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The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I heard the show is likely going to get cancelled if it already hasn't, I like this episode, but it was as great as past episodes.

While I was watching Wipeout (just about the only thing I watch on Network 9) I saw an add for 20 to 1: Best Movie Moments and there was a quick flash of the scene in Zoolander where Alexander Skarsgard is with the other ball models drinking their Orange Mocha Frappuccinos in the back of the Jeep. Naturally I had to watch, it got #7 for the gas fight scene.

YAY New outtakes of Gaspard from the Blast photo shoot.

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New Twilight poster, I think they look kinda weird, the soundtrack playlist is up also. I love Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.
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Only one more day, the wait is horrible!! I've been trolling around the Internet looking up what I can of Alex/Eric to tie me over. I particularly love this interview. I love that the writer mentioned frappuccinos (weather on purpose or not), because Alex played Meekus in Zoolander (one of Derek's friends who died in the explosion when they we're playing with the gas pumps) and all them loved drinking Orange Mocha Frappuccionos (clip). LOL I need to buy this movie on DVD I have always loved it because it makes me laugh so much. My friend and I are always quoting it, plus it was the very first movie I saw when Village Cinemas opening night in Fountain Gate.

“It’s not like he’s been asleep for 1,000 years and just now woke up and he’s still wearing his Viking helmet,” Skarsgård says, laughing (He does throw a line of Swedish into the dialogue in homage to Eric’s heritage, though).

Kind of like being able to score fame and your own frappuccino.

This came in the mail the other day but I thought I'd post about so my last few posts are all just about Alexander. Gaspard Ulliel in Mixte magazine!! I'll have to make so HQ scans soon and make a layout or something (though an Alex/Eric/Brad layout is so tempting).

I'm off to make some Brad Colbert icons to distract me from waiting for True Blood.
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  • NOOOO!!! I'm capped!!! I've watched what I managed to download of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before I got capped. How is it possible that the season opener was even more awesome than the final?, but aljfigjiojhioahoihjoiahj the bit I got up to was when spoiler ) GAH HURRY UP REST OF DOWNLOAD!!

  • Also YAY outtakes of Draco from the Entertainment Weekly magazine photos.

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  • I NEED this magazine. Why can't I be in France?

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  • Also I want this one too. The Twilight cast did a photo shoot for In Style, it's meant to be for the October issue.

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So I started Uni again yesterday. I met my group for my Project unit and found out what project we we're assigned. I was hoping for the Marine Animal Website but we got the "SARA Website". We later found out it's a website for a volunteer organization for women in distress, which works out because my whole group are girls (usually very unlikely since there aren't very many girls who do IT, according to the teacher it wasn't on purpose, a few of us had names that could go either way). There was one guy but he switched so he could be with his friends (we had 6 people, his friends had 5), it made more sense because he was in IT security while we are in Multimedia. His friend offered to switch with him so he could be in the group with 5 girls, LOL.

Then today I had my Interactive Images lecture and prac, went ok. Also had my Motion Capture subject too, it's another group unit, so I'm hoping I'll be in the same group as my friend. Deakin is meant to have the biggest and most sophisticated Motion Capture lab in Australia, and it gets rented out to film/animation and games makers. Brett Lee was here not long ago doing some motion capture stuff of his bowling.

Those who are curious about what's happening with my failed unit, my lecturer emailed me back and was no help at all. Luckily I emailed someone in enrolment who said I could get a Concede Pass if I pass all my units this semester. So now I need to make sure I pass all these units and get that Concede Pass.

Also YAY look what came in the mail today!! You can also see the quick wallpaper I whipped up with some UHQ scans I made is the background, if you really look you can see my little Gaspard slide show that runs while my computer is on.

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YAY The Behind the Scenes clip of the Gaspard Ulliel and Kate Moss photo shoot for Longchamp is up on the site. You can download it flv here (right click and save target/link as)

I zipped up all the caps I made (219 of them) DOWNLOAD.
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click to see a preview off all 132 moods

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I'm not sure what to think of the Doctor Who final, I'm happy and sad.

My family went to the market today we haven't been there for around 5 years, we also took the new East Link there, only took us about 15 minutes compared to the 45 in the past. The new tunnel is very pretty, and they have boom gates just before for truck drivers who ignore the signs telling them their truck won't make it through. Once they get to a certain point and haven't gotten off, the gates close and no cars are let through. I remember awhile back a truck went through one of the other tunnels here and it was too high but he kept going and proceeded to knock off every single LED sign along the way. Of course they finned him and made him pay for the signs (like you would really get away with it, there's cameras everywhere). Some people are stupid, like one of my neighbours.

My Mum was telling me how someone was driving on the wrong side of the road and my Mum thought it was odd, they then stopped and a girl threw out her bag of McDonald's rubbish on my neighbour's lawn, closed the door and drove off to only stop at a house 2 houses down! If your almost home why can't you throw it in your own bin? My parents said the family who live there are Muslim so the only thing I could think of is the girl in the car wasn't meant to be eating McDonald's (because it isn't Halal) and trying to hide the evidence. Either way I still think it's wrong.

Random thought: I need to finish my Gaspard mood theme...
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It's been a good morning. First I wake up to another promo of Draco from HBP looking angsty.

Then more photos of Gaspard and Kate Moss for the Longchamp adds come out.

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Souce: [ profile] hbpmoviepics and [ profile] _charon. If only there were some photos of David Anders and this post would be complete. Alas I searched and there are none.
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Just a few more HQ of Gaspard at Chanel '09 Spring Summer Haute Couture fashion show.

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Also photos of Gaspard at Chanel '09 Spring Summer Haute Couture fashion show (July 1st, Paris, France). As always click thumbnail for full size. ETA added 2 more HQs.

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CHIP CHIP HOORAY!! Brother and I drove down and got some this afternoon. There was only a small line so we didn't have to wait long. Some states have about 1000 bags left, and a few have run out all together. We have yet to try them. ETA: People are still bidding on chips on eBay!!

Also an extra photo of Gaspard and Clémence from the Blast photo shoot by Lars Botten.

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YAY More photos of Gaspard, these are from 'Elle Dior Party' and 'Le Grand Journal' TV Show.

French Actor Gaspard Ulliel attends the 'Elle Dior Party' held at Eden Roc Hotel during 61st Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 23, 2008.

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YAY Finally photo of Gaspard at the Cannes!!

Jimmy'z Party - 61st Cannes Film Festival
Click for HQ.
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  • I've added photos of David Anders filming "Into the Blue 2: The Reef" in Hawaii into the gallery. There's not much information on the movie so far, but you can check out it's IMDB page or this article for more information. According to IMDB the movie will be released in 2010. Click the thumbnails to get to the albums.

  • Gaspard Ulliel is at the 2008 Cannes but why aren't there any photos of him yet? I want me some Gaspard wearing Dior Homme (well he usually does anyway). There is these photos of him arriving at the air port for the event however.

  • Also new Twilight photos!! Aren't they pretty, I'm really excited about this movie and the book, I just wish it wasn't the last.

  • This show hasn't even started yet and I'm really exited, I'm already shipping Paul (Tahmoh Penikett ♥♥♥) and Echo (Eliza Dushku). The show? Dollhouse of course. This awesome trailer of course added to the excitement. It's also nice to see Dichen Lachman again, remember her on Neighbours?
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YAY Hot new photos of Gaspard!! I wish they sold the magazine here, alas they don't.

Blast, Spring 2008

My friend was meant to drive us to Deakin yesterday, I messaged her in the morning asking if she was driving and if she needed my parking permit. 30 minutes before class started she message me telling she'd slept in and it best it I just drove myself which was fine, I ended only being 10 minutes late. On the way home we both went to McDonald's I waited for her in the car park and when she got there she told me she got a $66 fine for parking without a permit, $66 could have brought 3 months of parking. It's her second ticket, last time she parked in a non-spot and was fine about $30, which I paid half of. So glad I remember to stick this month's parking permit on the other day, I started walking away then remember and ran back and stuck it on the car.

My brother also called up about 30 stores today trying to pre-order a copy of the limited edition Metal Gear Solid game, I'm not sure if he was successful or not, every where had already filled their quota, one place even called up saying they couldn't any more after already taking his money, another said they could and he went down and said they couldn't any more.

Assignment Woes ) I need me some Gaspard or Anders to cheer me up, or maybe I can watch the Twilight trailer another 20 times, I've even put it on my iPod so I can watch it any where.
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OK Those new Gaspard Ulliel photos made me have a bit of an accident in my pants...

Also remember the Advance Animation pitch that I was stressing about? Got my mark back today, 19/20!! I'm so pleased. I had no ideas for a concept until a few days before it was due and even then I hadn't had it all worked out till the night before it was due. But Steve (my tutor) really liked it. I still haven't worked out where he's accent is from, he was born in Australia, but lived in Mexico for years and years, and my friend suggested that the travel has made his accent odd, but another friend thinks it sounds Canadian.

I was meant to book the restaurant for dinner on Saturday with my friends, but I keep forgetting, well I guess there's the KFC next door.
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Here are the Gaspard Ulliel photos I've been promising. I'm getting evil glares for not posting them sooner and I'm starting to fear for my life. I've resized and watermarked because I actually paid for the photos, so credit is appreciated if you use them. Their by Patrick Camboulive and are from 2004, click images for HQ.

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I need to go to bed now, but I'll post these at [ profile] daily_gaspard tomorrow morning.
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72 Gaspard Ulliel, and 4 Twilight Icons
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YAY Look what I found!! Unwatermarked, textless, large photos of the Gaspard Ulliel photo shoot by Betina Rheims for Madame Figaro.

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I'm still trying to find a place where the 32GB iPod Touch is cheaper than $499US (the price on the official Apple site). Also I always thought I only had the Friday and Monday off for Easter, turns out my friend and I read the dates wrong and I have all of next week off. Holidays already, I've only been back at Uni for 3 weeks. For some reason I'm watching the Tropfest entries on channel 9, there's been some cute funny ones, and a few with celebrities.
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I never really liked James much but...

Cam Gigandet as James

I'm starting to get very excited about the Twilight movie now. The only thing that is killing the joy is the fact that I have the pitch due next week which I have to present in front of the whole class, and that I also how zero ideas on (I need a concept for a 5 minute animation that will become my major final project). I almost have finished the Gaspard mood theme, I just a have a few more to go.


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