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thoughts on Alias 05x08 Bob )

Now on with the screen captures and clip

(OT- That girl in the back ground is totally ogling my man!)

f-locking till clips is finished uploading, menwhile I'll watch VM

screen captures and clip behind cut )

Please comment and credit if anything is taken and used.


Nov. 23rd, 2005 04:59 pm
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The promotional pictures for Alias: 05x08 Bob are out!

Photos and comments under the cut for spoilers )
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To go to RMIT design exercise or not to go to RMIT design exercise. I'm leaning more into the not to going to RMIT design exercise side, I really don't want to have to make the way down to the city on my own and find RMIT University. If I do well in the RMIT design exercise, then I have to go to an interview and folio presentation, which is something I don't really want to do either because my folio sucks. I use to want to do Fashion, well not really but its one of the few things I'm interesting in. I have no idea what I want to do next year, results come out December 12th then I get a few days to change my preferences, I still have Multimedia at the Berwick Monash as my first choice, then Fashion and then I think a business subject, there some areas of the course I like, but then there’s the stuff like programming which I don't. I'm good at my business class, and considered doing it for a Uni course, but then I thought I could easily get bored of it, which will most likely happen. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.

Episode summary for Alias: 05x08 Bob )

Mmm isn't Wentworth Miller yummy in my icon?
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I can't sleep. I was half asleep before when I was watching TV so I figured I should turn off my computer before I fall asleep with it on, then i get in to bed and I'm no longer sleepy. I bet now I'm up i'll start to feel sleepy again.

Anyway happy birthday to [ profile] _throw!!

Channel 10 is gettting me very excited, first Veronica Mars then:

Image Hosted by


Because I love my flist, edited to add:

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image
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[ profile] pure_shores18 have I told you I loved you lately? She pointed me to the direction of this article that had made my fan girly self almost pass out in excitement.

Watch with Kristin:
Possible Spoilers, but if you don't read, DUDE! You'll regret it )

I also watched the AOL clip. May I say yummy, and of all the alias can Sark use, he chooses Bob? BOB?!?! Spoilers to clip ) Is it December 7th yet?.


Nov. 18th, 2005 01:40 pm
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*cries* Why won't they let me see the pretty!!?? Why must I wait till December 7th!?! Why does no one have the promo?!?
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#3 #8 #26 #37

More Pretties Behind the Cut )
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Dude I'm in love with "Last Night On Earth (Live Sydney Superdrome) by Delta Goodrem" such a beutiful song. You can but it at in the download section, but you can get to it via my WireHog.

Alias 05x03 )
Lost 05x04 )
Veronica Mars 05x03 )
Supernatural 05x04 )
I watched heaps more TV but yeah I'm lazy.

I finally got around to donating money for the Project Christmas 2005 drive at DavidAnders.NET, I also tried to donate money for Hybrid Genesis Cares but it wouldn't let me. My family also donated $100 to the "Asia Earthquake Appeal 2005" which is awesome.

Almost forgot, congratulations to Crown Prince Fredrick and Mary on their baby boy. Who knew an ordinary Australian one day would get to become a princess.
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I was just sitting here doing nothing before and it comes to me a I have to finish my Business practice exam (which i'm probably not going to end up doing) and also do my last ever Biology homework sheet. Rove was boring tonight, not really any guests I liked, I liked the new segment with Hamish and Andy though and the "this week in history" with Ben Lee was entertaining. Oh and how could I forget this:

Image Hosted by
Oh how very very true

I find it funny all I ever hear is Assleck bashing on TV shows, they mentioned him twice this season of Joey.

Alias casting spoilers )
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I think these are the shows I watched over the weekend, there where a few more like Joey.

Supernatural 01x04 )
Lost 01x03 )
Alias 01x02 )
A new ALias starting, I liked last seasons better I think, so many new faces, so little old ones.
Gilmore Girls 01x04 )
Veronica Mars 01x02 )

Also for those who have yet to watch Serenity:
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*le sigh* I was hoping I would finish my textiles production to day at school but, ZIPS ARE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL!! God it took me so long to get it right. I ended up staying through my double period, home group and then lunch. I didn't even have time to eat and ended up eating in a hurry after school where I had to stay to finish off two stupid seems I forgot to do. Now I just have to hand stich some bits and finish my folio which I'm about half way done. I didn't even have time to watch my pretty husband, Sark on Alias but I made sure to make everyone on my MSN contact list from Ausytalia to watch the pretty. I still cringe every time Sark talks about Lauren. I still believe he only said what he did to get back at Vaughn as most of the other stuff he said to Vaughn, ie the family comment and Vaughn being a 'genius' *laughs* because we all know he's not.

I leave you all with this pretty cap I made for all the Sarkney fans on my flist, specially [ profile] _throw, [ profile] colorstoobright, and, [ profile] pure_shores18 who are hard core fans.

click for full size
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I went to parent-teacher interviews last night because of the whole not handing in Bio homework. Biggest waste of time ever! Teacher said about two sentences to my parent "Hi my name is.." and "thank you for coming" Oh wait there where three, there was also “Any questions?”. Everything else she was talking to me, geezz I could have just spoken to her during school or after class no need to make my parents come down too.

I'm still technically banned from using the computer unless for homework, but hey here I am. What can I say I'm a rebel *cough*. I feel like making icons but I have to be bed in an hour, I hate going to bed at 11PM, hopefully it's just a phase and my mum will stop caring.

EDIT: Does anyone know who's on the Alias calendar? I only want if David is in it.
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I've started to hear spoilers for Alias season 5, I already don't think I'm going to like this season. It was hard enough to watch last season, but now with a pregnant Sydney and various other things, are they trying to drive me crazy? Though it would be even weirder slight spoiler which then turned into a rant )

OMFG, my cut was literally one sentence, and then I expanded and couldn't shut up for my hate of things related to Alias. Any who, Alias isn't a show I'm hanging off my seat wanting for it to start up again (unless David is in the premiere, which will get me excited), Veronica Mars is.


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