Mar. 1st, 2009

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  • I finally watched Australia. I have no idea what people were going on about because I liked the film. Yes it was kind of long, but that the only thing I didn't like. Unless you count how evil they made David Wenham's character, because I usually love him. Brandon Walters did such a fantastic job as Nullah, so very talented. I went to search for the soundtrack, but there isn't one! Apparently the film was just finished on time so they had no time to work on the soundtrack, but it's been awhile now and still nothing. They released a EP on iTunes, but it doesn't have any of the score or Brandon's singing. David Hirschfelder, who did the score did put up 5 tracks on his website, however once again no singing, just music.

  • There's been a lot of pretty birds in our backyard lately (usually in the morning, and late afternoon). We usually only get the common ones, but I think they've found our fruit trees maybe due to the bush fires or the recent heat. I took a bunch of photos.

  • I wish I was here for this.

  • Sarah Connor was once again very "meh" this week. Loved Battlestar (hate Boomer and Chief!). Dollhouse was great, the story is starting to move along now, and an ongoing plot is starting to form, we even got a little more humour this week (alas still no on the Firefly level, but then again Dollhouse has a more dark serious nature).


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