Jun. 15th, 2008

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i went and brought Stardust on DVD the other day it was only $16 and I really liked the movie it helped that there was:

Ben Barnes

Charlie Cox

Henry Cavill, who I didn't recognised at first, and I think looks hotter on The Tudors.

Also went to Chapel Street yesterday, wasn't there long because we parked in a 1 hour parking spot, other parking else where was too expensive. So I really only popped into M.A.C and got my sculpting powder (only available at Pro stores), I waited 30 minutes there. There was 4 people working, 2 of those were giving makeovers, so was really only 2 that where serving customers, and because Chapel Street is always so busy (lots of shops, lot of designer stores, and it's sale time too) there was lots of people in the store, and of course each person asks questions about what their after and whatnot. I went to Bloom afterwards because they where having a Back room sale, got some nail polish and eyes shadow, wasn't really much else there on sale. I didn't want to buy anything else from the store front because I already have a $50 voucher for Bloom products at Myer I haven't used yet.


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