Mar. 2nd, 2008

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I have this huge massive urge to watch Romeo + Juliet (plus I really loved John Leguizamo as Tybalt), and it's all Rhys and Jemma's fault for doing their awesome Paso Doble, which was danced to the opening monologue of Romeo + Juliet. I'm glad Rhys managed to be masculine (he's a drag performer). Also I felt so bad for J.D., their routine started off good but then went downhill after a few steps where missed, I think it was way harsh when Rhiannon said "I guess you can speak for that one" when asked what went wrong. Apparently J.D. was really upset after that comment by her, as his younger sister posts on the forums and of course knows about the show before it airs on Sunday (it's recorded live on the Friday, they get the choreography on Monday, and have two days with the choreographer to learn it, then their on their own for the rest of the week). That being said there was only a few good performances, either due to bad dancing or bad choreography (which their where quite a few, specially the ones that mixed genres ie contemporary disco).

Also I'm heart broken because they've jacked up the price of Bella's bracelet, because I didn't have a hard enough time trying to get it when it was $65, but now it's $75 I might as well give up on ever getting it, unless I can rummage up enough money before March 8th when the new price takes place, but I highly doubt it since finding a job takes longer than 5 days. Apparently Swarovski jacked their prices up 6% and the price of silver has gone up also.

ETA: Does anyone know where I can find some awesome LJ layouts? I'm trying to make a new one but I can't find a layout I'm happy with yet.


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