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I enjoyed the Oscars this year. I missed Hugh's opening act (I saw the other though Vanessa Hudgens wreaked it for me). I was amused by the Pineapple Express clip with James Franco and Seth Rogan watching a bunch of movies (not nominated). I particularly liked when they where singing about Mama Mia and sung about the actors, and when they got to Stellan Skarsgård (Alexander's father):

Seth: "And that Irish guy, I think he's in Gangs of New York, I'm not sure. Take a chance on me."
James: Orlando Bloom's Dad in Pirates of the Caribbean."
Seth: "That's who it is."

I was happy with most of the winners, though I don't get all the hype about Slumdog Millionaire, guess I'll probably have to watch it to get it. I liked all the up coming movies in the credits, ok it might have something to do with this:

New Alexander interview!! I love his voice, and he's so generous with his interview time!! He talked to them for quite a bit. Part 1 and Part 2.

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  • NOOOO!!! I'm capped!!! I've watched what I managed to download of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before I got capped. How is it possible that the season opener was even more awesome than the final?, but aljfigjiojhioahoihjoiahj the bit I got up to was when spoiler ) GAH HURRY UP REST OF DOWNLOAD!!

  • Also YAY outtakes of Draco from the Entertainment Weekly magazine photos.

    +2 )

  • I NEED this magazine. Why can't I be in France?

    + 4 )

  • Also I want this one too. The Twilight cast did a photo shoot for In Style, it's meant to be for the October issue.

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Great so they pushed the released date of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Price back till July 2009. Like it wasn't a long enough wait as it was. Well I hope this gives Twilight movie a chance to be huge. At least this photo (from the latest EW) made up for it, a little.

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So glad they got rid of that stupid wig, he looks so much better. *Goes of to listen to some Tom Felton songs*.

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I realised before that I've had the HP5 DVD for a few days now and have yet to even touch it, well other than open it. Haven't even put it in the DVD player. I got the Limited Edition version, I got copy, 01195, I wonder who got 00001 lol.

Also had an interview at The Pancake Parlour today, I don't think I got it. The woman said that they weren't hiring people that didn't have previous experience, and that if I did get it it would be likely 3-4 days (before or after opening I forgot, lol) and get trained then by the people who are currently doing so. I found out they where hiring for their new Fountain Gate store from my friend Kate ([ profile] shiny_orgasm) who had been working for for almost a month, which I had no idea about. We've been so out-of-the-loop with each other's lives because of school and what-not. I'll still hope I'll get it, but if I don't I guess it wasn't meant to be. It's hard finding a job because I'm 19 so it costs more, and I have no previous experience, which wouldn't matter if I was 15 and was cheap to hire, but I'm not.

I'm about half way through New Moon, I'm not liking it as much as Twilight, and I know why. Not really a spoiler, but just in case )
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106 Screen Captures & Clip (1024x576) Daniel Radcliffe promoting December Boys on Rove

Zip Files and Samples )

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking. If you are taking more than 1 batch of captures at once, only one comment is needed.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures, I don't want to have to warn people each time.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
- Older captures are found in my memories.
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- Uni practicals started this week. Had an interesting group today, we had to interview another classmate then make a business card for them, though I'll just do Shaz and vice versa. Didn't go as planned, there was an uneven amount of people so there needed to be a group of 3, I assumed the guy sitting next to me would just move and join one of the other groups because Shaz and I are well girls. It was awkward but wasn't too bad. Another guy's friend made a Michael Jordan card, because his name is "Jordan Michael Hughs" and he likes basketball, he thought it was very cleaver.

- Naomi Watts was cast for the role of my Mother-in-Law Draco's mother, Narcissa Malfoy for HBP. Not quite sure what to think of it, but it's kind of growing on me.

- David Anders made his MySpace private again, no idea why, but he is using an icon (the one I'm using right now) I made as his profile photo, which is... weird. Also look at the preety picture of him from Heroes. He looks kind of different to me here, maybe it's just me. If people think it's spoilery I'll happily put it under a cut, but it's from his MySpace (thanks to [ profile] sarky_77) so I'm not sure if it's just a shot of him and Masi mucking around or an official still.

- Not only did I get one random person to add me on my MySpace, but I got two today. Bleh no idea even how they got my link, never add randoms anyway. Oh I also got a Facebook, no idea how to use it though. I'll figure it out... one day.

- I'm in love with Words by Kate Miller-Heidke, DOWNLOAD and 22 Steps by Damien Leith, DOWNLOAD. Side note, I've managed to use up my 300GB hard drive *cries*.

- Finally found enough people to renew my reseller, I'm glad because my host just upgraded to cPanel 11 which is very pretty.

- My poor brother has to do the 6PM till 6:30AM shift this week, god he's so going to be a zombie soon.
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Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at IMAX, the 3D stuff was very awesome and lucky we decided to start waiting an hour before because once we sat down to line up in about 10 minutes there was heaps of people behind us. There was only a small group of people in front of us in line which meant I was able to get seats dead centre in the very back row.

Spoiler-ish )

I haven't read the book so if someone could tell me about the full prophecy that would be nice, because I read that it's different in the film.

Also on the way as we where walking back to the train station there where cute possums and I totally screamed when there was one right next to me without me realising. It must have been use to people though, it came up to us and sniffed [ profile] lookatmoiye7 hand, probably looking for food.
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YAY I get to watch Transformers on Saturday (even though it comes out tomorrow), I'm not sure why I'm so excited about it, probably because I'm bored out of my mind, even though there's a billion things I can do, and I've been craving a good movie.

I also brought IMAX tickets for Harry Potter Draco Malfoy and the Order of the Phoenix, I'm going to the 3:45PM showing on the Thursday. I made these plans a few weeks ago before they moved it a day ahead, I guess it's for the best anyway, hopefully I'll miss the mad first day rush.

Capped some House episodes today too. I'm just going to use this list to keep track of what I've capped already, only 4 more episodes and I'm up to date.
- 03x05 Fools for Love*
- 03x06 Que Será Será*
- 03x07 Son of Coma Guy
- 03x08 Whac-A-Mole
- 03x09 Finding Judas
- 03x10 Merry Little Christmas
- 03x11 Words and Deeds
- 03x12 One Day, One Room
- 03x13 Needle in a Haystack
- 03x14 Insensitive
- 03x15 Half-Wit
- 03x16 Top Secret
- 03x17 Fetal Position
- 03x18 Airborne
- 03x19 Act Your Age
- 03x20 House Training
- 03x21 Family
- 03x22 Resignation
- 03x23 The Jerk
- 03x24 Human Error
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My first Harry Potter: Draco & Hermione (Dramione) wallpaper. Also made 12 matching icons as well and a LJ layout to share with everyone.

Wallpaper & LJ Layout )
Icons )
Rules & Instructions )
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YAY Threadless are having another $10 sale where all (if not most) shirts are only $10, couldn't help but get a few more, but I forgot to use someone's link :(, I couldn't remember yours [ profile] fierytigress. My brother finally got his "What Would Macgyver Do?" shirt. I did get street points, so either someone used my link or it was me because I clicked my link to get to the site. Does anyone know if it's 2 points per order or 2 point per shirt? Because I ordered 6 shirts but only got 2 points, so I wasn't sure if it was me or not.

Anyway my link is if anyone wants to buy anything and help get me some street points. Click, Shop > Full Catalog to view all the shirts.

Also a review for Harry Potter OotP and I'm disappointed because (not really spoilery) )

Anyway bed time, I'll remember my iPod cables this time, oh and happy birthday to [ profile] our_wreckage!!
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So I wake up this morning and find out Anna Nicole Smith died, I really didn't see that coming. I saw the clip they played of her on the News here during the credit and I was wonder why she was on the news, but the last thing I though it would be would be this.

Then I come across the new Draco picture that all us Draco fans have been waiting for.

He looks so evil and pale but a picture never less.
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I'm sure most of you have seen those pictures of Daniel Radcliffe already, I saw the news update just before and it seems their doing a story on it. He looks quite.... nice naked, very nice. I think I like this one the most, ironically it's like the one he's wearing actual clothes.

Finally caught up to all the Rome episodes, and then capped Monday's Supernatural, shall post them later. Just waiting for House and Veronica Mars to finished downloading. As I wait I'm very bored. Won't be bored for much longer, less than a month till I have to go back to uni. I don't want to go back, I'd rather be bored than stressed and busy. YAY House starts again next week. I want more Rome, I had a short conversation with my brother when he got home from work about it, he knows me well.
Brother: Did you catch up on all the episodes of Rome?
Me: Yeah.
Brother: I bet you only watch it because you like Octavian.
Me: ... Maybe ...
It's similar to the one when I started watching Battlestar Galactica )
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60 Screen Captures (720x405) of Daniel Radcliffe at the 2006 AFI Awards, clip included.

Zip Files and Samples )

- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
- Older captures are found in my memories.
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I was really bummed when I was watching channel 10 news who did a story on the AFIs Awards (Australian Film Industry), which then reminded me I wanted to watch it because Daniel Radcliffe was going to be there. I switched to channel 9 and it was still on but I'd miss the first hour, which I later realised started about an hour late so I hadn't missed much and meant that I got to see:

Cap of December Boys )
They also showed a short clip of "December Boys" with Daniel Radcliffe, who's Australia accent is quite good, well that I could tell with the short clip. Read more... )

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First of all Happy Birthday to [ profile] frozenwithin for yesterday.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was on yesterday (GoF next week), so I bring you a mini Draco Malfoy picspam. Click on thumbnail for HD versions.

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