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Oct. 19th, 2005 11:05 pm
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YAY tomorrow is the last day of classes for high school ever!! I won’t end up doing any work because I’m having class parties for both Business Management and English. I think a few of my friend are skipping the last two periods and going to watch a movie, if it’s Serenity, I am so there! But I don’t think they are. Boring me is just going to class.

Isn’t any new House next week, I’m not even sure why they are replying Maternity again. I want to see House and Cameron’s date dammit! I did however go through all the screen captures for 01x19 Kids; just have to upload them which I might depending on how long it will take Gilmore Girls to finish. For those who can’t wait and have me friended in WireHog there in there also under images.

I think I might head off to bed, unless GG finishes soon and if it doesn’t I might attempt to get up early to watch it in the morning. I just realised I haven’t watch the last episode of Veronica Mars; I’ve skipped through the episode and basically got the gist of the story.
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I officially have a week of classes left, and two weeks before exams. Here comes the stress.


Oct. 1st, 2005 11:45 pm
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*sigh* Tomorrow my last day of holidays and I have a heap of homework I haven't done. I have 3 more weeks of high school which is good, but then it also means I have about 4 weeks till my exams. I did however finally do my VTAC application, I ended up putting done Multimedia fisrt and Fashion Techonology second.
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BAH!!! STUPID SCHOOL!! Gilmore Girls has finished but I can’t watch because I have to bloody write a cheat sheet for my business management SAC/test. I don't even think I will have time tomorrow because my Textiles SAT (School Assessed Task) is due.

Rove Live

Sep. 13th, 2005 11:53 pm
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I did my second last Biology SAC today and also my practice maths test. I also stayed till 6PM trying to finish my textiles production, I was only going to stay till 5PM but none of us would leave so we all ended up leaving at 6PM. I’m staying tomorrow night till late too. I’m determined to finish my production as soon as possible that way I can hand in my folio completed on the due date. All textile folio (and I think art and other technology subjects) folios are due Friday 3:05PM, this is for the whole of Victoria so we have to hand it in at the same time as everyone else in the state. My aim is to finish it tomorrow night, then aim to finish the folio for the teacher to have a once over look at it make sure nothings wrong and if there is I can fix it. At the same time as school back from school late I also have to write up my cheat sheet for my business management SAC, which is my last one ever and do about half of my folio so it’s completed.

Joss Whedon was awesome on Rove, he talked a bit about Buffy and Serenity, and fans of the shows. Either the interview was short or time just seemed to fly. Johnny Knoxville was quite good too, talked about the movie and Jackass.

I’ll try and get the clip (of Joss, Johnny too if any one wants) up ASAP and since my holidays are coming up soon it shouldn’t be to long. I was also going to upload the clips of Johnny Depp and ColdPlay from a few weeks ago. The Johnny Depp interview wasn’t that good, he was too serious, but the ColdPlay one was funny with Chris talking about porn being his inspiration. I don’t know if anyone wants the Johnny Depp or ColdPlay clips, but if you do let me know and I will upload them for you.

OOO Look at Sark in my 'stressed' mood, I would be too if Sydney was holding a knife towards your 'friends'.
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Another week over, the week just seems to go by so fast, next thing I know its exam time *shudders*.

This new version of MSN is giving me the shits, the window won't load and then I have to exit and sign it again. DAMN YOU JOEL! I will admit there’s heap of cool stuff!

The competition is going to end ages away! I want to know now!

Isn't David adorable in my icon?
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Today I had my very last English SAC EVER!! I've never liked or have been good at English so I'm really glad it was my last SAC. All I have to worry about now is my exam. I have 3 SACs next week, Tuesday: Biology, Thursday: Business Management and Friday: Further Maths. All but Bio will be my last SACs for the subjects ever!! I happy end of next week is my school holidays but at the same time worried about it because it also means exam time. After exams are over all I have is to stress about how I did for about a month and then stress about what university courses I will get into depending on my exam results.

WEE I just made a heap of David and a few House icons.

Also finally I've uploaded 50/100 of my icon spaces!
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Found out teacher never came to school yesterday so I turned up fir no reason.

I also won Lousy Conversation but the Sex was Fantastic - Best Couples Icon and Neptune Undercover - Best coloring in an icon at [ profile] vmarsawards.
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Our English teacher's aren't happy campers. All the year 12s did a practise English exam yesterday which wen ton for three hours, however because we have a retarded principle who want to do the practice exam so early (well have 2-3 months till the real thing) she put section 1 part 2 as our SAC because we won't have time if we don't. Anyway the teachers complained about it because student will spend 3 hours on their SAC instead of the 1 and a half we usually get. What do you know my teacher said today she was pissed because most people didn't bother doing the practice and just did the exam, which I'm kind of guilty of. I did all the sections but for section 2 part 1 because I hate analysis which I suck at but I wrote the other three essays. She said now she going to take into consideration the people who did do other sections of the exam because it's unfair for those student because they didn't spend the 3 hours on the SAC. Good for me, bad for my friends who most of them just spent 3 hours on the SAC and did nothing else on the practise exam.

Today was also free dress day and me being me forgot until I got to school I saw people out of uniform, so the whole day I got "Why are you in uniform" and each time I would have to explain because I forgot. Our principle and vice-principle dressed up in our school uniform since we were out, so they were in. We also had a dunking tank where we got to have a go at throwing at the target and dunking the teacher but of course one idiot had to wreak it for everyone else by throwing something at the teacher so they stoped it.

I better go study for my biology SAC now, it on everything we've learnt so far which is heaps, its all on DNA and genes. OT David has the recessive trait for blues eyes and blonde hair, though I already knew that from year 10, but hey I though I'd mention it. Hopefully I can find time on the weekend to make my entries it closes on Wednesday-Thursday and I haven't had time this week because I've had a Textiles and Business Management SAC on Monday, a English one on Wednesday and a Biology one tomorrow and also my textile folio and production due on Monday. BAH I haven't even made my VTAC thing yet.

edit to add:
I was bored and looked up Beautiful up in google and look what I found (alone with a review)!!

Image Hosted by
David Anders, center, with members of the cast of "Beautiful."

Now i'm all excited.
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I went to parent-teacher interviews last night because of the whole not handing in Bio homework. Biggest waste of time ever! Teacher said about two sentences to my parent "Hi my name is.." and "thank you for coming" Oh wait there where three, there was also “Any questions?”. Everything else she was talking to me, geezz I could have just spoken to her during school or after class no need to make my parents come down too.

I'm still technically banned from using the computer unless for homework, but hey here I am. What can I say I'm a rebel *cough*. I feel like making icons but I have to be bed in an hour, I hate going to bed at 11PM, hopefully it's just a phase and my mum will stop caring.

EDIT: Does anyone know who's on the Alias calendar? I only want if David is in it.
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Me trying to finish all my homework sheets and hand them in was no point because I found out the teacher already wrote the reports. My school sucks, they keep locking the gate at the side of the school where I get picked up and dropped off so I have to waste time walking around the school and because i'm slow it takes me like 5 minutes.

I'm totally freaking about school, I have all this SACs and work due and there's about 5-6 weeks left of the term witch means it closer to the holidays which means it closer to exams. Once exams are over I have a few weeks off but I'll probably be stressing the whole time unless I get my exam results and know what courses I've gotten into.

I think I should actually shut my computer off because god knows I'll never get anything done at this rate. Gee I haven't even made anything in PhotoShop in a few days because I've been so busy.

I'm just going to use this theme till I can get my site up.
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This morning I had to get up early to go "visit" my Grandfather and Grandmother at the cemetery. Afterwards I went to my cousin's house and she cut my hair shorter, it worried me when she either said "Let me try", "I'll try" or "Maybe I should", worked out in the end though. Then after my dad dragged me and my brother to my uncle’s house for what was meant to be quick stop but ended up being there for over 2 hours. GOD IT WAS BORING! 2 hours just sitting there watching TV while my brother fixed his horribly slow computer. My dad wouldn't even compensate my 2 hours wasted doing nothing when I could have either been sleeping or doing homework with some lunch at subway, instead I had to go home and find something to eat.

Finally got home, did nothing, then completed 1 of my 4 homework sheets due.

YAY!! I gave up trying to find the Muse- Hysteria video with Justin Theroux online and got my brother to download it for me. I've seen it before, but streaming is a pain, and this way I can watch over and over again.
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My friend had me freaking out for no reason. She told me my Textiles SAC was on Monday and I started to freak because I thought it was another week away, turns out IT IS! Bio seemed to go on forever today; maths was boring we started our new module. Thank god I get to go home early on Fridays.

Oh as you can see I've done heaps today.

I so need to do all 4 Bio homework sheets this weekend.
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Meggers ([ profile] pure_shores18) is the spawn of the devil I TELL YA!!!

Freezing cold today and I had to catch the bus while carrying 3 text books, a workbook and a folder. My school is so lame, I went to buy the VTAC guide on Tuesday for $9.90 because the school wasn't providing them for us and I find out today the school is going to charge us $5 while they pay for the rest, BASTARDS! Also tomorrow is genes for jeans day and were not even having free dress, instead were have a pizza day which is a totally rip off and having the free dress day on some youth suicide awareness day because the school's policy if to have one free dress day a term. OH no what ever will we do if we have more than one?!?![/sarcasm] I'm not even getting pizza because I go home at lunch when they are selling it.
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YAY had no school today, was great, didn't do much, but should of as per usual.

BAH I can't upload House: 01x07 Fidelity HD screen captures because sitesled only gives you 100MB of space and I've used 91MB (fromt he other 3 batched) and the new batch of caps are 25MB. Does anyone know where I could upload them? Somewhere other than YSI because it runs out after either 25 downloads or 7 days. I can't even upload the clip of Owen Wilson & Isla Fisher on Rove Live.

Anyway, I should go and try and get my Biology homework sheets done and then study for my Business Management SAC/test tomorrow.

Also happy birthday to [ profile] wizzimoe!!
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Bloody windy today when I was walking home, my hair was just everywhere. Reminds me when I was little and because I was so tiny family friends would always come up to me and say "She's so skinny when the wind blows she'll blow away". Me being young was scared for my dear life.

I heard something funny yet quite mean today. The story involves Kylie, who is quite tall, and big, Kevin who is shorter than Kylie and slim and Nelly who doesn't like Kylie. Anyway Nelly sent a text message to Kylie pretending to be Kevin saying he likes her and thinks she's sexy and etc. Kylie replies and then later asks to meet her at the portable classrooms, where she waits all lunch because Kevin has no idea. Well Kylie later sees Kevin gives him a look which he basically ignored having no idea. Kylie has no idea who it is, while Kevin has no idea full stop. I saw her after school today too when catching the bus and she was telling Nathan about it, I probably should have told her but I didn't want to get the person who told me in trouble. I also learned from my source Nelly sent in a text message to Express which is a student newspaper say "Kylie "insert last name here" is a sexy beast and I love her ferret dance last weekend" and got a message saying it will be printed in the paper, I think the new issue comes out tomorrow so I might just have to check it out.

I have two bio homework sheets due Wednesday and haven't started either, and I still have that English Gattaca assignment.

Also my domain ran out today and my hosting the other day, I'm not going to renew my domain till I get hosting because what's the point. I haven't even seen Louis online to see if he is getting another reseller or if I with have to buy hosting myself, so till then most of my images will be down.

OT: How cute is David aka my future husband in the amused mood.

EDIT: OMFG!! I just remembered I have a practice maths test tomorrow and I haven't done the cheet sheet for it. luckily I have a free in the morning so I might not sleep in and atually go to school and do my cheet sheet.
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KJUIOILJHHUGIGIUGIHIUHGIGU!! Today was my first day back to school and what did they have to do?! They changed the timetable. Now period 5 and 6 has been moved to 1 and 2, and 1 and 2 moved to 5 and 6 on a Tuesday, Thursdays last two have been moved to middle two and vice versa. What does this mean? Nothing on Thursday, though a few of my friends lose their frees all together but it means I no longer finish 12:30 on Tuesday, but I guess it isn't all bad because I have my frees in the morning so i'll just sleep in and I still have my 1 period on Wednesday and I still finish 12:30 on Friday which is the best free.

I watched 24 today, I missed the first 30mins because I was in the shower but I watched the rest of the hour an a half. Tehe the guy who plays Trey in the O.C is in it, though his hair is...... bad. I think [ profile] colorstoobright will be happy, she's been telling to watch it for awhile now.

God I need to make me some new Sark and Sarkney icons.

OH I forgot so I'll just edit and add this in, because my friend works at Red Rooster (Ahh the amount of S's stolen off the sign) she got me these:

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Oh god I was so pissy at school today. I was meant to finish at 12PM but they changed it so we get reports at the end of the day instead of before lunch so I had to stay at school an extra 2 hours waiting to get my report. I was so pissy I was getting all my questions wrong in Maths, then when I clamed down after lunch and just did some homework in my free I actually got them right. My friend even said to me in Maths "I've never seen you so pissed" she only said she found it funny, of course I didn't.

But now its holidays, time to relax a bit, make some graphics, stay up late and sleep in. Now I'm going to make icons and fill up all the space I have for icons.

Something has to be wrong with me, I filled up my space for icons and only 6 of them are David related?!?! I think I need to clear some ones I don't likr as much tomorrow and replace them with some David love.
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Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, and that mean I finish at 11:57 then I have two weeks of holidays. Though they aren't really holidays considering all the homework I've gotten, I have 2 English assignments, a English SAC to prepare for, 24 Business Management Questions, my Textiles folio and who knows what I will get tomorrow.

Tuesday night I stayed up till 2AM trying to finish my Bio homework, in the end I didn't get it done. A turn out the teacher wasn't even here so I stayed up for no reason. So now I'm doing it now, hopefully she'll be here tomorrow because we've already missed a week worth of classes.

God I'm so bored, what's new?


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