paying member on the site for 45 days and it's like $40 each month. Which means you pay a total of $81, and your 8 referrers too, that means that's a total of $729 for a 30GB video iPod when you can get a 80GB video iPod for $499. Frack that.

BAH didn't start on my assignment due Monday, I really need to, I have no fracking idea how to do it, I need to like make information from a form store into a database using PHP code.

PS- Battlestar Galactica fracking rocked tonight, so did Supernatural and Heroes. Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and Lost where all average this week.
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I love the new Veronica Mars opening credits. I didn't really miss the show all too much, I guess I lost interest along the way.

It's been bothering me whenever I watch Heroes who plays Zach, and imdb where no help they don't have him listed as a guest star, however google is you friend.

Thomas Dekker

He looks better in Heroes, well I think so anyway. Oh by the way it's Thomas Dekker.
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Been very busy over the weekend helping my Dad put floorboards in, took forever though because my Dad is such a perfectionist and yet kept making mistakes. We've only done my parents room at the moment, we're going to tackle a room each weekend I think.

I realised Jericho airs practically the same day here as it does in the US. It airs Wednesday there, Thursday here, which is your early Thursday morning. I read in the paper that channel ten had made some deal with 20th Century Fox (or Fox, I can't remember) where channel 10 would air some of their shows like at the same time as the US to try and stop people downloading shows because they don't want to wait. There's going to do it for the O.C too, well according to the ad I saw in the afternoon. I hope they do it for some other shows like House and Supernatural, but I doubt it since its still S2 of House here and S3 has already started there. Either way it's good their airing show around the same time, though I think the shows might not be in HD because of lack of time, well Jericho doesn't air in HD at least.

Lately I feel I haven't been commenting enough on peoples' journals, I dunno if it just because my flist has gotten heaps bigger or that I'm actually not commenting as much. I think I might need to clean my flist up a little, there so many dead journals on it.

Going to try and return the Supernatural DVD, hopefully I'm able too.

Still haven't watch Veronica Mars. BAH I think my Dad did something to my computer the other day because it keeps crashing and I also relised my LJ layout looks really retarded when you put the nav script on the top on.
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175 High Definition (1440x810) Veronica Mars: 01x13 Lord of the Bling Screen Captures

Zip Files and Samples )

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking, if there are enough people I will continue.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
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143 High Definition (1440x810) Veronica Mars: 01x12 Clash of the Tritons Screen Captures

Zip Files and Samples )

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking, if there are enough people I will continue.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
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With Veronica Mars starting again soon, who would want VM HD caps? Assuming channel 10 air it in HD of course. If there is enough people I'll make them.

[Poll #747647]
Also present for my flist and friends of list, a few caps from Supernatural: 01x16 Shadow (since it didn't air in HD) that aired in the "previously" of Dean Man's Blood (which will be up later today). I also compressed them less to there better quality. Link Behind Cut )
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