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It's a sad day for my wallet today. I got a blu-ray ROM ($150) for my computer so now I can watch blu-ray DVDs on it, then went to Doncaster and got my Mum (for Mother's day) a food processor thing ($300, but I went halves with my dad so it was $150 each), then went to Peter Alexander and got some her slippers ($35) and a new PJ set for myself ($80). When I got home a family friend got back to us on TV prices and said they'd get more stock next week so I'll probably get the TV too, it's going to be roughly about $700.

I remember why I stopped using Power DVD now (It's one of the few programs that play blu-ray) it sucks. How am I meant to watch anything if my menu doesn't show up?? All I can see is the Twilight menu clip over and over and again and KStew's stupid cross eyed face as Edward sucks the poison out. HER FACE ANNOYS ME SO DAMN MUCH!

Meh too lazy to figure it out now, well not lazy, I just much rather read Dead and Gone.
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Went and saw Dragonball with [ profile] lookatmoiye7 and [ profile] shiny_orgasm last night. I didn't mind it, there was quite a lot of LOL due to the bits of the cartoon transferring over to live action, but I liked that the characters remained the same and had traits the cartoon ones did. There needs to be another so I can get some Vegeta and Trunks. [ profile] lookatmoiye7 also got me a "present" which I later learned was a Hannah Montana flying disc, I'm still am confused why. Is it a inside joke I'm not "inside" on?

The Life final was awesome, I really hope this show gets another season. I can't stop listening to 26 - A New Beginning which was used in the episode, they used t.A.T.u. (the Russian bit of Stars) in the episode too, Life has always had fantastic music for the show. I also just watched the most recent Dollhouse, was awesome as usual, I really hope this show gets another season too.

I'm really enjoying the long weekend, but I feel I should use it to do something productive. I think my family are going to Frankston Waterfront to see the sand sculpting on Monday.

YAY the True Blood Paleyfest is soon (Monday in the US, Tuesday for us), I've been craving True Blood/Alex news and photos.
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My birthday went much better this year, some years my family end up fighting or something happens to me that bums me out. Lots of gifts this year too. I got:

There was also delicious cake (which looked nothing like a key, and looked like it said HANNY BIRTHDAY):

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My trip to Chadstone went a little better this time, I got a new dress and new shoes. I feel in love with this bag on sale at Witchery but they didn't have it. The dress I got was Pilgrim again, there were lots of nice dresses at Forever New but the ones I liked didn't look that great on me, the shoes were from Novo. My Dad ended up buying the dress for my birthday (didn't find out he was going to pay till I was about to pay myself). I also got a package in the mail from my friend, but I'm not allowed to open it till tomorrow, I also got a pair of earrings from a co-worker/my brother's friend.
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  • YAY I think I might be going to Chadstone Thursday night (after my failed attempt at buying what I wanted to on Friday) with just my Mum. Hopefully I can find a dress and matching shoes I like for my Birthday (and maybe double for my graduation, I really don't want to have to spend like $300-$400 on two dresses I might only wear once). I don't want to spend too much on a dress because I probably won't wear it that often, but at the same time everything nice cost $140+. Also might try and look into getting the book I wanted the other day, otherwise it looks like something else for me to add to my long list of stuff I want from Amazon (True Blood and Generation Kill blu-ray discs, all the Southern Vampire Mystery books).

  • I worked today, and I'm working tomorrow, hopefully they can decide what they want on the site so I can start making it and I can come in regularly and get paid! Though I wasn't paid for a day I worked a few weeks ago, but I emailed them today so hopefully that will be sorted, I was short about $100 because of it.

  • Some guy was also meant to come today about us getting solar panels put in, but he couldn't make it so now I think he's coming in on Thursday.

  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival is happening now, but there isn't anyone I really want to see. There's people I wouldn't mind seeing like Adam Hills, Arj Barker, and Steven K Amos though.

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LOL You know a movie isn't that great when you say "brainzzzzz" every ten minutes and when a women tries to hit a zombie over the head with a umbrella you're brother says "makes me want to buy the McLaren (which is his favourite F1 team) umbrella". Doesn't help it's a CG movie (Resident Evil: Degenarated).

Another sign is you're LJing instead of actually watching the movie, doesn't even matter if you're watching it on the shiny big projector in the living room.

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Grrr... Something was weird with our Internet all day today, I was able to sign into MSN, get any pages to load, and our torrents were slow. We're capped (as per usual) however usually I'm still able to sign in, load pages (just very slowly), and torrents go full speed still (iinet apparent don't cap peer-to-peer on the older plans). My brother got home and said the network traffic wasn't quite right, and then I remembered seeing someone in our network last night but I completely forgot to tell him. We think someone managed to hack into our wireless, but my brother reset all the passwords and everything seems back to normal now. To be on the safe side we're updating all our virus software and running scans (there's been a virus on my computer for the pass few days but I've been having trouble deleting it because it won't let, had to switch to safe mode to get rid of it in the end). Just found out I won't be getting DSL2 till June, my brother read wrong (read JAN instead of JUN).

We also had someone call from "Hong Kong" (probably a complete lie since they didn't seem to understand Cantonese, and just Mandarin) informing my Mum we'd won $30,000AUD. My Mum played along at first, then proceeded to yell at them, and then lectured them about scamming people. They said their fully legit, and that they company is opening a bunch in Australia soon, to which my Mum told them that's awesome, and they should totally come visit us, and we'll even shout them a coffee sometime.

Also how cute do Hamish & Andy look in their uniforms?

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I am so exhausted, my family went to Chadstone at 8AM and didn't leave till 1PM. Which we then went to Springvale for lunch, then Fountain Gate to see if they had the shoes I wanted (everywhere in Chadstone either didn't have my size or the colour I wanted, I even waited 30 minutes in line at Myer waiting for my turn to get the correct shoe size to be told they didn't have it). We basically got home at 4PM. I started to get a little moody from the crowds and my parents complaining everytime I wanted to try something on because of the lines (I wanted to try on a pair of Betinna Lianno Jeans but they complained about the lines so I got annoyed and didn't try them on). In the end all I got was a pair of Nudie Jeans.

I really should start packing, yet here I am sitting at the computer...

Also [ profile] blowqueen I got your package today, thank you, I love it!! I also went opps once I read your card, you'll see why. I also got you're card too [ profile] _odella_.
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My family went to Westfield Doncaster shopping centre today, talk about major shopping centre envy!! They have all the stores I wish we're close to me. David Jones, Myer (with MAC), Kit Cosmetics, Mecca Cosmetica, Borders (opening in December), and a bunch of designer stores like Ed Hardy, Zimmerman, etc. Plus everything so so pretty and new!! They also have sensors on all the under car park parking spots, each spot has a little light on the top which shows red if there's a car there, and green if it's empty. There's also signs all around telling you how many spots are where. It took us like 30 minutes to find a spot though, hate to see what it will be like boxing day.

YAY Only two more day till we get some more of this on True Blood!!

OK So maybe I just wanted an excuse to post a photo of Alex

The recap for episode 9 also leaked. Watch if you dare, it obviously contains spoilers. Though I love that Bill looks tiny next to Eric, they've been doing a good job of hiding how much taller Alexander (6'4"/193cm) is to Stephen (about 5'9"/175cm) up until now. Notice that Eric always seems to be either sitting or standing far away for Bill?

I've been meaning to post about my last week at Uni, I'll get around to it eventually. Hopefully tomorrow.
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It's hard rubbish day was today so yesterday my day is throwing old stuff out but I can bear to be there because my Dad show my brother and I and old box of toys and asked us if we still wanted it but I couldn't bear to think that this stuff I remember from my childhood was going to be thrown out. I figure if I don't don't what going to be thrown out it'll be a lot easier, I've already brought back in the house this heart glass container thing, my Barbie whale (what it's cute) and my kennel from my littlest pet shop (I thought I'd lost this, but even though I don't need it any more I fell like my effort finding it all those years ago will be wasted if I just throw it out now I've found it).

The new Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day worries me a little but I'm betting Smeyer did it on purpose I just hope that we don't get ... )
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I'm not sure what to think of the Doctor Who final, I'm happy and sad.

My family went to the market today we haven't been there for around 5 years, we also took the new East Link there, only took us about 15 minutes compared to the 45 in the past. The new tunnel is very pretty, and they have boom gates just before for truck drivers who ignore the signs telling them their truck won't make it through. Once they get to a certain point and haven't gotten off, the gates close and no cars are let through. I remember awhile back a truck went through one of the other tunnels here and it was too high but he kept going and proceeded to knock off every single LED sign along the way. Of course they finned him and made him pay for the signs (like you would really get away with it, there's cameras everywhere). Some people are stupid, like one of my neighbours.

My Mum was telling me how someone was driving on the wrong side of the road and my Mum thought it was odd, they then stopped and a girl threw out her bag of McDonald's rubbish on my neighbour's lawn, closed the door and drove off to only stop at a house 2 houses down! If your almost home why can't you throw it in your own bin? My parents said the family who live there are Muslim so the only thing I could think of is the girl in the car wasn't meant to be eating McDonald's (because it isn't Halal) and trying to hide the evidence. Either way I still think it's wrong.

Random thought: I need to finish my Gaspard mood theme...
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CHIP CHIP HOORAY!! Brother and I drove down and got some this afternoon. There was only a small line so we didn't have to wait long. Some states have about 1000 bags left, and a few have run out all together. We have yet to try them. ETA: People are still bidding on chips on eBay!!

Also an extra photo of Gaspard and Clémence from the Blast photo shoot by Lars Botten.

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  • Ok so I ended up going to Chadstone and got everything I needed. Whole family ended up coming along (ok well I might have convinced them to come because shopping alone is no fun). I got M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid in NW20 M.A.C Microfine Refinisher (I love this so much, makes your skin so smooth), FLIRT! Big Blush Brush (also saw the Feather Dust-Her but it's really small, more like the M.A.C 188 than 187), and also The Host. Didn't end up being to use the coupon anyway because the book was already on special. So much for stop spending money, spent over $100 tonight (also used a $25 gift card from my birthday). My Mum said I really need to stop buying makeup, she's right. I haven't started reading yet, but I might read a chapter or two before I go to bed.

  • I think I might be going to get some Gravy Chips tomorrow. I'm trying to think if there's anything to do in the city afterwards. All I can think of is checking one of the M.A.C stores for a foundation pump since Chadstone was out and it's a pain to use without it. I really wish they where built in like they are with Mineralize Satinfinish.

  • Also my Dad brought some card board from work home for my Mum. There's a picture of a pig on it, my Dad is a mechanic at Holden so it's very WTF?! He said he doesn't get them, there's other with other animals and a bicycle.

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Instead of studying for my exam on Monday, today I spent watching my brother finish playing Metal Gear Solid 4. I love how the have little references in the game, like my brother trick using a trick/glitch from the first game to try and beat the boss again but when he did it he couldn't move and the radio comm comes on and they totally call you on it and basically said shame on you for trying to use the trick, you'll have to do it properly! NER NER!

It also has a fantastic soundtrack! I found out Harry Gregson-Williams worked on it (and 2 others in the past). For those who don't know, he does the fantastic Narnia ones. I'm in love with "Love Theme by Jackie Presti" from it, makes me sad because it was used in a sad scene. Oh and I totally have a crush on Johnny and Raiden, it's too bad Snake is old in this one because he was hot, LOL.

Oh I found out my final unit mark for my Advance Animation class, I got a 89/100 (HD). 19/20 for my pitch, 25/30 for my storyboards, animation, script, etc, and 45/50 on my final animation. I'm pretty stoked with the mark.
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YAY I finally nagged convinced my brother to see the Narnia movie with me (when he goes with me he pays for the tickets, LOL).thoughts ) I was surprised how many people where there since it's a week night (but it is tightarse Tuesday so tickets are cheaper), the cinemas was almost full and not a kid in sight (thank god).

Oh yeah and Ben Barnes was HOT in it. LOL.

ETA: Village has this "Crack the Code" Promotion going on, we got a $2.50 coupon for a Choc Top (which I used) and a code to enter on the site. My brother just entered it in and...

Which is awesome because my brother wanted one. Dude we NEVER win anything. He's probably glad I dragged him along now.
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  • I went a bit MIA again, not that anyone cared or noticed. Once again busy with Uni work. Anyway here's my week worth of posts.

  • I'm sure everyone has seen the Twilight movie teaser trailer already. I need to make/find some icons; I saw some animated ones before. I'm getting really excited about the movie, and Robert has really grown on me (plus he looks hot), but I think Gaspard will still be my book Edward. I'm tempted to buy the limited edition Eclipse book when it comes out but I already have the regular one, I can't seem to justify buying the LE one when I already have the other. Also has anyone read The Host yet? I saw it at Borders the other day and wasn't sure if I should get it or not, not that I have time to read it till after exams though.

    click for full size
    More HD caps )

  • I found out I have an exam at Box Hill town hall this semester, apparently because the Toorak campus closed and a increase of on campus students meant that Deakin had to go get an external location for exams. Well at least it's close still.

  • Also went to Sunny Ridge and spent the day in Mornington with my family. Sunny Ridge is awesome so many yummy strawberry related products, I wanted to buy I tub of white chocolate, and cappuccino ice cream hoe with me but it would melt because we weren't heading home yet. I brought a little tub instead, so good!

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Well I guess I'm 20 now, I'm no longer in my teens. Yesterday was probably the best birthday that I've had in awhile; usually they suck because I get no presents and my family end up fighting. The day started off normal, when I woke up everyone had gone to work so I was home alone for most of the day. Then at night we went out for dinner and my Dad paid for that and then went home and cake, which according to my Mum was potato, I didn't really taste it but the cake was very pretty never less. My Mum gave me $100 and I was starting to think my brother really didn't get the iPod for me even though they were being shifty Tuesday night because he still hadn't given it to me and where had done the obligatory photos and birthday song. He told me to go take a photo with "Eddie" which is a toy elephant he's had since it was little, it's almost as old as me (I'm surprised it's still in once piece), so anyway I go grab him and underneath is his old iPod Nana with a note saying "here's your iPod" and then something about cake. I get back to the kitchen and my Mum tells him to give it already and he tells me to go where I would make a cake, I'm a bit o_0 at this stage because there's various cupboards, and he basically made me look in each one before I found a wrapped up present in the very back. As I was un-wrapping I said I'd be really disappointed if it's not what I think, it was the 32GB iPod Touch ($627) along with Belkin screen protectors/overlay ($20) and a leather case ($40). He said it was too expensive to buy everything on his own so my Mum went halves with him.

It's so anti-climatic because all I want to do is fiddle with it but for the past hour and a half it's been syncing all my songs (all 4797 of them). I need to delete some songs I don't listen too or I won't have space because my old iPod was 40GB. I'm excited because it had wifi which means I can use the internet from bed again (for those days where you just want to stay in your nice warm bed). I'd been using it via my mobile phone but lately 3Mobile have been a bitch and the internet won't work, yet a street down it does. I'm still bloody paying the $20 a month for the internet because I use it at Deakin but I don't even get close to using all the 500MB (Shaz and I where even watching YouTube clips at an attempt to use up some of it, sure made that boring lecture go by faster). My mobile does have wifi too, but my brother never set it up for me again ever since I took it to get fixed and everything was wiped clean, but he'll do it for the iPod because there's a bunch of internet related things on it.

I got Birthday wishes via text message from most of my friends, two didn't send me anything (I bet you can guess who [ profile] lookatmoiye7), they probably forgot, they know my birthday is around now but probably not exactly when it is. Also a big thank you to [ profile] epic2dream who brought me a virtual birthday gift and [ profile] nineh and [ profile] nikkilicious377 who both made me banners!!

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Sometime I need to just keep my mouth shut, other I need to open it.

I had my pitch for my Advance Animation class today, it went OK I guess, I tend to rush through things and skip bits. So I was a bit annoyed at myself for not trying to slow down, and just take a moment to gather my points (I feel like I have to keep going and can't stop hence I skip over bits I had planned to talk or elaborate on).

I had gotten over the pitch but over dinner I joked to my Mum, "Ji Yong [my brother] is buying me a iPod Touch for my birthday", to which my Mum said "Oh so he told you?". WTF?! My brother was going to actually buy me one? Was is the key word there. My brother who was sitting next to me said that their too expensive now (referring to the ones on eBay) and that I was a bitch when he told me to ask if maybe of my US friends would be able to buy it there for him (it was his guise for watching all the eBay iPods auctions) and send over (it's cheaper in the US, even after shipping). I had said I wasn't going to ask anyone unless I was actually getting an one out of it too (still thinking it was actually for him and not me). In my defence I didn't really want to bother someone when the item wasn't going to be mine. I'm really bummed now because it would have been a nice surprise, I've never been surprised by my family. They've tried once before with my current iPod (which is stuffed, hence wanting a new one), they had planned on getting it from the website and engraved (my brother tried to subtly ask me what I would get if I would get one) but then I walked in on my brother calling the Apple Store at Chadstone and they had stock so we got it that night.

He said if I find it cheap enough he'll still but it for me, he doesn't want to pay more than $550AUD for it. So I'd be really grateful if someone on my flist would be able to help me with a few things. I just wanted to know where is the cheapest to get an 32GB iPod Touch, and how much it would cost after tax and shipping. I've since realised that $499US (the price from the Apple site) is $554AUD, meaning unless there's store in the US selling it for way below that, eBay looks like my best shot.

Is anyone else doing the LJ stike? I'm still not sure if I will or not.
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Formula 1 was on here in Melbourne today, not sure if there's any F1 fans on my flist. I usually watch bits and pieces every year and it was no different this year, though I was rooting for Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) (I was also rooting for Kimi Raikkonen last year also). So glad he won, though only 8 cars finished the race, so many mechanical failures and crashes. Poor Mark Webber didn't even make it around the 3rd corner. I really hope Melbourne doesn't lose the race, I think people take it for granted and therefore don't go, this was its 13th year in Melbourne. They want to make it a night race but people are complaining about the noise, it's only 3-4 days in the whole year, don’t like it MOVE!, It's one of the few events Melbourne has in the whole year. I'll be really pissed if John Brumby loses it to Sydney (who have been eyeing it), I didn't even vote him in, probably wouldn't have either, only got the job because Steve Bracks retired. I'd much rather a race on the outskirts of Melbourne's CBD, than Eastern Creek (not interesting at ALL), it'd be another story in was in the heart of Sydney, how cool would racing on the bridge be?

I feel bad for my brother, who went to the race in the 39° (102°F), I called him before and he said he was tempted to buy an umbrella because he was burning in the sun, but then I called him later and he said they didn't sell them (McLaren anyway). His friend was lucky and got corporate seats meaning he's in the shade. He probably won't be home till much later because he's staying for the 2 hour KISS concert. Some people had only gone to see KISS, lol, got there early to get good seats and ignore the cars. I wonder if he'll come back with anythign cool, he said he wanted to buy one of the McLaren jackets, I wouldn't mind one too, but it's like $300.
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I'm sleepy, I was dragged up this morning to go to a temple. Then had to rush home because my brother was meant to go with his friend to buy computer parts because the friend wanted to build a new PC. I was meant to go out to the city for a friend's birthday but she cancelled it at the last minute because two friends cancelled and it'd only be 3 people going.

Anyway so my brother's bored and asks me what movies he can watch of mine, then he see "300" and he asked when I got him, and I told him that he's seen me watching it before. He must have blanks. Anyway I'm sitting outside watching it and "Queen Gorgo" comes on and I shout "Is that Sarah Connor?!" "I'm imdb it!" and it is her. I hadn't realised she had been in much before the show, but according to her imdb she's been in quite a lot.

I finally watched Embrassez qui vous voudrez (Summer Things). I had been avoiding hoping I'd be able to find proper English subs other than the dodgy English ones in which I translated from some French ones I found using an online translator (the things I do in desperation for Gaspard). Of course some of the things the characters' said made no sense. The movie was OK all-in-all, I still liked "Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement)" better. My Jacquou le croquant DVD hasn't come yet, it was shipped out last Tuesday, it took awhile because my payment took forever to clear. I still want Égarés, Les (Strayed) and Dernier jour, Le (The Last Day) on DVD, so hopefully I can get them soon. Maybe once I get all the DVDs I'll be able to finish that Gaspard mood theme I've been working on, I made sure to take captures of Embrassez qui vous voudrez as I watched so I could use them for the mood theme.


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