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OK So it's out Robert Pattinson is going to play Edward Cullen in Twilight. Word don't describe how disappointed I am. I think he's a attractive (when he doesn't look like a hobo) but he's defiantly not pretty or beautiful as Edward is described throughout the books. I know Gaspard Ulliel (the man looks more like a model than an actor) was likely not going to get the part, but I still thought it'd be a better choice than Cedric Diggory him. I found one picture where he look a tiny bit Edward like, one picture people!! Gaspard looks like Edward is alllllll his photos.

I know Stephanie Meyer's choice of Edward was always Henry Cavill (I had no idea who he was till [ profile] callherblondie), but I wan't aware that they wanted him for the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. Pfft. Robert Pattinson is getting Henry Cavill's roles. I actually don't mind the choice of Bella now, I like her after seeing how wrong it could have been, like the choice of Edward.

At least this made me feel better.

Draco in HBP
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106 Screen Captures & Clip (1024x576) Daniel Radcliffe promoting December Boys on Rove

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- Older captures are found in my memories.
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I was really bummed when I was watching channel 10 news who did a story on the AFIs Awards (Australian Film Industry), which then reminded me I wanted to watch it because Daniel Radcliffe was going to be there. I switched to channel 9 and it was still on but I'd miss the first hour, which I later realised started about an hour late so I hadn't missed much and meant that I got to see:

Cap of December Boys )
They also showed a short clip of "December Boys" with Daniel Radcliffe, who's Australia accent is quite good, well that I could tell with the short clip. Read more... )

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I've made some Dramione Live Journal layouts (along with matching icons) for paid and free accounts, all are fully coded and easy to use. You might recognise some of them because I've used them in the past. Anyway hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think of them.

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I finally saw V for Vendetta and loved it, going go see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on Friday with a group of my friends. I also went driving with my dad, I think I've only been out driving once durring the day time, every other time has been at night or just before it gets dark. Oh and I sucked!! More than usual, probably because I haven't been in months.

Here are "JK's original ideas to kill Harry off" from Rove Live:

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I just got home from my brother's graduation not long ago. My feet kill, I would have not worn heels if I knew I would be standing for 2-3 hours straight.

*Sigh* I was hoping we wouldn't get home too late so I could make a start on my assignment due tomorrow midnight, which means those Alias Sark caps and clips most likely won't be up till after I finish, sorry about that. Hope people are still interested in them. I did have a quick flip though 05x17 to the Sark parts, I'll comment more on them once I've seen the whole thing.

Also WOOOO!!! The Socceroos won against Greece!!

Also I was reading the paper today about how J.K Rowling had a dinosaur named after her, the Dracorex Hogwartsia. That's right people Draco, not Harry Potter, not Ron, not Hermione, but Draco, thus proving Draco is better.
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I caved and couldn't wait till Friday to get my hands on the HP: GoF DVD so I made a quick stop at Chadstone after uni and brought the DVD. Though I kind of wanted to get off the bus anyway because it was a moving human oven, It was once again packed because the high school just finished and the AC was broken and the windows locked and closed. Then we had a crazy bus driver who was also the same one my friend had in the morning that got into an argument with an old lady about talking on his phone while driving, this time someone complained about letting so many people on the bus and he told them to either put up with it or get out, then something was wrong with the bus and made a constant beeping noise and he rang someone up (or vice versa) and was yelling into the phone about the bus. Didn’t really make out what he said.

Anyway I love the deleted scene where the students of Hogwarts are sing Hogwarts theme song or what ever. The look on Krum and Malfoy's face, PRICELESS!!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

BLEH, Should have started my SIT101 assignment.
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First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] meggan_2004!!

*Squee* Look what LiYan brought (well her ATM Dad) on her outing today:

Image Hosted by

The cheapest I found them was $15.48 each, and I could only find the first two at first then as I was making my way to pay for the DVDs with my Dad I saw the 3rd. Now I can perve on Malfoy, well the first thing I did was skip through to his scenes. I also had my eyes set on the Buffy Ultimate collection DVDs but the JB-HFI at Knox City didn't have it, and the Dick Smith Power House where I got my Harry Potter DVDs from were selling it for $289, which JB-HFI at Chadstone had it for about $260-$270.

I think I'm going out again tomorrow, this time to a family friend's for lunch and knowing my parent it'll be late when we get home. I'll probably end up falling asleep on their couch yet again. What can I say, there quite comfortable, and there one those long corner ones which mean usually my brother and my two cousin also take a nap on it at the same time.
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BAH I want the Buffy DVDs, channel 7 have been playing season 2, I miss this show. I wouldn't mind getting the Harry Potter movies on DVD too, this way I can perve on Malfoy whenever I want.

Question: Has anyone read the Narnia books? I want to know if there any good because I'm thinking of using my $50 Angus and Robertson book voucher on them. I've had it since the end of year 9 when I got my Dux award, yeah I know what your thinking, yes once upon a time LiYan was smart, so smart in fact she was top of her year, then horrid year 10 came and LiYan lost her brain cells.


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