Feb. 18th, 2009

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Grrr... Something was weird with our Internet all day today, I was able to sign into MSN, get any pages to load, and our torrents were slow. We're capped (as per usual) however usually I'm still able to sign in, load pages (just very slowly), and torrents go full speed still (iinet apparent don't cap peer-to-peer on the older plans). My brother got home and said the network traffic wasn't quite right, and then I remembered seeing someone in our network last night but I completely forgot to tell him. We think someone managed to hack into our wireless, but my brother reset all the passwords and everything seems back to normal now. To be on the safe side we're updating all our virus software and running scans (there's been a virus on my computer for the pass few days but I've been having trouble deleting it because it won't let, had to switch to safe mode to get rid of it in the end). Just found out I won't be getting DSL2 till June, my brother read wrong (read JAN instead of JUN).

We also had someone call from "Hong Kong" (probably a complete lie since they didn't seem to understand Cantonese, and just Mandarin) informing my Mum we'd won $30,000AUD. My Mum played along at first, then proceeded to yell at them, and then lectured them about scamming people. They said their fully legit, and that they company is opening a bunch in Australia soon, to which my Mum told them that's awesome, and they should totally come visit us, and we'll even shout them a coffee sometime.

Also how cute do Hamish & Andy look in their uniforms?


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