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Sorry for the lack of updates and commenting as of late, for the past week or so I've just had assignment after assignment due. I've got another due Friday then nothing till after holidays. I need the mini break. Sunday night/Monday morning I was up till 9AM doing an 3000 word essay which was only worth 10 marks, I wouldn't have minded if it was either less words, or worth more marks. You probably probably think 10 marks is ok, but part 2 was worth 5 marks and it was a power point slides of part 1 (the essay), then part 3 was worth 5 marks and was a proposal for assignment 2, which really was 1-2 paragraphs of what you were making (you got 1 mark for just writing your group members names).

There's all these other issues for my Project unit, the clients are total idiots and want us to do all this extra stuff they don't even need because their trying to milk us for work, doesn't help that they have no idea about some things (at least some of the staff are super nice and sweet). Plus my feet hurt because we had a presentation in front of class and my group dressed up and wore heels around Deakin all day (after comments no one came dressed nice last week, yet we we're the only ones this week).

Also why is gas/petrol so expensive? My Dad, brother and I went to fill up before, my car was half full and cost about $45, while my brother's alone was $82!! It came up to $181!! Even with the 4 cents off per litre we only saved $5. LOL The girl at the counter told my brother to take 5 Freddo frogs because they were free to which my brother asked if she was sure, and she told him to trust her and she'll show him. It was because if you spend money in the store you get an extra 2 cents off, and because we had gotten enough petrol that extra 2 cents became $2.50 which was the price of the Freddo frogs. Too bad they didn't have Caramello Koala, I love those.

I've only read some of the leaked Midnight Sun, I don't know why but I've been really "Meh" about it. I really enjoyed the first chapter though. I'm not sure if it's because I've been pretty flat out with assignments or the fact that I know what happens. I also not a fan how Smeyer has blamed fans for the leak when most of them (ie me) didn't even know about it till she commented about it. I'll think she'll still write it (for the money), probably just wanted a ego boost (of fans telling her they still love her after Breaking Dawn, which I did like btw).

Also for some reason as of late I've been obsessed with nail polish, I even ordered about $28US worth the other day (why does O.P.I have to cost so much here and have such pretty shades and cool names). So much for not spending any more money.
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They had a book review for Breaking Dawn this morning on "The Morning Show". LOL Larry I could tell thought the story was kind of cheesy and the reviewer explained that you have to read them to get it. She gave the book 4/5 stars, and said their good for people who like reading saga type books, Larry looked baffled when she said you should get them all and read them, and preceded to say "It's 10 cms thick!" I'm curious so poll time:

[Poll #1237146]

She also said the movie is out January (9th) here, which led me to find out they had A4 posters advertising the movie. How did I not know this? There's probably no more at Hoytes, since google brought up a results where people had the poster last month.

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  • This was on Perez a few days ago but I didn't post because Breaking Dawn took over. I bring you shirtless Tom Felton. Tom also got the lead in a movie called “Emma of Lulworth Cove”.

  • Found out David Anders is going to be at the Armageddon Expo in November. I'm not sure if I'll go or not yet. Tickets aren't too expensive, though the autographs and photos are.

  • I'm glad I removed [ profile] ontd_twilight from my list in case there were spoilers because there were when I looked last night. I also called Borders Chadstone and Knox and both don't seem to be getting the Twilight movie calendar. The guy at Chadstone said there was a entry made for it about 2 months ago but there isn't a order for them to come in. I guess I'll just have to try the US site.

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Ok so I've now I've had some time to process my thoughts. Thoughts, and of course spoilers )

Also I think I'm crazy, I hope I don't regret it. My bank account has never been sadder.

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WOOO HOOO Just finished Breaking Dawn!! I'll post my thoughts later and what's I've been up-to between reading the book. Right now I should work on that assignment due tomorrow.
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It's 5:30 now and I'm on the way to Deakin. My friend and I just have been running all over Chadstone trying to find 2 more copies of Breaking Dawn for her and her cousin, I got the last non-pre order which the cover was ripped a bit but I was worried if I didn't buy it I wouldn't be able to get it at all. My friend's cousin called a few places and Angus & Robertson's are sold out everywhere in Australia till Friday when they get more stock. Target haven't unpacked their stock so they don't know if they'll have it or not.

Really kicking myself now for not pre-ordering it, I under estimated it's popularity here. Had I known I would have pre-ordered or come in the morning to beat of the crazy school girls. Didn't even go to the event because we were running around Chadstone, I took a peak though and it was this tiny little area for it and it was pack with girls in their school uniforms.

ETA photo! My Lewis Hamilton cap came today too!! I'll never wear it, but it's still pretty and I'm supporting him, LOL.

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Did anyone watch the EW clips from Comic Con? 1. Did anyone watch the Dollhouse one? The interviewer commented to Joss that Smeyer was really looking forward to Dr. Horrible. 2. When are we going to get these (*points below*) photos? 3. YAY They finally added the EW photos to Contour, but their only the same ones from EW, I was hoping to get some outtakes (unless you count the photo without the cross on the roof not photoshopped out).

Also from what I gather RPattz isn't doing Bella's lullaby, he's just doing another two songs. Also Muse might be doing a bit of a remixed version of the song being used to make it more "Twilighty".
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WHAT?!?! Breaking Dawn spoilers already?!?! MUST. NOT. LOOK! Dude Monday seems even father away now.
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Only one more week till Breaking Dawn (in Australia). I've got gaps in my timetable on Tuesday which I'll probably read it in, and I have no classes Wednesday. Still unsure where I'll get the book, I think Borders is cheapest (so far), and I want see if I can see what stuff they are doing for the launch (even though I won't be able to make it because of my Uni workshop). Of course all this also depends on if I don't have a meeting earlier that day, because the only time my group seems to be free, is before the workshop.

Did anyone read the "spoiler" for Breaking Dawn? I just knew... )

Also while I was bored I was looking at E.L.F, why does the Australian one have hardly anything the US one has? Plus almost everything is $1 is the US, it's $3.95 here.

Quick happy birthday to [ profile] hotpot8202 and [ profile] adiaaida!!

ETA: How cute is this Dollhouse photo from Comic Con? There's more of other Comic Con guests here (including Twilight).
Comic-Con 2008: 32 star portraits! | Dollhouse-Eliza_l
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I've been reading all the Twilight stuff from Comic Con and by the sounds of things fangirls killed Comic Con, lol. It's not only me who thinks that some of the cast didn't know what they were getting into when they signed up? RPattz and Kristen always look o_O around fans. Though others are really great, like Cam and Taylor (who I think I have a tiny crush on because he's so bubbly, and seems so energetic and into Twilight). Inkworks are making trading cards as well!! So tempted to buy a box so I can get the set of cards. Also is anyone going to buy Bella's engagement? Hope we'll hear about other shows/panels over the weekend, ie Heroes, Supernatural, etc.

Borders in Chadstone are also having a pre-released event for Breaking Dawn. I want to go but it's 4:30-7PM and I have a lecture at 5-7PM and I can't miss it because it's my Project unit and my group members wouldn't be pleased. I still haven't decided where I'll get the book, Borders has it for $20, but I'm not sure if Target/Kmart at Fountain Gate will have it or will be as cheap. Also depends if I have a meeting that Monday before my lecture, if I don't I can pop over before and buy it.
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YAY second Twilight teaser trailer came out today, and that's exactly what it did, tease. The movie seems forever away, knowing Australia we might even have to wait an extra month or two. I made sure to download the HD version, and of course I can't help but do a pic spam of screen captures (warning not dial up friendly).

Moar )

Bella's engagement ring is now available to buy (well soon), makes me sad because I want it, but I still haven't brought the bracelet yet. Why so expensive.

I also really want to see Dark Night, but my brother is going to see it with his friend's so I'm going to have to see if I can find one of my friends to go with me. I was checking the movie times before and it's completely sold out (well there where 10 seats left, all spread out).
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I was waiting for Entertainment Tonight today for the preview of the Twilight trailer coming out on Thursday and caught the end of Day of our Lives, the bad Italian accent and techno credit music made me LOL so much. Anyway I made a bunch of screen captures as always.


Today's Breaking Dawn quote of the day(not spoilery) also makes me lol. I also finished reading New Moon, I may have skipped large sections of the middle *roll eyes*. Not that I hate it, it just dragged out. DAMN It's almost 2AM but all this Twilight talk makes me want to start re-reading Eclipse tonight/morning.

My Semester 1 results come out tomorrow, really dreading it because of the very likely chance I failed my SIT322 unit. I'm hoping by some miracle I didn't.
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It's hard rubbish day was today so yesterday my day is throwing old stuff out but I can bear to be there because my Dad show my brother and I and old box of toys and asked us if we still wanted it but I couldn't bear to think that this stuff I remember from my childhood was going to be thrown out. I figure if I don't don't what going to be thrown out it'll be a lot easier, I've already brought back in the house this heart glass container thing, my Barbie whale (what it's cute) and my kennel from my littlest pet shop (I thought I'd lost this, but even though I don't need it any more I fell like my effort finding it all those years ago will be wasted if I just throw it out now I've found it).

The new Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day worries me a little but I'm betting Smeyer did it on purpose I just hope that we don't get ... )
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Ok so the shots inside of Entertainment Weekly are HOT! I want! Maybe Borders down here will have it, not that I will be able to go down any time soon or bet rabid Twilight fans there. I really love the shot of them in the rain, so glad these are much better than the cover. Almost done re-reading Twilight, I can't help but picture Robert now (I really like their choice now), it's hard not too since I've seen scenes and can't help but picture it when I'm reading. Only complaint, what the frak did they do to Taylor's hair?!

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I finished The Host last night. I really liked it, I thought that the plot was better thought out than Twilight and less predictable (I find myself always guessing what's going to happen in the Twilight series). I'm not sure if her writing has improved, it's very similar to how Twilight is narrated, and the narrator is a hell of a lot less annoying than Bella. The only complaint that I had was that the character aren't described very well, I had trouble picturing them in my head, basically all your given is hair, skin and eye colour (and not even that for some characters). I often pass and not paid much attention to these when their first (and often the only time) their mentioned not knowing that character was going to play a pivotal part. If she can go on about how beautiful Edward is in the Twilight series, why can't she describe the characters better in the Host?
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I'm 2 days into my study break, and I'm bored. I know I should study but I just can't. Why is it when I have a load of assignments to do I find 10 billions things to do online but now I actually have time I can't find a single thing?

Their doing a Breaking Dawn Concert Series. In which
"Each event in the series will be an evening of story and song featuring a special musical performance by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. This four-city tour will kick off in New York City on August 1st, the eve of the release of Breaking Dawn. The events, produced by Right Arm Entertainment, will include a Q&A with Meyer, musical performance and Meyer autographing."
Yet something else I miss out on. Will anything interesting ever happen down here? Like it wasn't bad enough we get the book 2 days after, looks like I'm making a trip down to Chadstone on the 4th of August before/after Uni.
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I want to read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn oh so bad. But I really need to work on my animation, I spent hours on it last night and I only have 24 seconds!! I still have heaps to go, I didn't expect the animation parts to take so long. I envy the people who decided to do super easy stuff. I've told myself I can read it if I finish all the bits I need to animate, lets hope I have some self control. Once I've done this animation part the rest should be easy, ie filming a bit of footage, then combining and editing all the elements, I hope I get it all done by Thursday. I want to avoid asking for an extension because I've got another 3 Assignments due after this and I can't afford to spend all my time on this and not anything on the others.
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Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me... )
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I have this huge massive urge to watch Romeo + Juliet (plus I really loved John Leguizamo as Tybalt), and it's all Rhys and Jemma's fault for doing their awesome Paso Doble, which was danced to the opening monologue of Romeo + Juliet. I'm glad Rhys managed to be masculine (he's a drag performer). Also I felt so bad for J.D., their routine started off good but then went downhill after a few steps where missed, I think it was way harsh when Rhiannon said "I guess you can speak for that one" when asked what went wrong. Apparently J.D. was really upset after that comment by her, as his younger sister posts on the forums and of course knows about the show before it airs on Sunday (it's recorded live on the Friday, they get the choreography on Monday, and have two days with the choreographer to learn it, then their on their own for the rest of the week). That being said there was only a few good performances, either due to bad dancing or bad choreography (which their where quite a few, specially the ones that mixed genres ie contemporary disco).

Also I'm heart broken because they've jacked up the price of Bella's bracelet, because I didn't have a hard enough time trying to get it when it was $65, but now it's $75 I might as well give up on ever getting it, unless I can rummage up enough money before March 8th when the new price takes place, but I highly doubt it since finding a job takes longer than 5 days. Apparently Swarovski jacked their prices up 6% and the price of silver has gone up also.

ETA: Does anyone know where I can find some awesome LJ layouts? I'm trying to make a new one but I can't find a layout I'm happy with yet.
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YAY Look what came in the mail today, my Swarovski crystal heart (for Edward). I got the wolf (for Jacob) a little while ago, just needed to heart and now the components which I had order together but YesAsia couldn't find them item which was just annoying because it help up the order for ages. It's so shiny and when the sun light bounces off it, it's so pretty.

Also loved tonight's Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, specially that last seen. Spoilers ) I loved the song at the end, it was my ring tone on my old phone years ago but i was never able to figure out what the song was. And I still can't find it, anyone know what's it's called?


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