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Sorry for the lack of updates and commenting as of late, for the past week or so I've just had assignment after assignment due. I've got another due Friday then nothing till after holidays. I need the mini break. Sunday night/Monday morning I was up till 9AM doing an 3000 word essay which was only worth 10 marks, I wouldn't have minded if it was either less words, or worth more marks. You probably probably think 10 marks is ok, but part 2 was worth 5 marks and it was a power point slides of part 1 (the essay), then part 3 was worth 5 marks and was a proposal for assignment 2, which really was 1-2 paragraphs of what you were making (you got 1 mark for just writing your group members names).

There's all these other issues for my Project unit, the clients are total idiots and want us to do all this extra stuff they don't even need because their trying to milk us for work, doesn't help that they have no idea about some things (at least some of the staff are super nice and sweet). Plus my feet hurt because we had a presentation in front of class and my group dressed up and wore heels around Deakin all day (after comments no one came dressed nice last week, yet we we're the only ones this week).

Also why is gas/petrol so expensive? My Dad, brother and I went to fill up before, my car was half full and cost about $45, while my brother's alone was $82!! It came up to $181!! Even with the 4 cents off per litre we only saved $5. LOL The girl at the counter told my brother to take 5 Freddo frogs because they were free to which my brother asked if she was sure, and she told him to trust her and she'll show him. It was because if you spend money in the store you get an extra 2 cents off, and because we had gotten enough petrol that extra 2 cents became $2.50 which was the price of the Freddo frogs. Too bad they didn't have Caramello Koala, I love those.

I've only read some of the leaked Midnight Sun, I don't know why but I've been really "Meh" about it. I really enjoyed the first chapter though. I'm not sure if it's because I've been pretty flat out with assignments or the fact that I know what happens. I also not a fan how Smeyer has blamed fans for the leak when most of them (ie me) didn't even know about it till she commented about it. I'll think she'll still write it (for the money), probably just wanted a ego boost (of fans telling her they still love her after Breaking Dawn, which I did like btw).

Also for some reason as of late I've been obsessed with nail polish, I even ordered about $28US worth the other day (why does O.P.I have to cost so much here and have such pretty shades and cool names). So much for not spending any more money.
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WOOO HOOO Just finished Breaking Dawn!! I'll post my thoughts later and what's I've been up-to between reading the book. Right now I should work on that assignment due tomorrow.
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I'm happy and sad at the same time! My last two assignments where due today and I've done and handed them in. I had to hand in a hard copy for one so I went to Deakin on a public holiday (Deakin was open) and on the way back Shaz and I went to The Pancake Parlour for lunch and spent way too much money there ($23 each). I feel bad how much I spent there. On the way I stopped by the M.A.C counter at Chadstone to ask if they sold the Sculpt and Shape Power and was surprise to find they did but the woman said they only had a few left. She found them but I was very sad to learn that all the shades they had left where too dark for me, and what sucked even more was that they wouldn't get more because it was a limited edition. Which means both times I intended to buy something from M.A.C they've been out of what I wanted (with the exception of the microfine refinisher, which by the way is awesome). I though maybe I'll try another M.A.C store. Till I checked the website and 4 of the 6 stores in Victoria are all in the Melbourne CBD, Chadstone and Highpoint (which is further away than the CBD) where the only ones that aren't in the CBD. Maybe I'll convince someone to go with me or take me.

Only two exams now and then holidays.

Also I really love Coldplay's new album!! And happy birthday to [ profile] sarky_77.
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Grrr... stupid Fusion HDTV stuffed up again. It always seems to stuff up when I need it and when I don't it's just fine. I missed the 2nd last episode of House (only saw some of the start then it crashed and lost my time-shift). Which means no screen captures sorry, I just have a few from the start of the episode.

Also finally got iTunes credit and promptly brought those Tom Felton aka Felbeats songs.

Sorry I've been MIA, I've got assignments building up, I have 2 more due Monday. I think I've completely failed my Distributed Systems unit, you need to get at least 50% on assignments to pass and I'm pretty sure I haven't done that. I'm really angry that the unit description didn't emphasise that programming was needed to do the unit so all the poor Multimedia students that picked it struggled with the unit because we didn't have the proper existing knowledge required. I'm hoping by some miracle I pass the unit, so I don't have to take up an extra unit to get the 1 credit point I need to pass. I can't wait for holidays, my last exam is on the 23rd.

I've also been seeing the new Jensen Ackles channel 10 Promo, I haven't managed to catch and record it yet, unfortunately channel 10 very rarely play those promos on 10HD which is what I normally watch.
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I want to read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn oh so bad. But I really need to work on my animation, I spent hours on it last night and I only have 24 seconds!! I still have heaps to go, I didn't expect the animation parts to take so long. I envy the people who decided to do super easy stuff. I've told myself I can read it if I finish all the bits I need to animate, lets hope I have some self control. Once I've done this animation part the rest should be easy, ie filming a bit of footage, then combining and editing all the elements, I hope I get it all done by Thursday. I want to avoid asking for an extension because I've got another 3 Assignments due after this and I can't afford to spend all my time on this and not anything on the others.
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Aww... Tom Felton made it on Perez Hilton (and his video is featured on YouTube). His songs are also up on iTunes now, their under "Feltbeats". Still don't have an iTunes account so I can't listen to the whole songs.

I'm going to try and finish my SIT361 assignment tonight and not leave it all till tomorrow (it's due midnight). I keep getting distracted, which is one of the downsides of doing assignments on computers, I can't help but go refresh my flist, email, etc. I've also finished my contribution for my online group assignment, some people are doing half arse jobs, I just edited someone else's work because they didn't fell that spelling, grammar, and sentences that make sense are important (many moments I was left thinking, ok these are words but what are they trying to say). I mean I'm not English genius or anything, I never have been, but is it so hard to run a spell check through Microsoft Word?

ETA: If there is photos of t.A.T.u at the Cannes why aren't there any of Gaspard?!
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OK Those new Gaspard Ulliel photos made me have a bit of an accident in my pants...

Also remember the Advance Animation pitch that I was stressing about? Got my mark back today, 19/20!! I'm so pleased. I had no ideas for a concept until a few days before it was due and even then I hadn't had it all worked out till the night before it was due. But Steve (my tutor) really liked it. I still haven't worked out where he's accent is from, he was born in Australia, but lived in Mexico for years and years, and my friend suggested that the travel has made his accent odd, but another friend thinks it sounds Canadian.

I was meant to book the restaurant for dinner on Saturday with my friends, but I keep forgetting, well I guess there's the KFC next door.
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Great. I thought I only had my SIT301 Module 1 assignment due tomorrow; turns out I have SIT322 Assignment 1 due too. I made sure to write down all my assignment dates down on a calendar after that (it's quite daunting seeing all those circles on the calendar). I'm glad it's only questions (though there's quite a lot), hopefully the answers won't be too hard to find without the textbook, which I was going to buy this week thinking the Assignment was due later in the week not Monday.

I get stressed so easily. And I'm disappointed now I likely won't get time to post my Gaspard Ulliel icons and photos I found.

ETA: Just finished watching Dr Who. THEIR EVIL!!
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I never really liked James much but...

Cam Gigandet as James

I'm starting to get very excited about the Twilight movie now. The only thing that is killing the joy is the fact that I have the pitch due next week which I have to present in front of the whole class, and that I also how zero ideas on (I need a concept for a 5 minute animation that will become my major final project). I almost have finished the Gaspard mood theme, I just a have a few more to go.
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I just submitted my last assignment for the year, no more assignments till March next year AWESOME!! Now I've just got exams and I'm free. I had more stuff to say but I've forgotten.

Oh yes I'm loving the season 3 Battlestar Galactica soundtrack, is it me or does All Along the Watchtower sound different? There where less lyrics in the final I think. Any who Bear McCreary rocks.
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ajfljglajg Just watch Robin Hood 02x02 and saw the promo for the next episode which I'm downloading now and saw Guy's hot naked chest. ZOMG DOWNLOAD HURRY UP!! I was going to watch tomorrow but now I. MUST.SEE. NOW! Need to get up early and go to Deakin to hand in an Assignment, then come home and do my Games assignment, due Midnight. I know I'm cutting it close, but I'm such in a lazy mood right now, and it so bloody hot.

Went to Chaddy today to see the Honda ASIMO thing, bloody hell I didn't think you would need tickets but you did so we got there at 3, and waited in the "Emergency line" till the show at 5PM and it was so damn hot. I had planned on having a walk around Chaddy too but we where in line the whole time. Probably for the best anyway, I'd probably end up spending too much money.

Look at the cute ASIMO wind up toy my brother got me.

Oh and I got Delta's new album on Saturday, she shiny. Wish they made more CDs like that here, it's still not as cool as I've seen ones on Asian have though.

I hate when LJ stuffs up and steps send comment emails.

ETA: Look what Adrian said about Anders is the "Poop in the woods" video.

buckshotwon: I gotta say, this might be my Fav. It was so totally random, so last second.... I was leaving and Anders said Hang On! I got one for ya!... I set down my bag and filmed him. I don't usually throw the word genius around, but if I was gonna, I'd throw it in David Anders' direction....
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I'm surprisingly not sleepy considering I've been up since 11AM yesterday with only 2.5 hours of sleep (went to bed at 9:30AM and was up again at 12PM). Had 2 Assignment due, it was 3 but one got an extension, too bad the lecturer told his prac class last week and not everyone else till Monday after I had spent my free time working on it since it's a group assignment and I didn't want to hold people up or let them down. Anyway my Networks assignment took longer than I though and so did the Interface Design one, which was 20 minutes late, I hope I don't lose marks for it, I was having major issues. Had to change half of it 20 minutes before it was due because the stupid thing weren't working like they are meant to. 2 More assignments on Monday and then it's my study break then exams *shudders*. Can't wait for holidays.

Damn I'm hungry, I had 4 party pies at like 8AM, and nothing since. Still haven't seen Heroes, I don't even think my brother downloaded it, LOL I wonder if I'm going to be like this every week Anders isn't in the episode. Oh speaking of Anders everyone should check out the latest Heroes Graphic Novel it's a Kensei one, and it has Hiro as some weird cute cat thing, oh and they managed to kind of make Kensei look like Anders. See, tell me I'm not crazy:

Oh look at the evil "Black Bear of Sakkashita"
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The guy from EzyDVD didn't call back. Not sure if it's because I didn't get it or because he said he'll call in the morning because he knew I had class in the afternoon and didn't get time, I really hope is the later. I'm starting to stress with all the assignment I have for Uni, 3 are due Wednesday then 1 on the following Monday, but next week is also my last week, but that also means exams.

Look who I saw on Life [ profile] fierytigress.

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New David Anders article/interview here. This made me laugh:
So you speak Japanese on the show?
I do, yeah. (Says something in Japanese.)

What did you just say?
It means, ''I need to pee.'' But I just did, so that's a lie. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not convincing as an American.

I'm on my brother's laptop at my cousin's place at the moment, and I was trying to find when channel 10 where going to play S3 of Supernatural since the ad said it's meant to be "days" after the US. Anyway when I was searching I found this. How exciting!! A new TV channel! With 50 hours of HD shows a week! I hope this means we'll be getting more TV shows here now. It's free but you need to have a HD TV to get the stuff, hence 10-HD.

Update on my life. The funeral was ok, I managed to to cry till my Aunty started crying at the end and set everyone off. A group of us where really bored afterwards and we went to Crown, but everything closed at 11PM, which is when we got there. We ended up just getting something from the food court after the security guard at one of the places said basically all there was was KFC or the food court, then we where going to play 10 pin bowling at Galatica Circus but we didn't because it was a total rip off. We just ended having a walk around the gambling bit and I signed up for a member's card to get some free point, didn't win anything though.

Now I'm kind of bored, not as much as before now I have my brother's laptop. Think I'm going to the city tomorrow, the family has been taking me Aunty here and there since she's over from Malaysia and who know the next time she'll be over again, the last time was over 10 years ago. I haven't even made a start of any of the Assignment due in a few weeks.
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My life has been a bit crazy past few days, I haven't really had much time to do anything. For those who don't know my uncle was admitted to hospital Wednesday morning after collapsing at work, he then pasted away early Thursday morning (12:44AM). It really messed up my sleeping pattern because I was up from Wednesday 10:15AM (when my cousin called me) till Thursday 12:30PM, with no sleep in between. It's scary thinking about it because he's only 1-2 years older than my father, him being 53. All the issues his death caused )

Now my family is really broke after buying my car which was $24,000, and now having to pitch in to arrange everything for my uncle. Doesn't help there's stuff I want/need but really shouldn't buy because I really can't afford them because I don't have a job (which is proving to be hard to find). I'm not allowed to eat meat for a few weeks too for religious reasons. I don't really have too because my parents said it was ok if I didn't but I still am.

The timing couldn't be any worst since I have 5 assignments due soon and exams which I'm really stressing about for one of my units because I have no idea what has been going on all semester because it's so badly taught. I can't afford to repeat and pay the $900 unit fee.

Another stuff happened too, but this post is long enough as it did. I did end up going to the Melbourne Show though, I was really annoyed with myself because I missed the ferret presentation, I still saw a few though, made me want one even more but I have no idea where to begin to get one, they aren't very common. Oh my Aunty from Malaysia came too, she hasn't come to Australia in over 10 years but after all this stuff with my uncle happened she caught a flight over with her two sons.

PS- I likely flock this later but I wanted people to know what's going on and why I'll probably won't be online very much.
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I'm going go fucking crazy soon, fucking Power Producer. Stupid DVD Assignment. LiYan. Need, Sleep. Now. LiYan needs to go to Uni at 12PM therefore need to be up at 10:30AM.
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I was up till 5AM working on a stupid assignment last night. There was so much drama over it because apparently a lot of people just copy and pasted their answers so everyone has to re-submit the assignment now. I have another due on Friday and I'm a bit lost of what we're actually meant to do.

Oh I also drove all the way to Deakin all on my own today. I got a bit lonely, but it wasn't too bad.

Oh I don't have to pick between Heroes and House screen captures anymore! Heroes is airing 9:30PM Thursdays (from October 4th), while House is airing 8:30PM Wednesdays (from October 3rd). I guess that means I should catch up on all those caps eh?

Melbourne Show started today I totally want to go between the 27th-29th to see the ferrets, I totally want one but I don't think my Mum would approve. There's a "Melbourne Ferret Cup" on the 29th, but my family are meant to go to a 21st birthday party so I don't think I can go.

YAY Arj Barker won this week's Thank God You're Here, I love Arj, I was so disappointed when he didn't make it to the finals in "Last Comic Standing". He's also got these cute little animations called "Arj and Poopy".

Finally Happy Birthday to both [ profile] mandy_jg and [ profile] dancingsoleil!!
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I had a major freak out this morning. My computer wouldn't start, kept telling me some system file was missing. My brother tried to fix it to no avail then he managed to boot up in safe mode when I quickly backed everything on my C drive up, including my assignment I had yet to finish. He restored the files now but my computer might need a format soon.

Thank god my brother is computer savvy.
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OMG OMG The guy from Mazda called today and said the car will be here Thursday!! The licence plate kind of sucks, random letters and a odd number but whatever I'll get over it. I think we're picking it up Thursday afternoon which is awesome because I finish early on Thursday so I'll be able to go too. Only thing that wreaks my excitement is my assignments due tomorrow and Friday.
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It wasn't Shaz's best day today, first her car was acting stuffy, then she hit a 4WD parking (on the tyre though so there was no damage on both cars), then she almost took out her side mirror trying to park it straight, and finally when we got back to her car at the end of the day someone had put a sign on her car telling her they found her keys and to call him. Lucky for her the guy who found them took them to Deakin Central and told her to get them there.

Bugger I burnt my finger on my new GHD iron, I was silly and not paying attention. BAH and I still want a car. Oh and I was up till 5AM doing an ASSignemnt last night/this morning.


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