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I think my friend Shaz chooses the days it rains to make me catch the train. She was meeting up with some friends after class so I had to catch the train home and tomorrow morning I need to catch it in the morning because she's meeting friends for breakfast. Which is annoying, I need a licence. My family are working on the car though we've been looking around (ok we only went to my Dad's work, but that's better than nothing) and there's a black sedan 2005 Holden Astra, but I'm not a fan of the interior of the car, but I do like the interior for the Holden Viva so my Dad is going to see how much it is for one brand new (it's about $4,000 more for a brand new one compared to a 2005 Astra used) tomorrow at work (if you didn't gather he work's at Holden).

Also the damn train had problems today and had to stop in Dandenong, so I had to try and remember my old school bus and take that home and had a mini freak out when we went through Doveton because I couldn't remember if it was meant to or not because I use to only catch it till a certain point. Did I mention it was wet, freezing cold, and windy?

Realised today I had three weeks of holidays and didn't catch up to my House screen captures. I haven't enjoyed an episode of House for awhile now, and it's starting to lose me, so when they air in Australia, which is when I capture them, I don't feel like watching them again, after downloading them as they air in the US. Unless the series gets better I don't think I'll do next season, especially if it stays at the same time slot as Heroes airs here because I'd rather make screen captures of David Anders. What do you all think I should dso? Stop making screen captures for House or try and resist watching them as they air in the US and then watch them as they air in Australia.
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I just woke up and learnt Belinda Emmett wife of Rove McManus (host of Rove Live) lost her fight with cancer and passed away.

Article can be found here.

On a much happier note, WEEE the Lano and Woodley Good Bye show I'm going to is tonight. Great way to start of the holidays. We're taking the train there and getting a lift home since none of what to catch a train late at night from the city.
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So my exam today went horribly, I just hope so did everyone else and they boost our marks up and I pass. I've got another tomorrow for World Wide Web and Internet programming. I hope there isn't much Java and PHP because I suck at both, HTML I can do. I'm trying to get into DSO so I can go over my old practices but the fracking site isn't working. I also saw my friend Shabnam again to today, she had some exam I can't remember.

I have to catch the train home tomorrow because my friend who drives me is meeting some of her friends after the exam for lunch, she driving me to the station so it ain't that bad but it'll mean I'll have to walk home from the station which I hate because it's all up hill.

LOL I was looking at the guide before and "Anna and the King" is going to be, maybe I'll watch to see little Malfoy Tom Felton. Too bad channel 7 suck and air their "HD presentation" in the afternoon and no programs, not that their HD channel is any good anyway, the still air it at SD quality, 720x576, and say it's "HD", while channel 10 and 9 air it at a 1440x1080.

Also is that thing on LJ where you hover over someone's userpic on your flist new? Or have I just never noticed it before?
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God I'm so tried, went to the Melbourne Aquarium and walked around the city yesterday then had to get up early this morning because my friend and I caught the train and bus to Uni because were where staying late to work on an assignment and her mum was going to give us a lift home. I didn't get home till about 8:15PM today, took forever to just animate 30 seconds, and I still have another 30 to go. I'll post the Melbourne Aquarium pictures on the weekend when I have time. I also borrowed this graphics tablet at Deakin, so much fun, I have it till Thursday. Hopefully i'll finish this assignment soon and make a start on the other 3.

Car = Joy

Sep. 13th, 2006 11:52 pm
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BLEH I'm not use to the blue iTunes icon.

But YAY my friend got her car back today, no more train and bus. I don't think I could last all week, I had 6 hours sleep the other night then 5 last night, then I have to try and stay awake during class and the train and bus ride.

I need some new Draco & Dramione pictures but there's hardly any pictures to work with.
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So the first time a catch the train in awhile and everything goes wrong. My friend's car broke down so she took it to get fixed so we both have to catch the train and bus again. All was fine until the train home, while I was leaning over to get the MX (a newspaper) for my friend, I was leaning sideways to get it, fall on the seat and bend/knock my knee sideways, know it hurts when I move my knee a certain way. If that wasn't bad enough some idiot decided to jump in front of the tracks again, well that's what I assume because when they say "level crossing 'accident'" it's usually a jumper. So my train stopped one stop short of my stop so I had to catch the bus from there to my house.

I had no idea of the guests tonight on Rove Live, I knew The Wiggles where on but no idea Guy Sebastian and Placebo where too.

Thoughts on Left in Darkness without giving away spoilers (well at least I try not to) )

Pic spam of Left in Darkness caps )
I probably won't post screencaps till after or at least closer to the release date, and a clip even more after that because people NEED to buy the DVD.

OT how sauvé does David/Donovan look in my icon?
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I had a pretty bad morning yesterday, damn phone shut off so I spelt through my alarm and woke up with only 5 minutes to get ready, then the car doesn't start so I miss my train and have to walk to the train station and catch the next train. Something did go right for me though; I just managed to catch the same bus I would if I had not missed it. Also finished at 5:30 meaning when I got home it was pitch dark, so damn creepy when it's pitch dark on the train because you can see a single thing out the window, also doesn't help the Herald Sun wrote an article about "Crime on your line" and Pakenham was rated #1 with 1144 crimes, though most where against property and not people. Cranbourne has 3 crimes which is bloody stupid because it's 2 stops, and they share the same line as Pakenham but just tails off at the end.

So damn cold, my feet are numb.

Also it's ANZAC today so I have the day off.
Lest We Forget
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I was almost late for uni today because I spelt in, I heard the first alarm go on at 8:50AM then I went back to bed, next time I open my eyes it's 9:35AM and I'm meant to start walking to Hallam station at 9:40, so I quickly get ready and have no breakfast leaving me very hungry at school. Lucky the lecture finish an hour early so my friend and I went and got lunch. For some reason my phone turned off even with a full battery.

My friend and I were so freaked out today on the way home on the train. The train was pretty full so my friend was sitting across from me rather than next to me because the seat was taken, then this girl walks in and really quickly sits down like she's in a hurry or something, my friend and I just go silent because it's a awkward and she look kind of weird carry around a plastic bag with from what I saw hard some clothes and a toothbrush. The girl was out of it, she didn't seem to be able to sit still, she was just kind of floppy, and she had a small mirror in her hand that she was using to pick at her scabs/pimples on her face, her arms were covered in scabs too, I'm guessing she was picking at them also. How the girl managed to freak us out further )

Monday and ACMI )
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Today I was once reminded why I hate public transport. I've had a horrible morning so far, why?

Why I hate public transport )

Lets all hope LiYan's day goes much much better, though I'll probably have to stand on the bus and train because I finish at 4PM around peek hour.

The kid that did the Opening Ceremony was on Rove Live last night, very amusing.
Rove: "So how was it like when you went to school the next day?"
Sean: "its school holidays"
Rove: "..."
Rove: "So did you get to watch the rest of the Opening Ceremony?"
Sean: "Funny thing that, you know how the athletes were throwing the glow sticks? I caught one and threw it back and it hit one of them on the head".

OT- I'm hungry and I can't eat in this room at uni.
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Almost didn't get to Deakin today because it was a public holiday most buses weren't running, thank god there was a guy who was also heading to Deakin and had an idea of how to get there without going ont he 767 bus. Ended catching the train back down to Oakleigh station, got on the 700 bus which took to a road near Deakin then caught the tram that stops in front of Deakin.

YAY I remembered Supernatural, bit lazy to sort through the caps at the moment.
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BLEH my day wasn't all that much better today, wasn't as bad as yesterday though. I had to stand the whole way back home because bus was so packed because the Primary School (might even be a High School, not sure) next door finishes around the same time. I had to stand at the VERY front of the bus and stood on the step, and basically stood next to the front windscreen, mind you from there you can spot all the road kill, FUN!. Then the train was packed too so I stood the whole way again, I almost didn't get on because I looked in the door and there almost no room to stand, there were two guys standing next to me and to stop from falling they had their hand press against the roof (because they were tall) to hold them up since it was too packed to even manage to get a poll or something to hang on too.

I'm converting the "9AM" clip of MV right now; I'll try and have it done tonight. Also I'm not sure if you just wanted the MV bits but I'm making the clip of the whole interview with the director also because they talk about "Rogue". I'll just do the MV bits atherwise the file size becomes big.

YAY short day tomorrow, annoying because it take me almost 4 times longer to travel to Deakin than I'm actually in the lecture.

BAH I want the GOF DVD! DRACO!!! *Cries* I think it comes out here the 29th but.
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My cousin is a life saver, I was talking to her about how it takes me 2 hours to get to Deakin and she then went to the metlink site and found out I could just get off at Hughesdale station (if [ profile] kissherdraco tells me that there's also a Hughesdale near her I'm going to start freaking out) and catch the same bus to get home to Deakin because it goes from Southland shopping centre to Hughesdale station then to Chadstone shopping centre then to Deakin, and then Box Hill. Can't believe I didn't realise before, I never paid any attention beyond Deakin on the bus route map I had. Hopefully I'll get to Deakin quicker this way, the bus trip is longer but I won't have to go all the way up to Richmond and then Box Hill.

I only have 2 months left on the Sarkney calendar, I'm getting there. No one probably cares anymore though.

Bloody hell it's hot. Hmm.. I want some new Dramione and Sarkney icons.. but there should be other things I should be doing.

I don't think I want to go to bed tonight, my brother was sitting on my bed when a fricking huge spider crawls on his hand and the spider is now somewhere in the vicinity of my bed.
Edit: I think I got it, there is no way is hell I would go that close with my hand so I went and got the mini vacuum cleaner and sucked it up.. I think. I thought I got it the first time but there when I was checking to make sure there it was. God I hope I got it, I'm going to be wrapped up in my blanket worried it'll crawl on me, doesn't help it's bloody hot, this is why I hate Summer because it means bugs! BAH I hate when I see a spider in my room, I keep thinking something is crawling on me.
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God I'm exhausted. Got up at 6AM this morning then left the house at 7AM and didn't get to Deakin till about 9AM. That's 2 Hours! 4 Hours each day and a bus and 2 trains. I still have to go back tomorrow and Wednesday, this time by myself because today my brother came with me to make sure I know how to get there, then he stayed for about 30 mins and caught the bus back to Box Hill and stayed there till about 11AM when my parents came. I did however find out that the girl doing my course that I thought I knew was indeed her, so now I'm glad I at least know someone. I also found out the Angus & Robertson in Box Hill have the hard cover Narnia book I've been looking for but I didn't bring the voucher with me today so I'll probably get it tomorrow on my way home.

I better be off to bed, at least tomorrow I have to be there by 10:30 rather than 9:30, so I get to sleep in a bit.
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Right now I'm wishing more than ever I had gotten into Berwick. Bloody hell getting to Deakin in Burwood is such a bloody hassle and planning and working it out is giving me a headache. I have to catch a train from Hallam to Richmond, then switch lines and go to Richmond to Box Hill then get a bus from Box Hill to Deakin. God, I guess it's more of a motivation to learn to drive that way I can say bye bye to public transport. Fucking "O Week" (Orientation), they also bloody had to go make it so I have to go to the stupid sessions for a few days, was it so fucking hard to put everything on ONE day. ^#*!&^$($^(#@*@%!! I have to get up at like 6-6:30AM too.

I'm feeling more angry than bitchy, but come on!! Look at teh sex!! Mmm Malfoy.


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