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Almost the True Blood final. What will I do when there's no new episodes?! ASkars did two radio interviews the other day, I'm not sure which was worst. The first one, one the guys had no idea who Alex was which led to an awkward "are you related to that other Skarsgård guy?", Alex of course assumes he means Stellan, and Alex is like "yeah he's my father", but then he realises the guy means Peter Sarsgaard (how on earth can he be Alex's father, Alex is only 5 years younger than him), and Alex is all "uh no ... There's no K there, his name is Peter Sarsgaard. Stellan Skarsgård is my father. Peter is another.. dude". Though the guy did admit to only being able to watch 10 minutes of the show (because his young kids are always around), but that's no excuse for not doing you're research (and only IMDBing him during the interview). The second one, went a little better because they knew about the show and Alex (and got his father right) but they had a comedian on who kept talking over Alex (which meant you couldn't hear his answers, not that the questions where very interesting). Alex took it very well both times though, so kudos to him for putting up with them. I did like this though:

I: Has your character hooked up with Sookie?
A: Uhhh... no.
I: He loves her though, doesn't he?
A: Uhhh... no. Love is overrated.
I: What's you're deal? You married? You got kids?
A: Uhh No I'm not.
I: You dating anybody?
A: Uhh Not right now.
I: Come on. Now you're going to have a bunch of Goth girls coming after you though.
A: Fantastic.

They did talk about how he got the role for True Blood, many people assume he did Generation Kill then got True Blood, but Alex explained Alan Ball came to him 2 years ago with True Blood but it was pushed back, then when it was on again Alex wasn't available because he was in Africa filming Gen Kill, but True Blood was once again pushed back because of the writers strike. I never thought I'd say this, but THANK GOD FOR THE WRITER'S STRIKE! Only 2 good things came out of it, Alex on True Blood and Dr Horrible. Also Zeljko Ivanek who played the creepy and awesome Magister on True Blood is going to be in this week's House, and I heard he's going to be on Heroes soon too.

Also so my entire post isn't just about Alex again. How cute has Betty/Daniel been in the past few episode of Ugly Betty?
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OK I got around to watching True Blood (I lost interest once I watched Eric's scenes via YouTube). So lets get to the important stuff first, Eric's scenes. Spoilers for 01x08 )

Also has anyone seen the two new awesome promos? One is for next week, and the other the week's ahead. Thoughts & Spec )

After last week I wasn't excited at all about this week's Heroes, I even watched Gossip Girl, Chuck, and two episode of No Heroics (♥), and even a listenedHamish and Andy podcast. The show has become predictable, I just know when I character isn't really dead because they never seem to want to let them (the main cast) go no matter how unliked they are, or their story is getting no where and no one is interested. Instead character's that have lots of potential are killed off because they aren't part of the main cast. Oh and I'm still not feeling this season of House, we're even getting it practically the same day as the US, but I can't bring myself to care. I want the old team back.
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Don't you love happy endings? Last night I walked into our garage, and I hear a noise and a turn around and see something move, my first thought it "great don't tell me it's a rat", but we don't get rats or mice in my area, then out comes a white ferret. Yes a ferret. After getting over the o_O fact, my Dad got it into a box and I put some water in with it, and left it overnight. We weren't sure if it would know how to get back and we didn't want it to get hit by a car or anything. So I got up early this morning and put in some cut up raw chicken (which took forever because it was frozen) and put it in there, then again in the afternoon, though at that stage it was annoyed at being in a box so it bit me when I tried putting water in there. Anyway I went door knocking before, two neighbours didn't have pets at all (one had no idea what a ferret was), another two weren't home, and I skipped another two because one is a close family friend, and the other I didn't think would have a pet ferret (the old couple there bring my parents vegetables they grow time to time, I assume their the guy's parents). However my Dad made me go back and turns out they do have a pet ferret. The guy was actually just peeking his head above the fence when I got there. Turned out he realised it was missing this morning, and he usually keeps it in a cage but it knows how to get out. At least he asked if it bit anyone then said sorry when I told him it had bit me.

Heroes & Gossip Girl )
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Is it Monday yet?

Screen Capture from next week's promo

Heroes kind of lost me during the long break because of the writers strike but it's slowly winning me back. I loved tonight's episode, and the reveals. I still hate Nikki/Jessica/Tracey and I hope she dies soon though. Read more... )

Adam how I've missed you.

Is it me but has anyone else found themselves falling out of love of a lot of shows because how long we had to wait for them because of the strike? I usually lose interest after awhile, so with the strike it was this extra long period where I just forgot about the show. There wasn't little bits here and there to keep me interested. The only shows at the moment I get excited for every week are True Blood (some of you might have notices *rolls eyes*), Heroes, and Life. Sarah Connor Chronicles had me at the start, but then some of the episodes kind of got dull, Supernatural had me at the start too will an awesome season opener, but Supernatural tends to have stand alone episodes (a new monster every week) so it's doesn't have that on going mystery thing (well it does but on the sidelines) like Heroes has and you don't go "OMG" every week. I really want to fall back in love with Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty, and all the other shows I just had to watch when they came out, and not now where I'm too lazy to even download them, and when I do I rather watch Generation Kill for the billionth time instead.
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True Blood: 01x05 )

Heroes 03x04 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I heard the show is likely going to get cancelled if it already hasn't, I like this episode, but it was as great as past episodes.

While I was watching Wipeout (just about the only thing I watch on Network 9) I saw an add for 20 to 1: Best Movie Moments and there was a quick flash of the scene in Zoolander where Alexander Skarsgard is with the other ball models drinking their Orange Mocha Frappuccinos in the back of the Jeep. Naturally I had to watch, it got #7 for the gas fight scene.

YAY New outtakes of Gaspard from the Blast photo shoot.

+3 )

New Twilight poster, I think they look kinda weird, the soundtrack playlist is up also. I love Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.
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  • Apparently Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are dating. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm just hoping it doesn't go south and wreak the show. Book and possible TV spoiler ) Oh and I think everyone should watch this clip for Eric sitting in a bathtub. Is it the 29th yet?

  • Also Sarah Connor Chronicles was ok this week, I'm really looking forwards to next week's though, has anyone seen the preview for it?

  • House started here again tonight, I'm watching it now but I find myself not paying much attention, the show kind of lost me in season 3. I'm more excited about Life afterwards.

  • I also watched Heroes, I missed this show so much. Look forward to the direction their going for this season. *Sigh* Most likely the only time we'll see David Anders this season.

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  • I finished watching all of season 1 and 2 of Dexter, can't wait till season 3.

  • Also added a few episode still I found of David Anders from CSI and Grey's Anatomy, head over to the site to see them or click the thumbnails below. I'm still working on getting the writing larger in the main section, so bare with me.

  • Oh and here are the rest of the photos of the Heroes case from the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot.

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At least some of my shows still have episodes left. (Source)

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Does anyone know where I can find HD Heroes caps? Gallery form is best. I thought finding some would be easy, but their either episodes I have already, (I'm only after 02x10 and 02x11 which are the one channel 7 didn't air), or just the LQ avi ones blown up in size meaning their not really HD. If I can't find any I'm just going to have to make do with my own LQ, but I don't like working with them, the quality is never as good.
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I'm kind of excited about Channel 10 HD launching Sunday, though I wish they launched it with something better than Black Hawk Down which they've aired heaps of times already. I did notice they where playing around with the watermarking during Oprah today. Pictures )

Also I'm not sure if everyone saw, but [ profile] sarky_77 found a cute funny clip that David Anders made with his friend to help promote the said friend's CD. Who wouldn't want to see Anders with suspenders and yelling "I'M YOUR HOME NOW!!" to a cat, lol. I need to find me some HD Heroes caps and make me some Adam icons, who knows when I'll be able to make my own because channel 7 are idiots who couldn't even air the last 2 episodes of the season.

Another )

On another Anders note, I'm slowly getting there with the Anders site, I'm hopeless aren't I?, I have so much Anders content (a lot might not even make it on the site), I've collated and organised most of my pictures. Still missing Alias screen captures though (except for season 2), I'll probably get to them slowly after the site goes up along with clips. I'm not sure if I'll do clips of all the Alias episodes though, it time consuming ripping the episode to the computer, than converting them into a editable format and using the converted video and editing it, plus then I need to upload it on my slow internet connection. I have most of David's stuff in clip form already, so I'll probably put what I have now. The layout of the site is actually done, I just need to add content to some of the pages, as well as set up the databases for wordpress and coppermine, but I need [ profile] dkissam for that, and she's been M.I.A.
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Stupid channel 7 made this week's Heroes episode the season final, I mean there's only 2 more episodes anyway, why not play them too? Of course this means I won't be getting Adam screen captures for those episodes for awhile. Same with channel 10 with House, there was only 1 episode before the US when on break too, why not play that too.

Well I made a ton of Adam icons (snaggable) from "Four Months Ago", I guess I'll have to go searching for HD ones for the last two episodes for now or just use the lower quality episode download I have.

I am happy channel 10 are playing Psych though, I love that show. Is it me or "Cut throat bitch" was the original detective till she was replaced? Too lazy to imdb it.

Also I'm up to chapter 15 of Eclipse. My brother walk in before saw where I was up and said "What are you saving the last page of the book for Queensland? What is it, the acknowledgements?" of course I told him those are at the start. I love that she's listed bands they help her write, because Muse, Linkin Park, Placebo, and other great bands are listed. Oh I'm liking it much more than New Moon too, probably because of the Edward factor, and I found that in New Moon the whole Bella/Jacob thing just dragged on, where as where starting to get the action already now. I also find it funny that ). I'm going to read another chapter then head off to bed.
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Heroes 02x11 )

But one of the best things in the episode... 70's Adam!!

Also went shopping with [ profile] lookatmoiye7 today and watched Gabriel it was ok, kind of confusing at first. Least the lead was hot this time, unlike in Good Luck Chuck. I didn't realise it was an Australian movie, but it explains all the Australia actors in it. More Thoughts ) Oh and Andy Whitfield for those curious who the lead was.

Oh brought Eclipse too, ok I know I said I was going to wait till Queenland to read it but that's over a month away. I want my Edward fix now. I'm sure I'll be too busy when I'm there anyone, ok now I'm just making up excuses.
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  • Something totally gross and traumatising happen before when I got out of the shower. I was drying off, look in the mirror and there's a spider crawling along my face. Yes my face! Oh course I proceeding to jump up and down trying to get it off, and of course it wasn't coming off fast enough so you have to used your hands and your worried you'll swish it because spider guts on your face is worst than live spider. I keep thinking something is crawling on me now.

  • LOL The guy who directs the next episode of Heroes is named Adam Kane. For those who have no idea what I'm on about, David Anders' character on Heroes is named Adam, but when he was first cast it was rumoured that his characters name was Kane.

  • I wish more places here sold Juicy Couture, they have such pretty jewellery. I envy all you from the US you guys get everything.

  • Also just a reminder for those who want Christmas cards from me to post here.

  • ETA: New David Anders interview here or you can listen to it here (got to love his laugh, and his random British accent).
    So how much then do you even know about what happened? Because that's a lot of backstory to fill in. The writers can probably fill in anything they want for what happened in the 400 years.
    Yeah, exactly. A lot of the writers ... Jeph Loeb for instance likes to say that that one betrayal by Hiro back in 1671 Japan just kind of jaded him forever. He went along 400 years in and out of every war you could guess or pre-suppose. Never really getting to know anybody, you know? Meeting friends, losing friends, and just gaining this perspective that nobody else on Earth has that it's all going to end, except not for him. I think he's hated women ever since the one woman he loved betrayed him. And ... I don't know. It's all guess work, you know?

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Went and voted for the first time today, my family voted labour, which pretty much won. Feel a tiny bit bad for Howard because they where thrashed and he's lost his own seat to labour. RUDDSLIDE!!

Also I want this. Those who read the online Heroes Graphic Novels might want to read the latest. Chapter 60 - REVOLUTIONARY WAR - PART ONE is about Adam in 1777, more interting than a lot of the other chapters I've read. Too bad we'll likely never see David in the outfit, he'd look hot.

Wow I've been so lazy these holidays, I've done, nothing!
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Heroes 02x09 )

Some of you may have seen this already but there's this yummy promo of Adam semi-spoilery )

And cute one of David drinking "Slusho" on Beaming Beeman. There's more of the other cast on the blog.

I'm craving an new Adam LJ layout, but I should really work on the DA site first eh? At least then I might have more pictures to work with.
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*Cries* My recording for Heroes stuffed up, I must have set the time wrong, stupid channel 7 air it at 9:30 and I always still think it's 8:30. *Sigh* I still get the Adam scene at the end kind of since they re-played it at the start of the last episode, but it means I'm missing the Kensei stuff. I would have probably still recorded it if my Dad hadn't insisted on going to a family friend's after I went to Chadstone because I would have been home in time to catch it.

I also brought New Moon, there was only one copy of Eclipse left and it looked like it'd been to hell and back so I opted to use my 25% voucher and buy it later rather than the $35 one and get it tonight.
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OK I didn't think it was possible for David Anders to get any hotter, but OMG last episode of Heroes? *fails*. Heroes 02x08 )

Spoilers be damned, everyone needs to see how hot David Anders was in the episode. Can't wait for it to air here so I can get some HD caps.

Also there's a new photo of David at Beaming Beeman. Also one of KB and Zachary Levi (Chuck) SQUEE!!

YAY I also got my phone back today, I think all they did was upgrade my software. Though every now and then it comes up as 3.5G rather than 3G, but everything still seems the same.

I might head down to BigW tomorrow and buy HP5 DVD that BigW have, it's meant to have a metal slip cover and all limited and stuff and individually number. I also had a look for New Moon and Eclipse, Angus and Robertson have both but their $22.99 and $23.99, at Borders it's $22.95 for both and if I use my 35% off voucher, even cheaper. I was also very pleased to see there both longer than Twilight because it means it'll last me longer.
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I'm meant to be studying for my last exam tomorrow but I just saw next week's Heroes promo and Spoilers From Promo )
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Justin Timberlake was awesome! I liked his lame Magpie story and how he almost pissed himself when it swooped down at him, oh and his attempt at an Australia accent. I brought the pretty Program Guide, which was a tad over priced at $25, nothing compared to the little shorts you could get for the oh so cheap price of $75.

Just finished watching Heroes even though I'm so damn sleepy and now I'm watching episode 6 of Moonlight, and honestly it's not as bad as many people made it out to be. Heroes 02x06 )


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