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  • Look what I came home to (well not really I came home to a card from the post office telling to go pick up my packages). Glad I didn't have to wait till June 1st like they "estimated"

    Flipping through the Generation Kill books makes me want to rewatch the show. I'll have to order the True Blood blu-ray later tonight.
  • Also Eric only True Blood promo!! Eric is so fierce he doesn't need voices in his clip like the others, LOL

  • Linkin Park's new song for the Transformers movie/soundtrack. I love there's small traces of "What I've Done" in there.
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I got a Twitter the other day, and just about given up on it (I don't really have any celebrities to follow) till I found out Tom Felton also recently got one, and proceeded to post these (one an update, another his profile photo).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
(grr LJ photos aren't working)

I really hope BigW have another one of their $50 iTunes credit for $30 soon. I'm low on credit, and 30 cents short of buying the Australia Soundtrack EP (though part of me want to wait for the full soundtrack if it ever happens).

Why must there be 50 versions on the Twilight DVD? And the one version I want I can't get because it's region 1 and there's no why to work around the regions on Bluray. According to Amazon Generation Kill and True Blood aren't region locked, which I hope it's true because I have no idea if they'll be available in Australia, let alone bluray. Wow I really need a job so I can actually afford all these DVDs! I still haven't brought Southern Vampire Series books.
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I've been hoping Generation Kill would come out on Blu-ray for ages, and now it is, only problem? It comes out on June 16, 2009. I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG TO HEAR ALEX'S COMMENTARY!! And James Ransone (Ray Person) talk about Alex's big huge... gracious plenty (apparently Alex as a joke didn't pull up his pants when he walked back to the humvee after taking his "strategic dump" in episode 4, and the guys all commented that Alex is... gifted). Once again because I can:

[Ray and Reporter watching Colbert running around the field like a aeroplane with his shirt off]
Ray: "What? You give him some Rolling Stone drugs or something?"
Reporter: "No"
Ray: "What the fuck did you do to him?"
Reporter: "Just asked him what'd he be if he wasn't a Marine"
Ray: "Oh my god, he wants to be a ballerina? That's my fucking dream"
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This week's Sarah Connor Chronicles was weird, but I still kind of liked it. Plus Whopper Jr. Billy Lush who played Trombley in Generation Kill was in the episode. I love seeing the cast popping up everywhere, i.e. Poke and Captain America on NCIS, and Godfather on Fringe.

I'm really close to losing interest in Heroes, I think Seth Green and Breckin Meyer saved this episode for me.
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I just saw an ad for Twilight during the Britney Spears thing, and another during Eli Stone, I'll admit I got a tiny bit excited.

Only a few more photos of Alexander Skarsgård from the prive event. Lets hope there will be more and better soon.

This review of the Generation Kill DVD makes me want it even more.
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Ok I just finished watching Tropic Thunder, and asjdhgljfhidhadhf JUSTIN THEROUX was Exec Producer and did the screen play/story!!! How did I not know this?

Also 3 more days till we get some Eric Northman. Yes another excuse to post Alex's picture.

Mmm Colbert (Alex) and Colbert :P
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LOL Is NCIS hiring Generation Kill actors? First Captain America, and now Poke/Espera? Who next? Also I found out the guy who plays Meesh is actually British (I heard his accent in "The Making of Generation Kill"). I find it completely bizarre, though my reaction was similar when I found out Alex was Swedish because I had no idea because his American accent was so good. Also I came across a "The Black Donnellys" photo the other day (one of the covers I made for a song in iTunes) and I thought "hey is that the guy who plays Trombley"? Turns out it is! Didn't recognise him with all the hair.

4 More days till we get some Eric!!
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Earth to whom it may concern I totally brought Zoolander on DVD the other day, was only $9 too, double awesome. Though unless you seen the extended "Earth To" scene on the DVD you probably don't get the "Earth to whom it may concern". Isn't Meekus the best thing ever?

WTF!? Still no True Blood torrent for episode 6, if Eric had been in the episode I'd think I would have gone crazy right now waiting. At least we'll get Eric next week, and what looks like every episode after. Plus I have Heroes to look forward to tomorrow, I'm sure you all know why I'm excited. At least there's an awesome new promo up. Why can't I open my door to this? I also love that Pam has sunglasses on her head.

I should be working on my many assignments but I just spent the last 2 hours watching clips of Generation Kill on YouTube. It's not my fault that the show is made on win, and Brad Colbert is awesome.

I just realised my post is all about Alexander Skarsgård again. Opps. I did briefly mention Anders though.
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Note to self, don't decide to go watch Generation Kill to see Alexander Skarsgård/Brad Colbert's Big Gay Al impersonation because you'll end up flipping to every single scene you love in the show when you really should be working on your many many assignments.

Another note to self, stop making animated icons because you'll just end up starring at them all day long, once again when you really should be working on your many many assignments.
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Only one more day, the wait is horrible!! I've been trolling around the Internet looking up what I can of Alex/Eric to tie me over. I particularly love this interview. I love that the writer mentioned frappuccinos (weather on purpose or not), because Alex played Meekus in Zoolander (one of Derek's friends who died in the explosion when they we're playing with the gas pumps) and all them loved drinking Orange Mocha Frappuccionos (clip). LOL I need to buy this movie on DVD I have always loved it because it makes me laugh so much. My friend and I are always quoting it, plus it was the very first movie I saw when Village Cinemas opening night in Fountain Gate.

“It’s not like he’s been asleep for 1,000 years and just now woke up and he’s still wearing his Viking helmet,” Skarsgård says, laughing (He does throw a line of Swedish into the dialogue in homage to Eric’s heritage, though).

Kind of like being able to score fame and your own frappuccino.

This came in the mail the other day but I thought I'd post about so my last few posts are all just about Alexander. Gaspard Ulliel in Mixte magazine!! I'll have to make so HQ scans soon and make a layout or something (though an Alex/Eric/Brad layout is so tempting).

I'm off to make some Brad Colbert icons to distract me from waiting for True Blood.


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