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  • Look what I came home to (well not really I came home to a card from the post office telling to go pick up my packages). Glad I didn't have to wait till June 1st like they "estimated"

    Flipping through the Generation Kill books makes me want to rewatch the show. I'll have to order the True Blood blu-ray later tonight.
  • Also Eric only True Blood promo!! Eric is so fierce he doesn't need voices in his clip like the others, LOL

  • Linkin Park's new song for the Transformers movie/soundtrack. I love there's small traces of "What I've Done" in there.
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Everyone's probably seen this 10 times already, but it doesn't hurt to see it once more when it's this good. Now we just need HQ

ETA: HBO played a new promo with Eric's voice over saying something along the lines of "I'm only asking your permission out of respect. I want her, I can Take her. We made a deal, your human and I. You should remember I am your sheriff." I Need to see this!! Here it is.
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Is it possible to die from excitement?? This month:
  • TPG finally gets ADSL2 in my area (May).
  • Linkin Park's new single for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen gets released (May 18th).
  • True Blood blu-ray gets released (May 19th). (Amazon was able to confirm it's region free, wasn't able to find out Gen Kill for me though, HBO said they'll get back to me... 3 days ago).

Then next month:

Off to watch Lost now.
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For [ profile] sarkastic. Those who are interested you can watch both clips here.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"I do not respond well to threats."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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OMG NEW TRUE BLOOD PROMO!! He's licking his fingers people!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*Runs off to make icons*
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FRAK YOU AMAZON!! They want $40US to ship my order!! I ordered Sookie Stackhouse 1-7 Box set, book 8, book 9, Making Faces, Generation Kill, and my brother ordered 2 books. I haven't even ordered the True Blood and Generation Kill blu-rays yet!! I need to email them and check it's region free first.

The sad thing is, still works out cheaper, i.e the box set is $120AUD at Dymocks, and $32US on Amazon (plus the $5 shipping?).
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YES!! More ASkars!! With fangs!! And a cute lisps as he's trying to talk with his fangs in. NEED. SEASON 2. NOW!

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Can't stop watching the new season 2 promo of True Blood. Hurts so good indeed. Who can blame me?

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I will battle for the sun )
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*Fails* I don't care it doesn't follow the books because this looks so much better. Though I guess now a lot more people will recognised Alex on the street. I guess they got all the emails and letters people sent in complaining about Eric's hair.

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I got a Twitter the other day, and just about given up on it (I don't really have any celebrities to follow) till I found out Tom Felton also recently got one, and proceeded to post these (one an update, another his profile photo).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
(grr LJ photos aren't working)

I really hope BigW have another one of their $50 iTunes credit for $30 soon. I'm low on credit, and 30 cents short of buying the Australia Soundtrack EP (though part of me want to wait for the full soundtrack if it ever happens).

Why must there be 50 versions on the Twilight DVD? And the one version I want I can't get because it's region 1 and there's no why to work around the regions on Bluray. According to Amazon Generation Kill and True Blood aren't region locked, which I hope it's true because I have no idea if they'll be available in Australia, let alone bluray. Wow I really need a job so I can actually afford all these DVDs! I still haven't brought Southern Vampire Series books.
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Alexander Skarsgård was recently at the Belvedere IX Launch Party (Feb 5th) with blonde hair!! I like it. Hope this means they'll be getting rid of the wig soon.

+ 11 )

Also I'm all sure you've heard the interview by now. Alex was great as always.

Also Hoyt (aka the only other person on True Blood as tall as Eric) was on Supernatural last night!!

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YAY for Anna Paquin winning, boo for True Blood losing. At least Alex was at the HBO after party.


+ 2 )

Also some photos from "HBO Luxury Lounge In Honor Of The 66th Annual Golden Globe Award".


+ 5 )
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Pam's having a birthday party. Ok Kristin Bauer is, and Alexander Skarsgård is hosting it.

Also finally got some Christmas cards, so if you want one comment here (comments are screened).
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Only 1 minute of Eric, True Blood? Really? You're lucky it was a great minute. Spoilers )

My god what am I going to do till June 09?!
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Alexander Skarsgård did another interview, this time he answered some fans from Uinterview. It's kind of odd he's been doing interviews now the season is almost over though. I don't think global warming is the cause of the polar ice caps melting, Alex's smile is. His hair looks longer which I hope means he's growing it out for Eric.

Alex (on the nudity on True Blood) "I'm Scandinavian god dammit. We love to be naked." ... "Nudity is great." (I swear his starts to blush)
Alex (on why his favourite scene to shoot was the tribunal): "Cos it felt like I was in a Michael Jackson video or something. That was fun."

So it's official, there's going to be a New Moon movie. Can't say I didn't see it coming, also can't say I didn't see winner ) winning Australian Idol either. I realised I didn't even know some of the top 12's names', how sad. Lets hope next year is much better. On the topic of next year Network 10 aired a promo for a bunch of shows for next year, new Rove, Rush, House, etc, but there's going to be Merlin, and Life on Mars (US Version). There was also an add for True Blood in today's paper, for the show airing on Foxtel (pay TV), which I don't have.

Also I don't hate Britney's new album.
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Almost the True Blood final. What will I do when there's no new episodes?! ASkars did two radio interviews the other day, I'm not sure which was worst. The first one, one the guys had no idea who Alex was which led to an awkward "are you related to that other Skarsgård guy?", Alex of course assumes he means Stellan, and Alex is like "yeah he's my father", but then he realises the guy means Peter Sarsgaard (how on earth can he be Alex's father, Alex is only 5 years younger than him), and Alex is all "uh no ... There's no K there, his name is Peter Sarsgaard. Stellan Skarsgård is my father. Peter is another.. dude". Though the guy did admit to only being able to watch 10 minutes of the show (because his young kids are always around), but that's no excuse for not doing you're research (and only IMDBing him during the interview). The second one, went a little better because they knew about the show and Alex (and got his father right) but they had a comedian on who kept talking over Alex (which meant you couldn't hear his answers, not that the questions where very interesting). Alex took it very well both times though, so kudos to him for putting up with them. I did like this though:

I: Has your character hooked up with Sookie?
A: Uhhh... no.
I: He loves her though, doesn't he?
A: Uhhh... no. Love is overrated.
I: What's you're deal? You married? You got kids?
A: Uhh No I'm not.
I: You dating anybody?
A: Uhh Not right now.
I: Come on. Now you're going to have a bunch of Goth girls coming after you though.
A: Fantastic.

They did talk about how he got the role for True Blood, many people assume he did Generation Kill then got True Blood, but Alex explained Alan Ball came to him 2 years ago with True Blood but it was pushed back, then when it was on again Alex wasn't available because he was in Africa filming Gen Kill, but True Blood was once again pushed back because of the writers strike. I never thought I'd say this, but THANK GOD FOR THE WRITER'S STRIKE! Only 2 good things came out of it, Alex on True Blood and Dr Horrible. Also Zeljko Ivanek who played the creepy and awesome Magister on True Blood is going to be in this week's House, and I heard he's going to be on Heroes soon too.

Also so my entire post isn't just about Alex again. How cute has Betty/Daniel been in the past few episode of Ugly Betty?
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Once again not enough Eric in this week's True Blood. At least we got hot Eric taking off his jacket and being the alpha male again (and his wig looks much better, though I've noticed that it looks nicer when he's working at Fangtasia, so maybe it's on purpose). Read more... ) How have I not realised how tall Hoyt is? I only realised when he was walking side by side with Rene and Jason. Also how lovable is Terry? I couldn't help but let out a "Aww" when he said "I can't listen to politicians no more I get a seizure", "Can we put it on my home decore program now please?", and "Look at that Lafayette. Theme shelves!" (and Lafayette's reply of "Aww. That's pretty baby").

Also anyone seen next week's preview? I almost died when Eric spoiler )

Not sure if I liked this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. I feel like we got no where in the story and I don't like the story they've got going with Derek. I liked Chuck much better, but I kind of saw the end coming half way through, then when they started that final scene I just knew. Gossip Girl's Thank Giving talk just made me hungry, but I love that Dorota has Britney Spears' I'm a Slave for You as her ringtone. I have yet to watch Prison Break or Heroes (due to lack of caring, they should have killed Adam).

My brother woke me up at 6:30AM this morning (he called from work) to tell me there was something about Twilight on the radio on Nova (I kinda said I didn't care, because I was sleepy but I listened anyway). Kate was squeeing over the books, and how big the movie was, and Hughesy said he was talking to his friend who is a reviewer and asked what good movies are going to be out and his friend said Twilight. They have a comp going to see an advance screening for the 8th, but if I really wanted to I probably would have tried to get the tickets to the Melbourne Central, or Chadstone showings. Anyway they had a interview with RPattz, the full version is on the site but I'm capped (since the 10th, and not uncapped till the 3rd) so I can't watch (without it taking 10 years to load).
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Tru Blood: It’s keeps you alive. But it will bore you to death )

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I'm not sure what I feel about this week's True Blood, not sure if I liked it or hated it. There once again wasn't enough Eric (at least he looked hot), and everything I thought would happen did (maybe I over spoiled myself). Spoilers )

I really didn't need to see this site. Now I want all Alexander's movies.

Also Top Gear how I love you!! This week the guys went to the US and each got a "muscle car". Richard had to buy his Dodge Challenger ($51,000) because Chrysler decided not to lend it to them at the last minute because their always horrid about their cars. Jeremy had a Corvette ZR1 (the fastest), which instantly made me think of Eric of coarse (which reminds me, are we ever going to see his shiny red one?). While James had a Cadillac CTS-V which he complained about and hated for most of the trip then feel in love at the end with. That being said, I'm also enjoying the Australian Top Gear, while not as funny, still good.


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