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WEEEE My paid account is back (and my banner along with it)!! Was finally able to upload those icons I made before I went on holidays. I think I shall celebrate by doing an Alexander Skarsgård picspam soon.
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[ profile] meggan_2004 I got your Christmas Card today! I had to show my Mum the inside because I couldn't read Chinese part, LOL. I also got a card from my friend, I thought it was a little odd when she asked for my address the other day via SMS, LOL. Oh and my copies of Om Sara and The Last Drop came too (once again Alex looks very good in uniform), I've only flipped through both but, oh my... Alexander is in various states of undress and hotness in Om Sara.

My Paid time officially ran out today. I've told myself I won't renew till after I get back from my trip since my time on LJ probably would be limited anyway, so I won't be using it much then anyway. All was fine, I'm getting use to not seeing my layout when I post a reply in my LJ (though I get confused to which LJ I am posting to) and only having 6 icons. Then I make two new Alexander icons... and LJ won't let me upload them! I've got 111 of 6 uploaded, so I thought, maybe if I delete the 6 LJ picked for me from the 111 I can upload them, but no. It just adds another 2 from the existing 111. GAH and I don't want to have to delete all my icons so I can upload the 2 new ones *sigh*.
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Thanks to everyone who wished I'd get better. I feel a little better today, though I couldn't sleep last night and ended up getting up at 2:30AM to puke and take some panadol for my head ache. Then I wake up this morning to the dreaded email of doooooom.


Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 12 days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

Twilight came out here today, I might be seeing it after dinner tomorrow with friends, otherwise it'll be some other time.

Is everything going on hiatus soon because of Christmas? A lot of shows weren't out this week and I assume it's because of the holidays.
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Why thank you for reminding me LJ, because like I didn't already know, and it wasn't depressing enough. Let hope the Australian dollar goes up real soon because right now... lets just say it ain't the $0.96AUD per $1US is was back in July, but hey it's no longer $0.64.
Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 5 days,
at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

I have the urge to update David Anders Online, but guess who has homework and really shouldn't right now? Yep me. This always happens, I feel like updated or making some graphics when I have no time too. I think it's just another form of my procrastination to do anything but my assignments.

Only 3 more days till Eric!! True Blood has never felt so far away, I've been waiting three frickin' weeks for some more Eric. That promo better not lie!

Also I was watching Friday Night Lights and you know what I realised? The guy who plays J.D. McCoy (Matt's rival) is Jeremy Sumpter, you know the kid who played Peter Pan (I may or may have not found him cute back then). Boy has he grown, looks and heigh wise, according to IMDB he's 6' 2" (1.88 m). Not surprised because one of the facts on IMDB is that he grew 8 inches while filming Peter Pan and they had to keep enlarging the window so he wouldn't hit his head when he flew in the window. He's making my Saracen look small!

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NOOO The email of doom!! Doom I tell you, DOOM!!
Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 12
days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

This cheered me up a little though, new photos of Eric (squee fangs!). It's from episode 7, so at least now we know we'll see him before episode 8. slight spoiler )

The final Twilight trailer came out yesterday but I found myself unexcited. True Blood/The Southern Vampire series has taken over. I think maybe because I find Alexander Skarsgård much more attractive than Robert Pattinson, who looks fine in photo shoots but when he's not...
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First of all big thank you to [ profile] blowqueen who brought me 6 month of paid time!!

Also SQUEE Twilight clip/s!! I captured it so for those who would like a copy can download it. ET, and MTV. The MTV one is very cute, Kristin asks Robert to dazzle everyone, and he starts laughing because he doesn't know how, plus:
Ashley Greene (Alice): "We would totally kick ass" [In reference to HP Vs Twilight]
Jackson Rathbone (Jasper): "I dunno. They've got brooms"

I've added some new photos of David Anders in Heroes on the site. Some are HQ of old photos, others are new all together.

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*Cries* I got the email of doom.
Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 12
days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

I went shopping today for the first time in months, I'd been needing things for ages like lip balm/gloss. I also got one of those cute Bonds hoodies, was disappointed at the range they had though, there where so many pretty ones on the site, but there was only one I liked at K-mart, Target didn't even have any. Also this MAC lusreglass is so pretty, but $34 is too much, I wish there was more decent cheap makeup places out there.
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YAY Massive thank you to Artin and the 2 Anonymous people who both brought me userpic time, thank you soooooo much!! I know have 16 months :D. LOL not even sure my paid time last even that long. Does LJ keep you extra userpics time when you paid account runs out? Sorry should have posted this right away before more people brought me more, but I wanted to post the stuff below too.

Now I need to get off my but and upload House 04x03 and capture 03x01 of Supernatural, I think I should hold off downloading and watching because looks what happens, but it's so hard because I want to see my boys, and we're 2 episodes behind, 03x02 airs Monday. Oh and here is a zip file with some missing caps from House 04x02, they slipped past me the other day, there's only a few from the start of the episode.

Also I've had episode of Smallville sitting on my computer for like a year or two, does anyone want HD Jensen Ackles on Smallville caps, if no, I'm just going to delete off my computer because there like 5-6GB each. PS- Don't know when I'll get around to doing them or if I even will.
[Poll #1074107]
Example (click for full size):
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The following paid account add-on of your LiveJournal account "bluebear_74"
has expired.

- Extra Userpics

If you'd like to renew this add-on, please visit:

LiveJournal Team

Does anyone know how long you have till you can't ever get them back?

Bugger just remember I forgot to upload House 04x03 at Uni today.
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BAH I think my new phone is broken. I got a call from EzyDVD before and I kept saying hello and the person couldn't hear me ont he other end. My friend let me use her phone which is how I found out it was them, and they want me to go down tomorrow about a job there. I hope all goes well and I get it because it would be prefect because I love EzyDVD.

To top it all off I got an email of doom:
Your paid account add-on of Extra Userpics for LiveJournal user"bluebear_74" will expire in 12 days, at which time your paid account will revert to its standard features.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] paperwirexit!!
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First of all I would like to say a massive massive thank you to both [ profile] vamp2puppy and [ profile] idyllic_bliss who both brought me more paid LJ time, I have another 14 months now so thank you once again. I'm so grateful, I have one less thing to worry about now, Uni has me so stressed. I have an awesome flist!! I love you all.

It's finally the weekend but no time to relax with another assignment due Monday 5PM, 2 down 3 to go at the moment.

I was also looking at Nici products on and DAMN I want to by everything!! My brother actually brought (to my great shock) me a cute little dog photo holder figure when I asked him when I was at the Warner Brothers store at Crown Casino on Monday.

I'm not sure how many Delta Goodrem fans on my flist but here's her single that's found on the Japanese version of Innocent Eyes, Delta Goodrem - Flawed.

I realised today a lot of the shows I use to love I don't love them as much any more, the only show I'm really excited about every week is Battlestar Galactica.
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DAMMIT my paid LJ time just ran out, I totally forgot I've been so fracking busy this week. I've been at Deakin so much, On Tuesday I was there from 10AM till 7:30PM and today I was there 9AM till 5:30PM just working on my assignment. God I have another 3 to go, on the plus side I did get a HD for another of my assignments.

Good bye paid LJ. Aww.. I just realised I'm like on 6 userpics, I had 105 dammit *cries* going to take forever to re-upload if or when I re-new my paid time. Maybe if I do I'll wait till after my exams, which just seems forever away. I guess my other custom stuff (custom mood icons and layers) is still there, just can't change it. *Cries again* I just saw I have no custom comment pages any more.

God why does life have to be so stressful, and FRACKING hot!
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So currently most of the contents in my room at in the living room, where going to put floorboards in my room tomorrow, hopefully won't take too long because I need my computer next two weeks for all my assignments.

I'm also using Semagic ([ profile] ljwin32_sema) for the first time after a few people mentioned they used it to update their LJ's with it in my last poll. So far all seems good, no complains yet, though I'm not sure if it lets you upload image with it into your LJ photo space. The detect music thing is handy, saves me typing it myself.

Question: If you have extra userpics that don't run out before your paid account do you loose them? I'm pretty sure you can't have the extra userpics unless you have a paid account, but I'm not sure if you get that time back once you get a paid account again at a later time. My paid account runs out on Thursday and well my computer is going to be not in use while we do the floorboards tomorrow, and I don't know when is will be in use again, I guess I could use my brother's to re-new, that's if I find the time.

Also watched 03x01 and 03x02 of Battlestar Galatica, FRACKING AWESOME!! God I want more now!! Couldn't help but squee when they called Sharon, spoiler ). Is it next week yet? Also is anyone having problems with downloading the podcast for 3.01 and 3.02 of BSG?

Better get to bed, I'm going to be waken up early to help move the rest of the stuff in my room tomorrow morning.

Study Break

Jun. 5th, 2006 10:49 pm
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First of all much love go to both [ profile] sdl_uncommon and [ profile] empty_ambition (who also got me 2 months of extra user pics too) who each brought me 2 months of paid time. Now I have one less thing to stress about.

I finally finished all my assignments now, stayed up till 4:30AM last night doing them. All I have to worry about now is exams.

I'm on my study break now, I should be able to find time to cap Supernatural and also House but tonight's episode of Supernatural stuffed up so now there's a big gap missing, never trusting the time-shifting again.
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Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bluebear_74" is expiring in 10
days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

*cries*. Last time it was running out was on one of my exams days also.


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