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My first Harry Potter: Draco & Hermione (Dramione) wallpaper. Also made 12 matching icons as well and a LJ layout to share with everyone.

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First of all Happy Birthday to [ profile] frozenwithin for yesterday.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was on yesterday (GoF next week), so I bring you a mini Draco Malfoy picspam. Click on thumbnail for HD versions.

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Car = Joy

Sep. 13th, 2006 11:52 pm
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BLEH I'm not use to the blue iTunes icon.

But YAY my friend got her car back today, no more train and bus. I don't think I could last all week, I had 6 hours sleep the other night then 5 last night, then I have to try and stay awake during class and the train and bus ride.

I need some new Draco & Dramione pictures but there's hardly any pictures to work with.
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I've made some Dramione Live Journal layouts (along with matching icons) for paid and free accounts, all are fully coded and easy to use. You might recognise some of them because I've used them in the past. Anyway hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think of them.

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Aug. 13th, 2006 11:37 pm
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I'm once again bored. There's nothing to do online, no new updated on Sarkney or Dramione fics to read (haven't really felt like reading new fics, unless their recs), not in the mood for graphics, though I really need some new Draco icons.

My dad finally got hooks so I could hang the cork board I brought last week, my attempt to keep organised and remember things, though the only think that is organisey up there now is my uni timetable next to my other random stuff. I found my Alias trading cards I got a little while ago and stuck my Sark ones up there. I'm tempted to buy the season 2 trading card box set, but I think it cost quite a penny. I just want the Sark cards. *sigh* I miss Sark.

I need to make a start of that assignment you're all probably sick of hearing about.

Damn House caps are like stuck on 41% uploading, I'll have to upload tomorrow along with The Steph Show episode, and maybe Battlestar Galactica 02x01 HD caps.
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New Layout

Jul. 19th, 2006 02:17 am
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I FINALLY got the new layout up, I've been bloody working on the CSS all fricking night and it's it's almost 2:30AM and I've got to be up at 6:30AM for Uni because my friend is sick and isn't going tomorrow so I can't get a lift there with her. There's things here and there I need to change on the layout but I'm leaving that for tomorrow. I'm also going to make a resource post tomorrow with this layouts credits tomorrow, right now I NEED sleep.

[ profile] bluebear_74 \\ [ profile] bluebear_74 \\ [ profile] bluebear_74

Love to know what everybody thinks! Oh you might have noticed it's similar to mone of my old wallpapers because this layout was driving me insane I recycled stuff from that wallpaper, those .psd files sure come in handy.
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  • My exams are finally over, I hope that I've passed them all because I really don't want to fork out another $872 for each unit I fail and have to re-do these boring arse subjects.

  • With exams over it gives me time to catch up on all the things I've pushed aside. Meaning those House caps, I've got 2.5 1.5 1 episodes to cap then once there done I can post episodes 02x10-02x14.

  • Australia aka The Socceroos lost against Brazil Monday morning, I'm not surprised we lost through, but Australia played a good game though the ref had it in for us. Viduka as the team captain has the right to ask why his team are penalised, the the ref has to explain to him why, however when Viduka asked the ref wouldn't tell him. I'm glad Kewell is still playing next game after the argument with the ref, FIFA probably didn't penalise him because how unfair Australia was treated along with of course the inconsistent of the reports. Can't wait for tomorrows game at 5AM, all we need to do is draw or win.

  • GREGGERS!! (Click for full size)
    Click for full size

  • [Poll #753469]No S/V, you know who you guys are
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Feb. 26th, 2006 11:49 pm
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NOOOOO I start University tomorrow, I don't wanna I want to be lazy some more.

I'm trying to make a new Dramione LJ layout (major lack of scenes together) but I'm getting no where, I hate everything I come up with and can't seem to get anything to work right. BAH I really want a new layout so there somethign new and pretty for when I make my icon and calendar post.

OOO double Surface tonight, but late at night, but also the season final.
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LiYan is $270 richer. I got $100 from my Dad, $100 from my Mum, $50 from my Grandma then $20 from family friends. I hope all you who celebrate Chinese New Year got big juicy red packets too.

Went to the city AGAIN! But this time to China Town for the Chinese New Year stuff, I think I got sub burnt, my cheeks are a little red. While we where there, there was a couple taking wedding photo, with many on lookers, though that's what you get when you take pictures when there's heaps of people. She was wearing a pretty light orange-pinky dress though. Crown Casino had pretty displays also.

Image Hosted by
Lanterns hanging from the roof at Crown Casino

God I have the attention span of a 5 year old. I was looking for Dramione fics to read, the Joel was talking about the new Twins album, which then lead me to the scan my brother made of the album, then the scans led me to make a wallpaper (god knows why, I don't even like them), then I was watching a Dramione vid, which made me want to watch some Draco scenes. All the stuff I did previously is now left unfinished.
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BAH so hot and bored. I haven't really be in a Sarkney reading mood lately, there's only certain Sarkney fics I feel like reading once updated because I love them so. Probably because I've been in a Dramione mood instead. I still love Sarkney of course, it's just Alias has been so dead and Jen Garner getting knocked up and therefore Sydney pregnant on Alias wreaked everything, I think season 5 could have been good. Plus with Sark not being on Alias totally made me lose interest in the show, Sark was the reason that drew me in in the first place. Dude Alias needs Sarkney, maybe I'll just conveniently continue to pretend only season 1 and 2 only existed every time I watch a new episode.

I need to make me some new Sark icons, my old ones feel over-used but I can't bear to part with them and replace them with another fandom so I continue to keep them there till I make new Sark/Sarkney ones.

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- Please comment and credit if you use any.
- Please do not hotlink if possible.
- Feel free to add your own text on textless icons or let me know what text you want added.
- Older icons and art posts can be found in my memories or my site rendezv0us.ORG.
- Images: My own, manip in #19 by [ profile] gothic_nyx, manip in #40 and #41 by [ profile] somesadaffair.
- Cross posted to: [ profile] alias_icons, [ profile] dramione, [ profile] ff_icons, [ profile] good_aliasicons, [Bad username or site: harrypotter/hp0_icons @], and [ profile] proclivityfans (Sorry for cross posting so many places).

In the bush

Jan. 9th, 2006 11:54 pm
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We went back to the Dandenong Rangers today since last time we went the William Rickets place was close because of the heat and fire bans. Then awards we went to go look and some waterfall, going there was the easy part because it was all down hill, but going back was a bitch.

I need to make an icon post soon, I keep putting it off then next thing I know I have over 100 icons to post.

Edit: YAY I finally made myself some new Draco and Dramione icons (I know, even more icons to post now).
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First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] meggan_2004!!

*Squee* Look what LiYan brought (well her ATM Dad) on her outing today:

Image Hosted by

The cheapest I found them was $15.48 each, and I could only find the first two at first then as I was making my way to pay for the DVDs with my Dad I saw the 3rd. Now I can perve on Malfoy, well the first thing I did was skip through to his scenes. I also had my eyes set on the Buffy Ultimate collection DVDs but the JB-HFI at Knox City didn't have it, and the Dick Smith Power House where I got my Harry Potter DVDs from were selling it for $289, which JB-HFI at Chadstone had it for about $260-$270.

I think I'm going out again tomorrow, this time to a family friend's for lunch and knowing my parent it'll be late when we get home. I'll probably end up falling asleep on their couch yet again. What can I say, there quite comfortable, and there one those long corner ones which mean usually my brother and my two cousin also take a nap on it at the same time.


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