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Why hello there Tom Felton!

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I got a Twitter the other day, and just about given up on it (I don't really have any celebrities to follow) till I found out Tom Felton also recently got one, and proceeded to post these (one an update, another his profile photo).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
(grr LJ photos aren't working)

I really hope BigW have another one of their $50 iTunes credit for $30 soon. I'm low on credit, and 30 cents short of buying the Australia Soundtrack EP (though part of me want to wait for the full soundtrack if it ever happens).

Why must there be 50 versions on the Twilight DVD? And the one version I want I can't get because it's region 1 and there's no why to work around the regions on Bluray. According to Amazon Generation Kill and True Blood aren't region locked, which I hope it's true because I have no idea if they'll be available in Australia, let alone bluray. Wow I really need a job so I can actually afford all these DVDs! I still haven't brought Southern Vampire Series books.
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  • NOOOO!!! I'm capped!!! I've watched what I managed to download of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before I got capped. How is it possible that the season opener was even more awesome than the final?, but aljfigjiojhioahoihjoiahj the bit I got up to was when spoiler ) GAH HURRY UP REST OF DOWNLOAD!!

  • Also YAY outtakes of Draco from the Entertainment Weekly magazine photos.

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  • I NEED this magazine. Why can't I be in France?

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  • Also I want this one too. The Twilight cast did a photo shoot for In Style, it's meant to be for the October issue.

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Great so they pushed the released date of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Price back till July 2009. Like it wasn't a long enough wait as it was. Well I hope this gives Twilight movie a chance to be huge. At least this photo (from the latest EW) made up for it, a little.

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Tom Felton released another EP on iTunes. This ones called "All I Need". I haven't had a good listen yet (distracted by the Olympics) but I really like All I Need. Time Isn't Healing is still my favourite though.

I didn't think I'd get caught up with the Olympics but I have. I've been watching channel 7's coverage when I have nothing else to watch. Has anyone else been watching?
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  • This was on Perez a few days ago but I didn't post because Breaking Dawn took over. I bring you shirtless Tom Felton. Tom also got the lead in a movie called “Emma of Lulworth Cove”.

  • Found out David Anders is going to be at the Armageddon Expo in November. I'm not sure if I'll go or not yet. Tickets aren't too expensive, though the autographs and photos are.

  • I'm glad I removed [ profile] ontd_twilight from my list in case there were spoilers because there were when I looked last night. I also called Borders Chadstone and Knox and both don't seem to be getting the Twilight movie calendar. The guy at Chadstone said there was a entry made for it about 2 months ago but there isn't a order for them to come in. I guess I'll just have to try the US site.

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It's been a good morning. First I wake up to another promo of Draco from HBP looking angsty.

Then more photos of Gaspard and Kate Moss for the Longchamp adds come out.

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Souce: [ profile] hbpmoviepics and [ profile] _charon. If only there were some photos of David Anders and this post would be complete. Alas I searched and there are none.
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So glad they got rid of that stupid wig, he looks so much better. *Goes of to listen to some Tom Felton songs*.

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Grrr... stupid Fusion HDTV stuffed up again. It always seems to stuff up when I need it and when I don't it's just fine. I missed the 2nd last episode of House (only saw some of the start then it crashed and lost my time-shift). Which means no screen captures sorry, I just have a few from the start of the episode.

Also finally got iTunes credit and promptly brought those Tom Felton aka Felbeats songs.

Sorry I've been MIA, I've got assignments building up, I have 2 more due Monday. I think I've completely failed my Distributed Systems unit, you need to get at least 50% on assignments to pass and I'm pretty sure I haven't done that. I'm really angry that the unit description didn't emphasise that programming was needed to do the unit so all the poor Multimedia students that picked it struggled with the unit because we didn't have the proper existing knowledge required. I'm hoping by some miracle I pass the unit, so I don't have to take up an extra unit to get the 1 credit point I need to pass. I can't wait for holidays, my last exam is on the 23rd.

I've also been seeing the new Jensen Ackles channel 10 Promo, I haven't managed to catch and record it yet, unfortunately channel 10 very rarely play those promos on 10HD which is what I normally watch.
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Aww... Tom Felton made it on Perez Hilton (and his video is featured on YouTube). His songs are also up on iTunes now, their under "Feltbeats". Still don't have an iTunes account so I can't listen to the whole songs.

I'm going to try and finish my SIT361 assignment tonight and not leave it all till tomorrow (it's due midnight). I keep getting distracted, which is one of the downsides of doing assignments on computers, I can't help but go refresh my flist, email, etc. I've also finished my contribution for my online group assignment, some people are doing half arse jobs, I just edited someone else's work because they didn't fell that spelling, grammar, and sentences that make sense are important (many moments I was left thinking, ok these are words but what are they trying to say). I mean I'm not English genius or anything, I never have been, but is it so hard to run a spell check through Microsoft Word?

ETA: If there is photos of t.A.T.u at the Cannes why aren't there any of Gaspard?!
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Tom Felton looking hot while singing:

There going to be released on iTunes, make me wish I had an iTunes account, LOL. There's a total of 4 songs in the clip.
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The power came back on at about 6PM, first thing I did was go to download the Tom Felton clip I mentioned before. Another pretty song, this is the first time I've heard him sing, he's quite good. The song again was once again written by him, it's called Time Isn't Healing. The last was called Silhouettes in Sunsets.

Here's a MP3 I made for those who want it, and if you want to download the clip you can use KeepVid.

Also I was just reading this. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Lewis Hamilton, I kind of hope he is the stig, because I love both the stig and Hamilton, he's my favourite F1 driver ever since Kimi Raikkonen broke my heart and went to race for Ferrari, though it worked out for him in the end because he won the world championship, and I still like him. Plus it makes sense too. In the episode where they make stig take public transport he's reading the paper and throws it aside after seeing Hamilton in it, it could have been a little "in" joke, also it would explain how Hamilton was able to get the second fastest time in the F1 Drivers "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car", only second to the stig (who knows the track very well), all while in wet and oily conditions (a car they had been testing earlier had leaked oil on the track).
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Guess what, power is out again. Pretty sure it was planned since the power people where already out there when it went out. They where working on it last night too when my brother got home at 2am from work.

I'm getting hungry and my mum made fried rice last night but i can't heat it up because of the power. If i get really hungry i guess it's canned soup for me.

Now i need to find something to do. I would clean my room but i did that last night, maybe i should do the rest of the house, since if i check my flist on my phone i won't bother to reply to anything because typing can be a pain. Hope power is back soon, someone posted a clip of Tom Felton singing with his guitar on dramione and i can't watch it on my phone.
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Draco Malfoy Tom Felton + guitar + playing his own song = ♥

Oh and the hair? And the smile at the end? *Melts* ETA: Mp3 rip, couldn't help myself, such a pretty song.

Geez I'm posting about everyone lately BUT David Anders.
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So my exam today went horribly, I just hope so did everyone else and they boost our marks up and I pass. I've got another tomorrow for World Wide Web and Internet programming. I hope there isn't much Java and PHP because I suck at both, HTML I can do. I'm trying to get into DSO so I can go over my old practices but the fracking site isn't working. I also saw my friend Shabnam again to today, she had some exam I can't remember.

I have to catch the train home tomorrow because my friend who drives me is meeting some of her friends after the exam for lunch, she driving me to the station so it ain't that bad but it'll mean I'll have to walk home from the station which I hate because it's all up hill.

LOL I was looking at the guide before and "Anna and the King" is going to be, maybe I'll watch to see little Malfoy Tom Felton. Too bad channel 7 suck and air their "HD presentation" in the afternoon and no programs, not that their HD channel is any good anyway, the still air it at SD quality, 720x576, and say it's "HD", while channel 10 and 9 air it at a 1440x1080.

Also is that thing on LJ where you hover over someone's userpic on your flist new? Or have I just never noticed it before?


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